abhigya’s destiny episode 45

oh guyz i was again overwhelmed by such sweet comments ! they brought a wide and bright smile over my face! and sorry if i didn’t mentioned anyone’s name as i only mentioned name of those who commented over my last episode! so thanks to all those who everyday read my ff! thanks guys! i probably am lucky one ? haha
lets get back to story!
episode starts with where it was left, abhi was laughing at children’s stupid jokes, pragya was all lost in abhi ,kaisa yeh ishq h plays:
iska uska na iska hai
jaane kitna hai kiska hai
kaisi bhaasa mein bhasa mein hai likha
isqe uske ye hisse mein

tere mere ye kisse mein
maula seekhe bin seekhe bin de sikha
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
kaisa ye isq hai, ajab sa risk hai..
(love neither his or her,
nobody knows how much is whose,
in don’t know what language it is written..
in his and her parts,
in this story of mine and yours,

O god, teach me without me making an effort to learn.. ) abhi soon looked at pragya and noded what? pragya nodded nothing! doctor comes and says mrs pragya is discharged so she can go home! abhi says thank u doctor! pragya says surbhi plz take these all kids with u to our home (surla mainsion) . surbhi nods, pragya says and plz all of u children if u want anything u can ask surbhi! without any hesitation ! all kids nod! pragya gets up from bed, abhi helps her and holds her hand, pragya says no thank u i m fine! abhi says i m not helping u MRS PRAGYA, i m helping my friend , my best friend pragya,! pragya smiles and all leave! when they got out of hospital , commissioner was standing there, taai was too there , she was arrested! pragya says u better pay for ur deeds! taai says i won’t leave u , i will end ur happiness! abhi says doctor its better to take her to mantle asylum than to jail, all laugh, and commissioner says thank u sir and mrs pragya! pragya says no thank u sir! my kids are only with me just bcoz of u and surbhi! so thankuu, commissioner says it was our duty! abhi smiles and everybody leaves…….
—- pragya and abhi reached at mehra mainsion, dadi questions , and abhi explains everything, mitali says pragya u better take rest now see ur wound is dressed but it must be paining so go and take rest! pragya says no, dadi says mitlai is right , go to ur room, pragya says but, abhi jokes and says tauntingly pragya didn’t u heard what dadi sayd go to ur room! pragya gets irked and says fine, pragya begins to go upstair , abhi holds her hand to help her, but then abhi got a call, pragya says attend it i will go by myslef, abhi says no i will come with u as u are weak na what if u slipped from stairs! pragya says i won;t i m fine, pick the call! abhi picks up and pragya starts to go to upstair , abhi turns and talks on phone , he says so today is concert at night right, man says yes sir,

abhi turns towards pragya, who is at last step of stair and is feeling dizzy she is about to fall, abhi runs to catch her , he finally catches her, abhi says uff u never accept what i say! what if again something could have happened to u ! its right name for u fuggy fool, coz u are complete fool! pragya is enjoying when abhi is scolding! abhi says uff now u will laugh, well com’on i will leave u to the room, abhi holds pragya’s hand tightly and they go to room……they reached at room pragya says okay baba now leave my hand na now i won’t fall, abhi leaves hand and says take rest, pragya takes blanket and was about to sleep on couch, abhi says not here! pragya says okay so on floor! abhi says aray baba u should sleep on bed!pragya was stunned and says me at bed , i mean u know what u are not fine i think we must consult to doctor! first u said me sorry , then u said i m imagination and now u are saying me to sleep on bed, something isn’t weird ! everything is weird! abhi smirks and says i said na there is special reason for it, pragya says oh! abhi says well its my concert today at night! pragya says wow so can i get pass? abhi says u do not need pass! pragya says so its frreee for me i can come without ticket or pass! abhi says no u aren’t coming, pragya says but why? abhi says doctor said me u need proper rest! pragya says i never attended any of ur concert plzz, abhi says fine but i will ask manager to bring a chair for u so u could easily sit there at some corner! pragya says ughhh at corner? abhi says no no i will ask manager to place ur chair in between crowd so that they could hit u more, i will get happy by then! pragya laughs and says sometimes u act like u are genius sometimes like u are stupid ? haha… abhi smiles!

