Love starts from care (YVR) episode 11

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Lets go for todays episode .

Episode 11
Karthik:You can go home now.
Survi:But sir..
Karthik:I said na.,
Survi:Okay sir.
Survi is exiting from office and Karthik is entering the office.
Both turned back and see eachother once again.
Survi leaves.
@ survi’s home

Survi is thinking about the godown incidents.And mainly Karthik saying she is more important to him.She blushes a little thinking about it.
Survi’s mom enters. daughter is blushing.Looks like you are in love. started..?
Mom:Who is the guy?
Survi:There is nothing like that.
Mom:Okay okay…have this juice now..
Survi:Mom…next week papa will come na..
Mom:Haaan..then for three months he will be here.
Mom leaves.
Survi is writing dairy.Its her hobby to write dairy.She will write each and everything in her dairy.

Karthik’s house.
Karthik enters his house.
Tai:Oh..what happened to your head.
Karthik is remembering everything which happened in the godown.
He smiles.
Tai:Oyyy..who is that girl?
Karthik:Ohno…No no…which girl?
Tai:People smiles without any reason either when they become mad or …
Tai:when they are in love..i dont think my son is mad,…so ofcourse you are in love….and Who is this survi?
Karthik:survi?Which survi?
Tai:You itself said na…oh ho…wait,your that new PA’s name is survi na..?
Karthik:Ha..something like that..
And tai I have an important work.Iam going to my room.

Karthik leaves.
Tai:Karthik…i will definetely find who is she?And it looks like she is survi.Hmmm..i want to know more about her.
@survi’s home
Survi opens her dairy and reads the things which she wrote today.Suddenly someone comes and takes the dairy from her.
Survi turns.Its ankit.
Survi:Ankit,give me the book back.
Ankit:Sweetheart..Let me also check what is there this much in this book.
Survi:Anki..give it back.
She is running behind him around the bed.Suddenly both fell on the bed.Survi us on the top of him.
She looks at him and laughs.He looks at her lovingly.
Survi’s mom comes there.
Mom in her mind:So Ankit is the one whom she is thinking about.
Episode ends,.

Precap:Karthik slaps survi.

Guys…how was it?
Next episode will be posted on or before Saturday.

Love starts from care (YVR) episode 11


Love starts from care (YVR) episode 11


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