Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 39

Hi guys,I was not able to post on the days I told I would,pls excuse,and five days back ,had told not to miss the episodes as I feel ,story is reaching a point where it is going to be an ‘all zz well ‘ phase,if not in this,may be in a couple of episodes,I also will know only when I type,so pls keep reading,sorry for the gap between episodes,there wont be much delay,hereafter,so for those who still follow this ff,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 39..

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(In the previous one we saw some swasan scenes ,also wedding annv celebrations of the characters Seema and Rajat and at last Sanskaar leaving for an official trip to another city)

Scene 1

Next day morning,Swara wakes up,she goes to the couch where Sanskaar sleeps usually,she sits and takes the pillow and slowly hugs it and says, “You are right Sanskaar,as u said,miss u,already,this is very strange,I know you don’t love me,still,I am giving in to my heart which wants to enjoy every moment spent with you,I know I have to go back in a few days,I know what a difficult situation led to our marriage and bound us in this so called hus wife relationship,but somewhere,acting is rekindling hope,it is nourishing all my love which I was trying to bury deep within ever since I came to know that u love Sanju,why did u do this to me,Sanskaar?,forcefully married me,brought me here,hurt me to an extent where I wanted to kill you,then that sudden change,I really don’t understand the incidents happening in my life off late,I know it is going to burn me totally if I have to unite you with Sanju,I just wish my life ends before that,I cant take this anymore,I miss my family,I wish to see them ,but the foolish lover inside me wants to spend more time with you as though every moment spent is going to protect our relation,and feel like hearing your voice,it is just a day but I am not able to find happiness,somewhere I feel something is missing,should I call you now?,

even you may think why I am behaving like a typical wife…”,she grabs her phone and is in thoughts whether to call or not,after a conflict of emotions within,her heart again made her dial that same name,she gets up and goes near the window and stares outside ,meanwhile Sanskaar attends the call and says,”Good morning Swara,you called to hear my voice,no?I know and was waiting for your call”Swara is surprised and says, “aha,who told you?why are you thinking like a husband or lover,don’t forget,as u reminded that day,we will part ways ,soon,so….Swara stops,both are silent for a moment,feels as though words were struck inside the throat,Swara quickly says, “Sanskaar ,I called to wish you good luck,we may part ways,but you will always be my best friend and I want my friend to succeed in all that he does,wherever he goes,I want him to be the best,so new place and added responsibilities,but do well,ok,so..had breakfast ?I am not wasting your time,get ready ,bye…
Sanskaar softly says, “thank u,yea I had food,and you are right ,we were friends and will always be though I wonder how you could forgive me for all the pains that I gave” ,Swara says, “leave it yaar,not the time to tally right and wrong,”,Sanskaar says, “hmm,before u cut the call,go and check the second shelf in your cupboard,right end of it ,to be precise,”,Swara rushes and opens it and finds a packet inside it,she opens it and finds her family photo inside it,a piece of paper falls down while she holds the frame in her right hand,she keeps it back and bends down and takes the paper and finds Mukesh’s handwriting and the word dad at the right bottom,she stares at it and a drop of tear falls on it,Sanskaar reads her silence and says, “Swara ,are you there?Swara is silent ,Sanskaar understands and says, “Swara, listen to me,don’t cry,Ragini had met uncle,he gave this ,I know I am being cruel,keeping you away from them,hope this gives you a little relief,Swara just remains silent…Sanskaar understands and says, “ok then ,bye,take care…” and cuts the call..

Scene 2:

After a week,evening..

Swara is seated on the same white bench in the garden,she looks up at the sky and says, “actually,the one who often talks to you will come today,had called me,told will reach in a short while,u missed him,no?but no arguments,I missed him more”…she smiles realising that she is being silly, she recalls preparing his favourite curry and dessert under Seema aunty’s guidance,after some time,she dials his number,she finds it switched off,she is in thoughts,after an hour,she again dials,hearing it switched off she feels a little worried as she recalls him telling her that he wont be late,she decides to call his office number and then drops that idea thinking he had left early from there as well,she feels a little tensed and thinks whom to call,she recalls Mukesh’s words that he is not angry with Sanskaar though Sumi doesn’t know about Ragini contacting him and the letter ,she decides to call him..

