Reporters aberrant 1

“Love is in air?” and i can silently feel it as i am sipping this hot chocolate in my cozy balcony. I feel the air rustling past my ears as though it wishes to share a secret about its beautiful life. Its the start of winter and i can’t help feeling excited about it. Now appears him. My conscience informs me that reportedly my life is going to experience a quantum jump. And here he comes, with his most caressing and blessful charm puts his arms around me and i say to myself, ‘He’s my Kabir and i am his dove, Ananya Sharma’. Love has emboldened our relationship to believing in each other and more importantly, reading each others mind. And reading his mind now, i could sense he wanted to go out on a sweet journey. So i say, ‘Do u wish to go out? ‘. His sweet smile puts a light on his face and i could sense his answer of yes. But i couln’t remember something, but that did not matter me for now, cuz i now intended to spend some time alone with the love of my life.

Reporters aberrant 1


Reporters aberrant 1


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