You,Me aur Hum FF Part 6

Recap…Mubeen injects jasmene..she holds mubeen’s shoulder and his neck get scratched by her nails..

Today’s episode starts with …Jasmene and huda arriving at school Huda was wearing blue jeans with baby pink shirt and a high pony…she was looking really cute..
Jasmene was wearing yellow long kurti and plazo with a colorfull embroider cotty and red dupatta…She was first time seen in pakistani dress in her school..

Huda…OMG look J everyone is looking at you…Because you are looking too beautifull..
Jasmene…Please huda you know I would have never worn this kind of dress if Hira did’t asked me to..( Hira Kabir’s sister and Jasmene’s friend)

Kabir…Ohhoo Look here guys someone is looking pretty in pakistani dress…and he irritates jasmene..then he asked jasmene ..
Kabir….What’s in the bag (Shopper) you’re holdin J ??

Jasmene looks at the bag and reminds yesterday’s accident and wearing mubeen’s sweater and she says..
Jasmene…Nothing I borrowed something from someone yesterday and I wanted to return it…I’ll be back..
( She leaves and huda explains everything to kabir…Kabir smirks and says)
Kabir..So finally someone has came in her life that can make her forget her past ..And I have a very strong instinct that Mubeen is the one..
Huda …But what about me and yaseen…Yaseen failed to make a good impression on J in their first meeting…:(
Kabir…Don’t worry we know our J she is rude but the reason is fair..You don’t worry I’m with you ( And he puthis arm around huda and says) come I’ll drop you to your classroom then I have to go to college side to attend my class…
( Jasmene was searching mubeen here and there but did not find him it was assembly time she thougt to attend assembly first because each and every student left for assembly in assembly ground it was too big ground that the entire school’s student’s can fit it in easily and still some place for many people….going her way down she heard some noises from boys locker room it seemed like someone is searching for something..first jasmene thought not to interfere but the goodness that remained in her asked her to go and check…when she entered the locker room she found A junior teacher named ( Aliyaa age 19 ) was searching something in there)

Jasmene…..Excuse me mam I think this is boy’s locker room and no one is allowed here not even teachers..
Aliyaa..Umm Yeah I know and who are you by the way to tell me the rules…
Jasmene..I’m country exchange student from class 10..and who are you to enter restricted area for girls..??
Aliyaa…I’m junior class’s ( L.K.G to 5 ) English teacher….And what I’m doing here is non of your bussiness…

( Aliyaa leaves the locker room immediately….jasmene stood there for a minute and found aliyaa’s behaviour a little suspicious ….but she did not bothered to care about it more…)

Assembly over…All classes settled down…
( Jasmene comes to her class and ( Saba,shazia,riwaids,ali,umer) greets her …she responds Nicely…..And she looked at her seat and found mubeen sitting there…she goes toward her seat )

Jasmene….I guess you don’t care about your things…Are you some kind of careless freak…??

Mubeen …Looks at her angrily and says…What do you want now ? can’t you look I’m wearing my new sweater …and did not wanted to see you or talk to you so why are you bothering to talk to me ??/

Jasmene…trut me mister I have not little interest in you…or in talking to you just wanted to give you back your sweater…( She forwards the bag toward mubeen..Mubene looks at it and says)
Mubeen…I don’t need you already spoiled it with your blood throw it …

Jasmene…Oo hellow ….?? I washed your sweater with my own hands..I never do work but I did not wanted to take any ehsaan for you so I washed it now take it or throw it its non my my bussiness,,..

( The class attend their first period…Math and A new teacher from K.S.A is their new teacher..sahar introduces her to the whole class.)

Sahar..She is your math teacher “MOHRA” age 21…She is inteligent, and came here from K.S.A she is my best friend and i know you all will like her too…

( Everyone greets her and Jasmene and huda hugs her happily ….Because they know her already just like they know sahar and madam too…)
They attend their first period and everyone came to know about the intelligent students of the class and they were ( Mubeen,Rafeeq,Jasmene,Ali and umer)

Bell rings and mohra says ( aj k math ka qoutta poora ho gaya kal mei iss excercies a test lungi to know who’s learning )

Jasmene packs her books and put them in her bag when she hits Mubeen’s shoulder with her …they both look at each other angrily…Jasmene stands up to leave and walked 2,3 stpes when her dupatta got stuck with something..she looked back and her dupatta was stuck with Mubeen’s handwatch…Bg( Yeh moh moh k dhaage teri ungliyo’n se jaa uljhey..koi toh toh naa lagey kiss tarhan girha yeh suljhey…Hai rom rom ikk taraaaaaaa’aaaaa hai rom rom ikk taraaa jo badalo’n me se guzre…yeh moh moh k dhaage teri ungliyo’n se jaaa Uljheeyyy…)

Yaseen shakes mubeen and he takeshis eyes away from jasmene’s and takes her dupatta away from his watch angrily and some threads of her dupatta was stcuk in his watch ….Just then a woman entered and a smile spread on Mubeen’s face…..Jasmene’s pen falls down and she bent down to pick it…Yaseen,raqeeb and bilal( Who came there ) greets her and ask her how is she…She was Mubeens Mother….Jasmene stands up and she sees that woman and remembers that she is the woman whom she aved yesterday…Mubeen’s mother also remembers jasmene and smiles seeing her…Mubeen was confued why her mother is smiling seeing jasmene ?

Mubeen’s mother …..Beta tum yaha’n.. :) Mujhe pata tha meine Allah se dua ki thi woh zaroor sunega or mujhe tumse milwayega…

( Mubeen looks at jasmene and asks her mother do you know her ) ( Jasmene was still standing there without any expressions holding her pen )

Mubeen;s mother….Mubi I told you about a girl yesterday who saved my life…she is that girl ( And she pints at jasmene..)

Mubeen looks at jasmene and remembers her bleeding hand…And feels guilty for talking rudely to her again i the morning regarding ruined sweater because of blood…

Precap….Mubeen and his friends prank someone by adding 2 sleeping pills in a drink…And jasmene drinks it by mistake…she feels sleepy and she falls sleep on mubeen’s shoulder..Music play in

Please guys if you like this story do comment…and please suggest me weather i should post long episodes or short ???

You,Me aur Hum FF Part 6


You,Me aur Hum FF Part 6


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