Swara dials Mukesh’s number,Mukesh attends the call,she addresses him,”dad,me,Swara”,Mukesh is not able to say anything for a minute,he then says, “Swara,how are you my child,how is Sanskaar,?Swara wants to talk a lot about Sumi and Chetan but since she is worried about Sanskaar tells Mukesh about everything,Mukesh who already knew everything about their marriage,is in thoughts,he tells her to cut the call and promises to bring Sanskaar safely home”,Swara cuts the call and is in thoughts,Mukesh quickly dials his staff’s number and instructs him…
Next day morning,Swara was waiting the whole night on the sofa and is clearly sleep deprived and upset,she gets a call from Mukesh,he tells her that he had contacted Sanskaar and he told that his phone has some problem so couldn’t contact her and that he has to leave to his friend Vicky’s village for some urgent matter and that he will come back after that and will contact Swara once he is free,Swara is not able to believe Mukesh’s words,she thinks about contacting Vicky via Sanskaar’s fb friends list,she drops a message and thinks why her heart is not believing Mukesh’s words….

It is evening ,Swara is constantly checking her fb account to see a reply from Vicky,she thinks whether it will be good to contact his other friends as they will all come to know about their marrage and all that,she decides to believe Mukesh for the time being and wait…

Scene 3:

After 4 days

Swara gets a call from an unknown number,she hears Sanskaar on the other side and is a bit relieved,she not giving Sanskaar a chance to talk,scolds him continuously ,he is silent and at last when Swara stops,says, “Swara,when our friend need us we should be there ,no?I will come soon and why are u worried ,behaving like a typical wife,what yaar,and dad had called me,u gave him the number,ah?Swara says, “yes,what else can I do and your friend Vicky,didn’t respond at all,I didn’t have his number,how I can I disturb dad,he will think that I don’t trust him,but had contacted your friend Vicky twice via fb,may be he was busy,I didn’t get any reply,you are right,I should not have done all this,should have just thought that you will come ,but what to do,I don’t have a strong heart like yours,felt,my friend is in some trouble”,Sanskaar smiles and says, “good to know somebody is there who is bothered about me,ok,Swara,will come soon,ok,take care”

Scene 4:

After three days

Swara is back from the temple,she had gone along with Seema aunty,they were about to have breakfast,she hears the sound of vehicles outside,she walks to the door,is a little disturbed to see an van and behind she finds a car which she soon recognises as Mukesh’s,she rushes outside,she finds a wheel chair being pushed outside,she is shocked to see Sanskaar in that condition,she looks at him in shock,she finds Mukesh behind,she wants to talk to Sanskaar but since she saw Mukesh she rushed to him and hugged him,he hugs her back and pats her head,Swara looks at him,both father –daughter duo is in tears,Mukesh kisses her forehead and asks her how she is ,Swara just hugs him again and weeps,she suddenly realises and wipes her tears and turns to see Sanskkar,she goes and holds the wheel chair and asks him,”what is all this,so much of bruises on your face,and your hand,fracture ??she quickly notices that his leg has a huge dressing,she is totally confused and asks him,what happened ?accident ,but you were with Vicky ,no?and when did this happen?Mukesh signs the hospital staff to take Sanskaar inside,Swara is about to follow him but Mukesh holds his hand and takes her to the garden.
He tells her, “Sanskaar had told me not to inform u or his friends,because he didn’t want any of his loved ones to get hurt,he met with an accident on the way back,after receiving your call that day,our staff found his car a few kilometres from here,he doesn’t know how it happened,the vehicle which hit his car drove away,couldn’t trace them,the people who rushed him to the hospital told us that seeing the car’s condition they didn’t think that any of the passengers would have survived”.Swara listens silently with tears rolling down her cheeks, Mukesh continues, “may be his loved ones’ prayers protected him,after all,he is such a nice boy”,Swara looks at Mukesh and notices he is still speaking good about him,Mukesh tells her, “Sumi doesn’t know about this,nobody knows,let this stay between us until he is fine,”saying this he goes closer to Swara,holds her shoulder and wipes her tears with his hands and tells her, “you loved him,no?Swara looks at Mukesh in shock,he continues , “do you still love him,you could have told him,no?right from your school days,I have noticed your care and concern for each other,I was surprised when you agreed for marriage with Akshay,now,he is your husband and you have all the right to take care of him,rest,we will see,trust me,since none knows about this ,I have to leave now,take care of him,a nurse will come to do the dressing on his leg,it is a deep wound but couldn’t be sutured it seems,dressing is to be done,have arranged……..Swara just listens everything,Mukesh’s words are ringing in her ear ,she softly asks him, “how are you Papa,couldn’t be there with you when you were in hospital,I am sorry Papa,everything is happening and I am just not able to do anything or understand anything,helpless spectator’s role I am playing..Mukesh pats her shoulder and says, “everything will be fine soon,come,I will just see Sanskaar and leave”,they go inside…

