Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 28)

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Mediappl come to twinj
Mediaman (M): well how do u feel to be awarded as the best fashion designer mam and the best artist sir
T : well fashion designing has always remained as my cup of tea and I believe in being the best in wt I think I cd b good at
K : well I feel very proud of myself … I always believe in achieving my goals and I hve proved myself today
M : do u have any plans to work together ?
T : no not yet
They have some further discussion and mediamen leave
K : well I must say u r good at giving lectures
T : excuse me ! I said Wts true and that wasn’t any lecture that I gave
K : well forget cd v b frnds? Extending his hand
T : no thanks. .. she leaves

Mc announces for an couple dance and everyone are overjoyed hearing this
Everyone join for the dance
Poorab and twinkle dance together and aliya and kunj dance together
After a while partners get exchanged and twinj are new partners and so are aliya and poorab
twinkle hesitates at first but later dances gracefully with kunj
Kunj lifts her up and rotates her and both keep staring at each other
At the end he makes her fall in his arms and both share an intense eye lock. … mere rubaroo plays
Everyone clap for them and they come to their senses
Aliya and poorab get angry seeing this
Twinkle leaves from there and kunj looks at her leaving
Aliya comes to kunj
A : kunj let’s leave from here
K : but function isn’t done yet
A : K fine u enjoy the function and I’ll go
K : aliya listen to me
Aliya leaves without listening to him
Kunj follows her and stops her by holding her hand
K : Wts wrong with u aliya ? Y r u acting weird?
Aliya pushes him
A : Wts wrong with me? Wt was all that kunj ? U and twinkle. .
K : oh come on aliya. ..Wts wrong in that ?
A : nothing. .. u both look good together. .. keep going
K : (shouts ) stop it aliya !! Enough is enough! !!!
U r making an issue of something which is absolutely wrong
If U have problem in me doing anything then just end it off
I can’t bear it anymore
I m done with u …He leaves angrily
A :kunj wait … wt did u just say ? V r done ?
No v cannot b done …. u have to understand me
K : it’s not possible anymore …. I tried my level best to keep u happy but u just never seem to be satisfied
A : K then y don’t u do an thing ? If u Truely love me then let’s make an announcement of our marriage on this special occasion
K : r u asking me whether I love u
I have always tried to keep u happy
Made u feel special , did everything possible from my side for an smile on ur face
Gave u whatever u asked
And finally u r asking me this question?
A : then fulfill my one last wish … marry me
Isn’t that my right? Am just asking me for my rights
K : i can’t marry this soon …. I m not ready for it
I feel there is an missing piece in my life
I’ll have to find it first
A : so u mean I must wait for u till then? Wt is tht so called missing piece of ur life ?
K : i am not aware ..All that I know is its related to my past and its something very precious to me
Aliya is shocked to hear this
Kunj leaves
Episode ends at aliya’s shocked face

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Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 28)


Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 28)


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