The Invincible (Intro+CHP 1)

The Invincible (CHP 1)

The Invincible (CHP 1)

Hello, beautiful people of this online world. Today I am here to start a new story with a different plot. Everyone has been reading soapy, cliché romantic stories for ages! It’s always the same… The girl hates the boy (or vice versa), then they fall in love and a later villain comes in between…. And then blah! blah! blah! It just keeps on extending! But here I am with something to chill your blood. A story of mystery, suspense and loads of surprises! Here is a synopsis:

Audrey Tredwell is a feisty spy at the British Secret Defense Agency. One day she is sent on a appalling mission to the Radley Asylum to investigate the mysterious events taking place there. Will she solve the mysteries? Will she return back home? Will she lose her life? Audrey has always had a love for mysteries but did she love them so much that she herself became one?


I stare at the computer, my eyes burning away. I try to look for a clue, a hint. There must be some track the murderer didn’t cover. The computer behind me whines a buzzing sound. My brain twizzles around looking for something… My eyes quest away every corner, every inch of the screen until I see it.
I see a ring. A silver ring. As tiny as a penny.
“Zoom in!” I tell Alfie, my co-partner. He zooms in until I can see every practical detail on the ring. There is a small number saying ‘2608’ on the inside of the rim. It must be the model number.
“Go call Mr.Mogumery. Tell him I found a trace that can help us locate the murderer.” I tell Alfie as he scampers of towards the main office.
I look around me. People tinkle of computers, typing vigorously, eager to finish of the report they have to submit while others rack their brains at finding answers to mysteries that would captivate the general public. This is the place I have been functioning in for the last five years. I joined the British Secret Defense Agency (BSDA) to solve conspiracies and explore the different worlds of crime. But for the last five years I have sat on this unchanged desk, beholding away from one video to another photo for eight hours a day for clues to find the criminal.
Mysteries have always spell bounded me. I remember being twelve years old, while watching away episodes of Sherlock Holmes and thinking.. ‘this is what I want to be. I want to be a spy/detective.’ Now that I am a detective I apprehend it’s much more harder than it seems to be. For five years I have sat at this unchanged desk, wondering when I will be sent for a real mission.
“So Audrey, you found a clue, again! Didn’t you?” Mr.Mogumery says from behind me. I turn my chair around to look at him and smile delicately.
“I’ve been doing this for the past five years. I think I’ve got a way around it now.”
I look at him judiciously. He looks drained out, frazzled and fretful.
“Is there something bothering you Mr.Mogumery?” I ask him.
“Not really Audrey.” He says unobtrusively.
“You do realize that you are a very bad liar, don’t you?” I say grinning.
He gives out a forced chuckle and then shakes his head.
“There is something horrible happening!” he says.
“Like what?” I say curiously.
He looks at me and looks down to his shoes. He considers what he’s about to say to me. Picking out the appropriate words for each sentence.
“For the past one week, the patients at Radley Asylum have been acting distressingly.” He says.
“Distressingly? In what way?” I ask him.
“For the past one week, all of the 1500 patients in Radley have been waking up at exactly, ‘exactly!’ ten minutes to three. And they oddly scribble things on the wall. Words and phrases like ‘I see you!’ or ‘I know what you are thinking’ or even ‘I am watching you, all of you!’ The manager of Radley has written us a letter, asking for help to solve this mystery, but the problem is that most of our skilled spies, are already on a mission.” Mr. Mogumery says disappointingly.
I try to picture the case in my head. My brain whizzes around again and I look up at Mr.Mogumery. For this case they need someone with a third eye. Someone who can see the smallest of smallest things and grab it in a fraction of a second. Someone like me. This is my chance to do what I have been wanting to do for ages.
“Mr. Mogumery, Have you thought about sending me?” I say inquisitively.
He narrows his eyes and looks at me, a small smile starts to appear on his face.
“Audrey! You are a genius.. Yes of course you can go! Infact you are the only one who can solve this case! Why did I not think of this before?” he says excitedly.
I smile widely and turn back to my computer as he strolls away to his office to make arrangements for my trip to Radley. I feel my heart racing underneath my blue dress. This is my dream coming true and I am ready for it!

Precap – Audrey arrives at Radley Asylum and is shocked to see an old, horrifying building surrounded by a grave yard.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Comment down below what you think of it.

The Invincible (Intro+CHP 1)


The Invincible (Intro+CHP 1)


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