Sacred Bonding (Episode 9)

Episode 9:

Jay got ready n coming to kitchen but stopped listening her words. She is talking a call

Vidya: Dad, please try to understand. Its my goal. I want to reach it. Marriage is not an obstacle to goal. I will convince Jay. But I need money for coaching. I can’t ask Jay for money. Please understand.

Vidya: Thank u. Thank u so much. Bye.

Vidya poured coffee into cup n turned to go to Jay but saw him near the door

Vidya: Jay when did u come

Jay: Few minutes back

Jay took coffee from her hands.

Jay: Tell me

Vidya: What

Jay: wat r u going to prepare for brk fst?

Vidya: Wat u would like to hav?

Jay: Do u have anything to tell me Vidya

Vidya: No

Jay: Ok fine. But I had something to talk to u. Come lets sit n talk in hall

Vidya(inner voice): Y is he serious? Is he angry for talking to dad? But he told I can talk with my family. I can sense his anger on me. I am really scared. Wat he wants to talk to me? Oh God.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya: Yes

Jay: R u scared?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Don’t be. I am not going to say anything to u. I am not serious.

Vidya: Then

Jay: Wait but I am angry on u

Vidya: Why?

Jay: Why did u call ur dad?

Vidya: U told I can talk with my dad. Ok from next time I won’t talk. I am sorry

Jay: Wat???? I am not angry for that

Vidya: Then?

Jay:Y did u call ur father?

Vidya: Actually for….

Vidya stopped her words thinking wat to say.

Jay: For money

Vidya nodded.

Jay: Y didn’t u inform me

Vidya: I thought to ask but

Jay: No need to ask. Informing is enough. Anyways don’t worry. Take these cards.

Jay handovered one debit card n cheque book to her with his sign on them.

Jay: U can use these cards for today n meanwhile I will transfer amt to ur account. Give me account details. But nvr ask anything from ur parents. Watever u need I am ready to give u. Bcoz now u r married n its our life n we should lead together. U r my wife n my responsibility. I didn’t want my wife asking anything from anyone.

Vidya: Jay, I need one lakh. Its not a small amt. So

Jay: Its ok. no prblm

Vidya: I can’t take ur money

Jay: It’s not my money, everything belongs to me is ur’s too. So its our money

Vidya: ok. Don’t u want to know y I need such a huge amount?

Jay: I heard u need it for coaching. But didn’t know exactly.

Vidya: I want to say something to u

Jay: Ya sure. But I want a promise from u. From now watever prblm or needs u have pls first discuss with me. Not with ur family or frnds. Only wen husband didn’t understand, then wife will share her grief or hpyness with maternal family n frnds. But u know well that I am always with u n understands u better.

Vidya: I promise. Now I want to ask u something. But I don’t know whether u will accept it or not. But pls don’t b angry on me

Jay: Ok I won’t b angry. Tell me

Vidya: I want to prepare for civil services I want to b an IAS. Its my goal

Jay: Wow.Thats great. Y do u think I will not agree. Even my sis Suhana is an IAS officer.

Vidya got shocked listening that his sister is Suhana, Additional Secretary of Chief Minister. Suhana is her inspiration initially. She is a very courageous n sincere officer who thinks for the well being of public. She is civils topper too. But later on she heard that Suhana involved in a scam. Aft that she escaped n is upscanding now. Still police dept is searching for her n her family is also escaped. No one knew where she is. She read in newspaper that Suhana is a corrupted officer but acted as a sincere officer till now n now her real character n misdeeds are revealed. Now Vidya hates her.

Vidya: Suhana???? IAS Officer???? Additional Secretary of CM?

Jay: Yes. She is my elder sister

Vidya: I heard she involved in a scam n escaped. Whr is she now? Police are searching for her

Jay: I am also searching for her

Tears appeared in his eyes while saying. He just closed his eyes n then leaned on sofa. Again scenes blurred infront of his eyes.

Vidya: R u ok?

Jay: Hmm. Do u know anything else abt Suhana?

Vidya: No

Jay: Do u know who is her husband?

Vidya: No

Jay: Do u know whom ur brother loved n married?

Vidya: How do u know abt my brother? I don’t know. My brother left us n married someone but till now I didn’t know who is she. Coz for few years I studied in Delhi n away from home. All I know is my bro eloped on the day of his wedding n married someone. Aft that my dad got heart attack.