abhimanyu meets surbhi and said hey surbhi, surbhi says hi (normal way) surbhi was about to leave, abhimanyu said sorry! surbhi says i really don’t care and plz don’t try to meet me as i have no more interest in u and simply i can say ur sorry my foot! surbhi left , abhimanyu too!
at mehra mainsion! everyone is gathered! dadi says so final , tomorrow is engagement of purab and bulbul, surla hugs dadi, purab and bulbul smile seeing eachother, abhigya too smile, abhi says to himself i wish i could have realized my love before marriage, so we could have enjoyed our marriage! pragya hugs bulbul……..

at concert: pragya is seated over her respected seat , pretty away from crowd but abhi could see her from stage , and she also clearly could see abhi, she smiles! abhi too……. Abhi gets a mike and says before starting my concert , i have to confess something! crowd cheers! abhi says till now i never understand love but now i know who is my love! crowd cheers! abhi looks at pragya, pragya has no smile on her face as she thinks abhi is talking about tanu, but as she sees abhi, she pretends to smile, pragya says why m i feeling bad, control pragya control! abhi says so this concert is for her! love of my life! my wife! there was a bright smile over pragya’s face but she thought abhi is saying for tanu as he can’t confess his feelings for tanu over media! abhi thinks i know pragya u might be thinking that i m talking about tanu,, but pragya u are my love i will soon confess it , if not from this song then surely next day……… abhi starts singing looking at pragya

Dil ka yeh kya raaz hai
Jaane kya kar Gaye
Jaise andheron mein tum
Chandani Bhar gaye
(What is this secret
what did you do,
as if you filled the darknesses
with the moonlight, – )
music plays….. abhi looks at pragya , pragya too looks at abhi and flashback how they first time bumped and how they fought every day!
Kare Chaand taaron ko
Mash-hoor Itna Kyun
Kambakht Inse bhi
khoobsurat hai tu
I love you Tu ru ru
(Why should we make the moon and the stars so famous, you are even better than them I love you.)
music plays and abhi and pragya flashbacks how they were laying down in garden and looking at stars)
Din bhar karein baaten hum
Phir bhi lage baatein adhoori aajkal
Maan ki dehleezon pe koi aaye na
Bas tum zaroori aajkal
Abr main hoon tu aasmaaan hai
Paas hai tu Par kahan hai
Zid meri tu nahi meri aadat hai tu
I love you
(all the day we talk,
still I feel our talks are incomplete,
nobody comes to the gates of my heart,
only you are needed nowadays,
I am cloud and you’re the sky
you’re close but where are you
you’re not my insistence but my habit

I love you..)
abhi flashbacks how pragya hugged her at different times, pragya flashbacks…
Kabhi Kabhi Main Khudse hoon yeh poochhta
Main tere kaabil bhi hoon kya
Itna to hai mujhe maloom
Mil ke tujhe Behtar Insaan ban gaya
Thoda thoda Tujhse Seekha
Pyaar Karne Ka Tareeka
Dil ke khuda Ki mujhpe inayat hai tu
I love you..
Sometimes I ask myself
if I am good enough for you,
I know this much,
that after meeting you, I became a better person
I learned slowly from you
how to love,
You’re Love God’s favor on me,
I love you..
abhi and pragya flashbacks how they spent-ed time with eachother in jaipur and flashbacks how they both fall in lake……

Dil ka yeh kya raaz hai
jaane kya kar Gaye
Jaise andheron mein tum
Chandani Bhar gaye
Karen Chaand taaron ko
Mash-hoor Itna Kyun
Kambakht Inse bhi khoobsurat hai tu
I love you..
I love you…

What is this secret what did you do, as if you filled the darknesses with the moonlight, Why should we make the moon and the stars so famous, you are even better than them)-
abhi has bright smile over her face , pragya too they are lost in eachother, crowd cheers! pragya says why i feel if that song was for me? abhi says pragya plz feel this somg it is for u ! screen freezed!

pre reacap: abhi is with tanu in a room, pragya is shocked!

guyz guess why pragya is shocked? till then bye bye!

abhigya’s destiny episode 45


abhigya’s destiny episode 45


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