Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 32)

The episode starts with Raman and Ishitha in kitchen…
Shagun and Karan in hall..
Parents watching TV…

Akash’s parents came home..
Raman’s dad : Hello… Come in..
Raman peeped out…
Shagun sighed that Akash has not come..
Raman came out..

Raman : Hi Uncle.. Hi Aunty..
Akash’s mom : Raman!! Next week Akash’s marriage…. You guys should be there..
They gave the invitation..

Raman’s dad opened to see it..
Raman peeped to see whether the invitation is the same what he selected..
Yes!!!! How can Akash change that!!!!

Raman smiled at Shagun.. Shagun mockingly smiled at Raman..
Akash’s parents went…
Karan took the invitation. He was seated on the sofa..
Shagun was on the sofa’s handle..
Ishra standing near sofa…

Karan : Wow..!! Cool Design,,,
Ishu : Selection Kiska Hai!!! Mera pathi…….
Shagun kicked Raman.. Raman kicked Ishu…
Meanwhile Pallavi(Raman’s mom) asked…..

Pallavi : What Ishu?
Ishu : Mummyji…. Selection…. Mera pathi ka frnd haina…. I meant that…
Karan,Shagun and Raman felt relieved….

In Ishra room:
Raman : Stupid!!
Ishu : Sorry Raman!!! I didn’t get that!!
Raman put his hands over her shoulders…
Raman : So….. You were busy in praising your husband na!!
Ishu smiled…
Ishu : Yeah…. Of course… What’s wrong in that?
Raman : Nothing.. Can I praise my wife?
Ishu : Sure…. Not now..
Raman : No… now only..

Ishu tried to pull Raman….
Raman’s phone rang… Its Siva…

Raman with irritated voice… Ishu smiling…
Raman : Hello idiot….
Siva: Oh God.. I think its wrong time..
Raman : Of course…
Siva : Its ok…. You are coming to Akash’s marriage right…
Raman : Yeah.. Suno stupid.. We ll act there…

Siva: I know.. You don’t worry.. I ll help you guys..
Raman : What about Karthik?
Siva ended the call…
Raman : What??? Why he ended when I asked about Karthik?
Ishu : May be any tower prob!!
Raman : No… if that’s the case.. He ll call me again… But now…….

Meanwhile Shagun came running…
Shagun : Raman…. Raman…
Raman: Kya…
Shagun : Karthik called me..
Raman : Did you talk about Siva?
Shagun : Yeah..
Raman : Did he ended the call?
Shagun : Yeah Raman… How do you know that??

Raman understood…
Raman : OK Shagun you attack Karthik.. I will attack Siva..

Shagun reached Karthik’s house…
Raman reached Siva’s…

Raman : What’s happening between you and Karthik?
Siva : Nothing..
Shagun : Then why you ended the call on hearing his name…
Karthik : Nothing means… Nothing between us.. No friendship.. U understand??

Raman and Shagun left the place..
Siva called Karthik..

Siva : Hey Karthik… Now only Raman came here..
Karthik : Shagun here,..
Siva : Let us play like we are in fight till they joins with Akash…
Karthik : Deal!!

Raman and Shagun reached home..
They laughed uncontrollably..

Karan : What??
They explained what they heard of Siva’s plan..
Karan : Can I say something?
Shagun : Yeah..
Karan : I am getting jealous on you guys..
They stopped laughing..

Karan : I swear…. You guys should remain like this… till your end.. Promise me you guys won’t separate..
Raman hugged Karan…
Karan smiled..

Raman’s dad thinking about our stupids… sitting on his sofa…Got an idea..
He created a group in whatsapp…
Raman,Shagun and Akash’s dads……..
Raman’s dad : We need to do something to unite these stupids…
Akash’s dad: Yeah… Can’t see them like this..
Shagun’s dad : First I thought they were playing.. But they are serious…
Akash’s dad : Anyhow.. We should prove them that we are their fathers.. And can plan better than them…

Akash’s dad kept his phone and went somewhere..
His phone rang..

Akash who was taliking in phone with Sindhu. Saw his dad phone ringing..
Akash : Sindhu.. I ll call you back..
He took that phone..
Call ended..
Notification displayed..

Message from Ragu(Raman’s dad) @ Planning Pithajis…
Akash got confused…
He turned to check whether his dad is coming or not..

He opened the group and saw the messages..
He controlled his laughter,..

He took a snap of msgs from his phone and ran to his room
He forwarded it to Mani..Smrithi… Shagun..Karan… Ishra…. Sindhu…

They laughed uncontrollably…
Raman : Got success… In half way…
Shagun : We ll get the remaining…
They laughed again…

Next day..
Getting ready for Sindhu-Akash engagement.
Next week marriage..

Precap :
In engagement:
Raman’s dad : Raman!! Akash is missing
Raman(eating iecream) : What can I do?
Shagun’s dad to Shagun : Shagun.. Akash is missing!!
Shagun : Thank God Karan… Lets leave.. Its getting late..
Dad’s confused…
Our stupids smiling….

Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 32)


Dosthi- Support of our life (Part 32)


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