Tashan wala love (Intro)

Hi guys this is my frist time writing a ff so if I make mistakes I am sorry

Twinkle-a beutiful Gorgeous princess of leela and sister of yuvi
Kunj-a handsome dashing prince of usha and brother of mahi
Yuvi-brother of twinkle lives her a lot friends with kunj
Mahi-sister of kunj friend of twinkle
Leela-business women mother of twinkle and yuvi single mother
Usha-mother of kunj and mahi

Taneja mansion

A beutiful girl is coming down wearing a hot pink dress down stairs a women is
sitting on sofa she says
Leela-twinkle puttar have fun enjoy and come home on time be careful
Twinkle-ok bye maa love you take care someone was outside in a car waiting it was mahi
Mahi-you are looking gorgeous I am jealous
Twinkle-thanks and I am born that way they both start laughing they reach This party of there friend that is in a club and they go in…

Precap-some boys start miss behaving with twinkle someone come and starts beating them.

Again I am sorry if I made any mistakes I hope you all like it☺️

Tashan wala love (Intro)


Tashan wala love (Intro)


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