Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 40)

Soha is Manik’s class mate she was the who did photoshoot of fsb5 in which Nandini and navya sneeked. There was a rumour in college that Manik and Soha are pair. Nandini got a jerk by seeing her everyone in house welcomed her.
Nandini is silent her sixth scence is warning her something is going to happen. She took glass of water to drink but it fell down the sound made her shiver nyionika held her “Nandu! What happened?”

“Nothing mom just it slipped”
“Come sit”
Nandini took a place Manik’s car entered Nandini’s heart is beating like hell
Manik came he was expecting Nandini at the lane by not seeing her got upset a little and entered house and saw Soha then he thought “oho! That’s why she didn’t come” he looked her and smiled she smiled back
“Hai Manik!”
“Hai Soha what a surprise I don’t know you are coming?”
“Actually now a days you are seen daily on chanals so thought of meeting you”
“Actually marriage was done in hurry so I didn’t get time to mail you. When did you return from Paris? How was your show”
“Fine manik” “okay! Let’s get freshed up. Then we will talk leisurely” manik got up from chair soha went to guest room manik took his laptop and went to room
Manik is eager to see nandini , he thought she is following him but not.she is just standing still
Manik called her “chutki”
Nandini wrapped up her thoughts and went room
Manik hugged her tight she too with a fear of loosing him.
“When you missed somuch then why didn’t you join me”
“Never leave me alone this time I can’t” she got tears in her eye
Manik took her face in arms and looked into eyes and asked “you missed me this much o my god! Iam impressed nandini malhotra”
She smiled.
“I will just fresh up and come and I will say you how much I missed you and your food, iam hungry”
“I will sever food you just come fast”

At dinning table:
Manik and soha are eating nandini is serving nyionika is near by hall going through some papers
“Manik! Whatever happened I understand it’s just for revenge and I know you well, being kind heart doesn’t mean that you should spoil your total life along with me by adjusting with her. If she don’t have choice to go I don’t mind her staying here but let us get married officially” soha spoked in her sweat voice
Manik got shocked hearing this from her
Nyionika sent her assistant out and came to table “what the hell did you talk now” screamed
“Aunty! Please cut the crap of this drama everyone in world knows that it’s nothing then revenge and look at her she is so dum….”
“Shut up! Soha! You are talking about Mrs.Nandini manik malhotra mind your tongue”
“She is Mrs.nandini manik malhotra till I come now she is just nandini murthy”
“Who the hell said you that I will marry you”
“Since from college we are together”
“Did I ever proposed you?”
“You are not such type that we both know”
“You are miss understood my friendship miss soha parthasaradi I never loved you nor I will”
“Manik look if you think that you are guilty just pay her and we will look for a best guy get her re married”

“Soha!” Manik shouted nyionika held him tight nandini just ran to backyard her tears are flowing she is shevering
Everyone in the house came out nyionika order Sheela to look nandini
“Soha you just go to your room”
Nyionika ordered
“No! Let him shout aunty he had rights to shout at me”
Manik kept his hands on ears he just screamed out “aaaaaaaaaa”
“If it is a man in your place God sware I would have killed him before I loose my nuts go back”
“Manik whatever happens iam not going anywhere I will marry you”
Manik lost his temper and was about hit her Arnav shouted “manik she is mad why do you loose temper. You go out let me handle”
Manik just walked out took his car went out

Manik’s brain is ready burst how much hard he tried he is unable to control went to his secret place where nandini and manik went on their frist date he took guitar and started to play soha’s words are ringing in his ears.

It was almost late night manik returned home. Nyionika ran to him, ” have you lost can’t you pick my call go to nandini frist …” Nyionika was about to complete her sentence he ran to his room
Nandini is in other room sitting in sofa keeping her legs up head on her knees thinking something manik took deep breath “how could I forget nandini shitt”
Manik was about to call her nyionika stopped him “she is mum from that time iam scared.”
“What?” Manik was shocked
“Chutki!” Manik called her, she didnot respond manik hugged her
“Can I ask you one thing” nandini spoke
“Yes! ” manik answered eagerly
“Can you please send me away”
Nyionika eyes rolled tears .manik too

“Nandu! Look it’s your house iam your husband nobody can send you out please nandu don’t do this”
Manik cried

Nandini just walked away and slept. She has only one question in mind “every time same question where do I belong to? In this world no one is mine? Iam all alone every time thrown away.”
Manik hit the glass table with hand it broke into pieces, he got hurt. Nyionika stood there calm
Arnav and all came they tried hard to console them.

Next day soha directly came to manik room
Manik is sitting in sofa catching his head nandini is in bed
“Good morning manik!”
Listening to soha’s voice nandini got up and about to go manik held her hand tight
“Nandu! Don’t look if today you walk away from here what I will do you cant even imagine”
Nandini looked him
Manik is in worst condition his anger is on top floor she scared stood still
“Manik! Let her go I need to talk” soha took his hand manik threw her hand in anger
“Get out of my room”
“It’s our room manik” she sat on bed. Manik looked at nandini “just walk with me”
Both walked down soha was shouting he took her to nyionika’s room
“Mom! I need to talk to nandini can you please excuse us”
Nyionika went out

Manik took nandini and held to wall
“What do you think about me? I kidnapped you iam a goonds? How dare you want to go away from me I will kill you if again say that and how dare you think that I and soha …,”
” she is correct for you.,”manik slapped nandini, he totally lost his scenes he throwed nandini on bed removed his t-shirt and came on me forcefully kissed her on neck she is struggling still he kissed her face, lips, neck, playing with her body. Nandini when just started enjoying his moves don’t know but she is just lost in him
Manik slowly kissed her and spoke in ears “now say do you think I need to answer any of your dirty questions which are rolling in your mind?”
“No” nandini nodded
“Look nandu until and unless you fight for yourself nobody can help you. It’s you who has to fight soha is talking crap because you didn’t open your mouth being silent does work every time. Go and throw that dirt out and iam not sorry for the slap nor for this wild kisses” manik got up from her and explained ” frist one for your madness you spoke and second one I have full authority to be wild with you and iam sure you to enjoyed”
Nandini felt totally relaxed for frist time manik was right she felt

Nandini opened the door called her assistant she came running
“Book a room in hotel for soha! Check that she should get best facilities”
Soha shouted “how dare!”
“Don’t you dare soha! It’s my place if you want to check your wish”
“In tenmins I need my house clean so send her fast” she walked to her room. nyionika like a child danced shouting manik smiled

” what was that you did in my room whole story changed?”
“Some devil go away with slap I did so”
Nyionika shocked “what the hell are you talking?”
“Yes mom she is in shock I had to get her back so I did and don’t worry from now on your bahu is dam ….. ” manik got diverted from his dialogues
Soha went away forcedly

Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 40)


Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 40)


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