100% love (MATSH) Episode 21

Episode 21
Ishaani smiles at ranveer when eating sandwich …… Ranveer watches this and asks is there something wrong on my face , ishaani says no why are you asking like this …ranveer says then y were u smiling at me….. Ishaani comes near ranveer and sits on his lap and says shouldn’t I admire my husband…he is my life and I am very happy today after all these years of friendship and love finally we are married and we are together now…. Ranveer promise me that u will not leave me and go even if any problem come between us……ranveer kisses ishaani and says no not at all if I leave u and go I may not live after that moment ishaani I may die…..ishaani says no ranveer don’t speak like that and hugs him…..ranveer’s phone rings and seeing rishi’ number he takes the call and says so how are you my dear brother in law……..rishi says I am fine how are u and ishaani everything is fine na…… There is no problem there no? Ranveer says no no problem at all we are fine……

Rishi asks when are u both coming to Mumbai ranveer says in three days we will come there , rishi says ok fine we will meet as soon as u reach Mumbai and cuts the call……ishaani’s grandmother reaches home in the afternoon and gives the document to ranveer and says I have got this palm sugar factory on both of your names and it is my wedding gift for u both …..ranveer interrupts and says no dadima ur affection and love is enough for me I don’t want anything other than that but grand mom says ranveer beta I know about your character but this is my gift for u please accept this ranveer denies more but grandma doesn’t listen and hands over the documents to him …..
Days pass by with ranveer and ishaani returning back to Mumbai…. Sirisha and gauri welcome them inside …gauri comes near ishaani and hugs her and says unless u and nethra finish ur college u both have to stay in ur house only ok for you ishaani ….. Ishaani smiles and says ok maa ….. Nethra and ranveer along with gauri leave to home while sirisha takes aarthi for ishaani and tells her to take rest…..

The college starts ishaani and nethra score good marks in the upcoming semesters and they become toppers of the class….while ranveer and rishi finish their final year and its convocation party for ranveer and rishi….. Shikhar and Keshav come for the convocation… Ishaani’s sister hamsaa and ranveer’s sister tanisi are also present in the convocation…. As soon as convocation is over everyone takes pictures with each other…
Shikhar who is smitten by tanisi gives a handshake and introduces himself while tanisi says I have joined in mbbs… Whereas Keshav introduces himself to hamsaa and hamsaa says that she has joined in engineering…. They all keep speaking happily while ranveer comes out from that group and walks alone…. Ishaani watching ranveer goes back of him and holds his hands and asks what happened….

Ranveer says now college is over I have more responsibilities ishaani , ishaani says I know about you ranveer rather than you taking up a job in IT company why don’t you start a company,,? Ranveer says me ishaani says yes we will start in small scale first if we do get good clients and good projects then we can grow it big ……we will get bank loan and start up this company ranveer…. Kailash who listens to their conversation says I will help you with the bank loan ranveer….. Everyone comes and cheer up for ranveer and ishaani while shikhar says I will be your legal advisor and everyone laugh

Days pass with ranveer getting the bank loan he along with ishaani opens up a software company naming it as cygnitrix software solutions…rishi takes over nanda group of industries and starting up a construction company he becomes successful…….. Ishaani comes to see ranveer in his office bringing his favorite lunch ranveer is busy in his works while ishaani starts to feed ranveer with her own hands….. Ranveer eyes well up he holds Ishaani’s hands and says I want to become a successful person and I will not allow you to suffer any day…….ishaani says definitely ranveer one day you will become a great person I have the confidence ……

Ranveer’s company becomes successfull and within two years his company comes in top ten best companies list…….shikhar becomes best lawyer in Mumbai and he falls in love with tanisi……. The family discuss about the marriage of ranveer and rishi

100% love (MATSH) Episode 21


100% love (MATSH) Episode 21


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