Jay: Ur bro is also IAS, right?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Ur bro is my brother-in-law. Ur bro n my sis loved each other during their training period. Suhana is the one whom he married.

Vidya: What?? Where is my Bro now?

Jay: Ask ur father

Vidya: Tell me pls

Jay: He is no more. He was killed by ur father. The grt father who killed his own son

Vidya: Shut up Jay.I am sure he won’t do dat. He can’t kill his own son. How can u talk like dis. For everything u r showing my father as the reason. I read ur sis involved in a scam n escaped. I know my bro is sincere. May b to escape ur sis killed my bro. Ur family is the reason for my brother’s death.

Jay(shouted): Vidya

Vidya realised wat she said.

Vidya: I am sorry Jay. I didn’t mean it.

Jay went off to his room. Vidya followed him but he closed the door. She is knocking the door

Vidya: Jay I am really sorry. Pls open the door. Please I am sorry

Aft one hour he opened the door. He found Vidya sat near the door n weeping. She saw him n got up immediately n came one step forward but stopped. Jay looked at her.

Jay: Vidya, come here

Vidya went near to him n seeing him with a bit of fear. Jay wiped her tears n hugged her n her head is resting on his chest.

Jay: Don’t cry. Its ok. I understand. I locked in room not coz of anger but same as u, I too can’t bare comments on my family. But I know as u didn’t know anything, u r talking like dat. I didn’t want to hurt u. So I went off n locked in room. But not to hurt u.

Vidya: Pls forgive me Jay. pls

Jay: Its ok. Soon u will come to know the truth. I know u love ur father a lot n thats y u spoken like dat. Once if u know the truth u will not hurt me anymore.

Vidya: I love u

Jay: Love u too my angel. Sorry if hurt u

Vidya: No no. U nvr hurts me.

Jay: Are u going to join for coaching today?

Vidya: Ya. Will u come with me?

Jay: No

Vidya kept dull face

Jay: I am always with u. I will come with u to institute. But u must manage everything there n I am not going to help u. Bcoz u should become independent swt hrt.

He kissed on her forehead.

Vidya: Aren’t u going to office today?

Jay: No. Today my younger brother Adi is coming to visit us. Aft that lets go to institute.

Vidya: Younger bro?? I hope no girl faces a situation like me who didn’t know anything abt husband’s family.

Jay: My family consists of my parents, elder sis, me n my younger bro Adi. Ur brother Kiran is my brother-in-law. My parents are doctors Vijaya n Vivekananda. Both are cardiologists. My sis n brother in law are IAS officers. My younger bro is pursuing aeronautical engineering.

My family is a happy family where everyone knows only to share love. Apart from my family, there are 3 persons whom I love equally. They are my best frnds Vikram, Karthik and Shwetha. Is this brief introduction enough for u?

Vidya: Hmm

Jay: Don’t think too much. When time comes u will know everything.

They heard the door bell n went to open the door.

Person: Hi bhaiya, hw r u?

Jay: Adi, I am fine. Hw r u?

Adi:Fine bhai

Both hugged one another. Vidya stood there smiling.

Jay: Vidya, he is my younger bro Adi n Adi, she is ur bhabhi Vidya.

Vidya : Hello Adi

Adi: She can become ur wife but can nvr become my bhabhi. Bcoz of her family, our entire family expired n even now we didn’t even see their dead bodies. Not only that her dad blamed our sis as the one who involved in scam n escaped. I never accept her as my bhabhi.

Jay: Stop it Adi, its not her mistake.

Vidya: Jay, leave it. Its ok. He came just now. I didn’t want u to argue with him for me. I will prepare lunch for both of u

Adi: I didn’t like even to have food prepared by her. Bhai, If u try to force me then I will leave u n will stay in Karthik bhaiya’s home.

Vidya: Its ok Adi. Be as u want. We won’t force u.

Adi went to his room.

Jay: Vidya, pls don’t get hurt. Soon he will understand wat u r

Vidya: Its ok. I am habituated to this kind of hatred n harshness from the moment u married me. But don’t think I am blaming u. Bcoz I am getting immense love from u. So I can bare all these as long as truth comes out as I had ur love. I will prepare lunch.

Jay rested on sofa thinking abt all these happenings n the past.

Precap: Can Vidya make Adi to accept her as bhabhi?? Or Adi hatred n anger continues??

Sacred Bonding (Episode 9)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 9)


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