MATSH forever Episode 9

MATSH forever Episode 9

Ishu tells rv to leave from my room. He leaves.iWhen he was heading towards his room, baa met him. She asks that why you are cmng now from ishu’s room. He says nothing. She asks her to tell the truth otherwise I’ll ask ishani she’ll tell me the truth. He says no no no no no….. I’ll tell you. He stammers n tells the whole story from beginning of their love life. She says okkk hmm. I’ll tell to whole family n fix your marriage soon. He says thank u thank u thank u soooooo much. Ishu overhears their conversation.. She hugs baa n says thank u baa. She nods n leaves.. Ishu n rv hug each other. Rv tells let’s go to office. She nods n they both leaves.

At night ishu n rv were alone in the office.. Ishu went in the boss’s cabin to do some work….

On other hand baa tells about marriage n they all agree n asks baa that we’ll fix marriage date. Baa agrees..

Ishu came out of cabin. Rv was in naughty mood.. He comes near to her. She moves back but there was wall. Ishu tries get rid of rv but he stops her. They both closes their eyes. Rv intimates with her. Finally they share a lip lock. Ishu realises n jerks him. She says why can’t control yourself ??

Baa calls priest to fix marriage date. He says that most wonderful day is after a week. They all say that marriage will take place next week only.

Rv gets upset n tells her that let’s leave home. (in a low voice). She says Ok n leaves.

They reach home n baa tells about their marriage date. They both gets overjoyed n takes blessings from baa.

Precap: Some one calls on rv’s Phone n says that I’ll destroy your n your ishu’s life soon…

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MATSH forever Episode 9


MATSH forever Episode 9

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