Young love epi-3

Young love epi-3

The episode starts with Ranveer calls the goons and tells them to kill ritvik. Ishaani and ritvik comes to dinner ishaani sees the decoration and hugs ritvik.

Ishaani and ritvik have a lip lock suddenly ritvik gets beaten by someone. They catch ishaani and they comes close to her but ranveer signals them not to do anything with her. They throws her she gets hurt

Ritvik gets beaten up ishaani and ritvik comes to house. All looks on shocked. Rivtik tells tmr is our wedding so it will happen

Ishaani and ritvik comes to room. Ishaani kisses him and tries to leave but he holds her hand and pulls her closer Wajah tum ho plays…..

Ishaani tells after wedding i am yours only.She leaves. Ranveer thinks what to do? He gets idea and comes to shop and buys dress for ritvik and comes to marriage hall in the morning and gives it to him

Ishaani gets ready as bride and ocmes down and sits in mandap. Ranveer then comes inside the room and beats ritvik with wodden stick much to his shock he falls down

He tells ritvik becoz of you yamini dies now you are going to die he leaves and comes out and thinks at once. if he get up and marry her then?

He comes there and removes his dress and puts and comes down as ritvik by covered face.

Ishaani and ritvik does all ritual suddenly rivtik gets up and runs towards mandap.

Ishaani and ranveer marriage rituals gets complete he makes her wear mangalsutra and sindoor.

Precap: Ishaani slaps ranveer hard and tells him to stay away from her but he tells you are my wife

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-3


Young love epi-3

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