Scene 5

Seema is staring at Sanskaar sadly,seeing Mukesh and Swara walking in,she moves to a side,Swara introduces Seema and Mukesh to each other,Mukesh smiles and tells her to help Swara in taking care of Sanskaar,she nods and goes out,Mukesh sits near Sanskaar and talks to him,Sanskaar smiles and Swara is observing Sanskaar with moist eyes,in between Sanskaar just looks at her and notices her concern,Mukesh gets up to leave,Seema brings a cup of coffee,he takes a sip from it,places it back and goes,Swara follows him,he gets inside the car ,Swara watches him leaving and after that rushes to Sanskaar’s room,she goes near him,she notices the multiple bruises on his face,the cute face of his is full of abrasions ,still that smile is there unaltered,he jokes, “how’s the makeup,nice,no?today only I saw it clearly,Swara is totally sad,she goes and stands near him and says, “next dressing is to be done in the evening,no?how do u feel now?Sanskaar says, “much better,hand has a fracture,so for simple things even,needs support,that is what is irritating,Swara nods and says, “I am here,no?dont worry”,Sanskaar looks at her hearing that,the silence between them conveys their emotions,Swara just cant see him like that and he totally understands that she is hurt seeing him like that…they stare at each other,Swara feels that she will breakdown the very next second so,excuses herself saying something and rushes out,goes to the corridor and cries silently,Sanskaar understands and leans to see her but couldnt,Seema comes and consoles Swara…

Same day evening

Swara helps Sanskaar in changing his clothes,she turns to take his shirt ,she comes near him and tries to unbutton his shirt,Sanskaar realises that she may see the pendant on his chain,he tells her, “Swara, not this shirt,will you take that blue one?,actually,this material na,not comfortable”,Swara looks at him and goes to the cupboard meanwhile he removes the chain fast with his other hand and hides it under the pillow,Swara comes back and helps him to change,he notices that she is still sad and to cheer her up says, “actually,I think ,you are very lucky to see my bare body like this,that too very frequently,but this is a limited period offer,ok”Swara still doesn’t cheer up but for him just gives a fake smile,she takes the comb and combs his hair,adjusts the bed sheet,Seema aunty comes and tells her that nurse has arrived,Swara asks her to come inside,nurse is from the same hospital,Sanskaar jokes, “so,madam has come to kill me ,come fast,I was waiting”,nurse tells him that how clearly he understood her intention,she then tells Swara to go out if she is not comfortable watching,nurse slowly removes the dressing,she cleans the wound,Swara was looking at Sanskaar,she sees the wound,she notices his smile fading,he tightens his grip on the bedsheet,Swara observes this,she recalls her telling him that even if she hears the worst has happened to him a single drop of tear wont fall from his eyes,she realises that she is crying now,she wipes her tears and looks at Sanskaar and finds him with closed eyes,he is sweating profusely and is trying to hide the excruciating pain by tightening the grip on the sheet,Swara quickly rushes to him and sits on the bed,she holds his hand,he loosen the grip on the bed sheet bedsheet and looks at her,his eyes are filled,he tries to smile but fails,Swara quickly adjusts her position and holds him by his shoulder and wipes sweat of his face,a drop of tear rolls down his cheek,she wipes it off slowly,her eyes are also moist,both notices their care for each other,she gently hugs him from behind and pats his head,she tells him softly, “just a few minutes,it is going to be fine,my friend is very brave,just a few minutes,ok”,Sanskaar tilts his head and looks at her and says softly, “this is nothing when compared to the pain I gave you,may be I am paying for my deeds,Swara shakes her head and says, “no,don’t say like that,this moment I forgive you totally,and look,I am begging,God heal him fast,Sanskaar just silently listens with closed eyes and leans on to her shoulder,she gently pats him…he rests his head on her chest…….

Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 39


Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 39


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