abhigya’s destiny episode 44

abhigya’s destiny episode 44

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Episode starts with abhi sleeping….. He soon wakes up and yawns, he smiles ,and says finally i got my love! He turns in sleeping position and imagines pragya sleeping there , he was about to touch her but imagination vanished ,there was a bright smile on his face, he again turns in sleeping position and sees pragya reading book he continuosly is watching her, kaisa yeh ishq h plays, he gets up and goes to her but that again was imagination, he sits on couch and smiles, he then sees pragya filling her mang infront of mirror, pragya smiles seeing abhi, abhi too gives a bright smile, kaisa yeh ishq h plays, abhi is about to go to her but oh it’s again his imagination! Kaisa yeh ishq h plays….. He sits on bed and says when i accepted i love tanu i never felt special it was a normal thing for me but today when i realized that pragya is my love, my life, it’s amazing feeling, i m feeling the most luckiest person! Just then a voice comes because u are lucky, afcoarse she is pragya, pragya has coffee mug in her hand, abhi said oh again i m imagining her, no abhi no it’s just imagination, she is not real, not real, abhi closes his eyes and opens his eyes, pragya is still there in confused state, abhi says so u still aren’t gone, aray i know i m imagining u, so com’on go now, pragya says have u become mad or u already are mad? Abhi says so this imagination could talk haan! Pragya says i think u still are in sleep, i will pinch u then u will come out of ur deep sleep, pragya pinches abhi, abhi says oouuchhh, so u are real, i mean u are actually, i mean u are infront of me, i mean, pragya intrupts and sayd stop it, why can’t i be real, i m pragya mehra, u know me na, abhi says yea my wife pragya, my love….. Abhi stops, pragya says my love…? Abhi says ahmmm ahmmm my love, my love, my love music, u know na i love music! Pragya says u are behaving weirdly! Is everything fine? Abhi says yes! He has a smile over his face, pragya says ur coffee, abhi says thanks! Pragya says no sorry, no thank u in friendship, my salooo said it! Abhi becomes jealous and says who salooo? Pragya says ver bad u don’t know him? Well salman khan! Abhi says oh salman khan yea! Pragya sayd ufff, abhi said so we are friends right, pragya said ahmm yes we can be, i have to live 6 months with u so i thought to make u my friend as u are not too bad, i think! Abhi says what else u think about me? Pragya said well u are nice person, humble person, who always helps me so i can say u are awesome, so can we be friends, abhi says can we be more then friends? Pragya is stunned and says what? Abhi says i mean we can be best friends, na! We should share all lil things with eachother! Pragya says wow it will be great! Abhi says so can i ask one thing from u! Pragya says yes afcoarse! Abhi asks are u in love with someone? Pragya was stunned and mistakenly says you….. Abhi gets happy, but pragya controls and said you are asking such a weird question! Abhi says answer it na, its my birthday today so its my day u should answer question! Pragya said okay so birthday boy, Yes i m in love! Abhi said whom? Pragya says my family, abhi says stupid, pragya says okay if i m stupid na then i m going! Abhi says are fuggy listen, abhi holds her hand, pragya stops, abhi says sorry! Pragya was stunned! Pragya checks his forehead and says are u fine? I mean for this little thing u said me sorry! Abhi smiles and sayd there is a special reason for it! Pragya sayd well i don’t belive in love, so love and me ughhh no combination! Abhi sayd is it so! Pragya sayd yes! Abhi thinks to himslef and says so u will soon realize ur love i know u love me, but u will soon realize ur love! Pragya waves her hand and says where are u lost? Abhi says nothing, pragya says i have a surprise for u! Abhi says really! Pragya says yes ur birthday surprise! Abhi asks what’s it? Pragya says a lunch date, abhi gets happy and asks with whom? Pragya said its a surprise! U just have to reach at dream hotel! At 2 pm, abhi says i will! Pragya says i have some work! So i will meet u later! Abhi said fine !

Surbhi goes to prutima taai’s home, someone closes her eyes and lifts her up! And yes they are goons, surbhi says leave me leavee me! Then someone hits flower pot on her head and she becomes unconscious ! And yes its prutima taai, taai laughs evily! Time passes, surbhi is tightened with ropes, she opens her eyes, and sees prutima taai, taai says oh surbhi beta u here! Surbhi looks at another side angrily, taai says so someone in angry right! Taai holds her face hardly and says so she was going to flop my plan by saving kids, hahahahhahahah, for ur kind information, i at first day had doubt on u, but the day u enterd this room, i was sure ,now who will come to save u, surbhi says u will pay for ur deeds taai, surbhi sees all 15 children tightened with steel chains, surbhi says how can u be so cruel? Those are children and see what are u doing with them, roy said di whom are u saying these things, i think u are wasting ur time, coz this taai is illiterate, and an illiterate could never under stand what ever u are saying! Surbhi says taai, roy is only a kid and he better understands but u, i think u are a mad women who should be at mantle asylum ,taai slaps surbhi hard, taai leaves,…….. Surbhi says so she got scared right! All children laugh!

Commissioner is talking on phone and says what surbhi got kidnapped, how could it be possible! Someone keeps hand on his shoulder, commissioner turns back and says mrs pragya, pragya says hi sir whom were u talking about! Commishner says no one, pragya says tell me everything sir, commissioner explains everything, pragya has tears in her eyes and says what 15 of children are alive,, surbhi should have told me, i always thought that i was murderer but no it was prutima taai i am going to save surbhi , Commishner says we can’t take risk! Pragya says sorry sir and leaves……..

Abhi reaches at dream hotel he has rose in his hand, he steps in and manager asks how can i help u sir? Abhi says mrs pragya had reservation here! Manager says oh so right there, manager points out in direction, abhi goes there, it is decorated with red white balloons, a girl is sitting there, her back is shown, abhi gets happy and says fuggy, girl gets up and turns her face to abhi, abhi is shocked, the girl hugs her and yes she is tanu, abhi breaks hug, abhi says tanu u here? I mean this surprise was by pragya na, tanu says abhi u are so stupid , pragya planned surprise for u, and i wss the surprise i told pragya that u love spending time with me, so she planned this surprise, see na how Beautifully this is decorated, abhi says when did i said u that i enjoy spending time with u, tanu says is everything fine? Abhi was about to say something just then his phone rings, he picks up the call, and Commishner explains everything, and says i m at ur house so u plz come! Abhi says okay sir ,abhi gets tensed and leaves! Tanu tries to stop abhi but couldn’t !
Pragya slowly, is going to that room, just then taai sees her, and says ufff again this fool came here, she asks her man to also do same thing with her as we did with surbhi……

Abhi reaches home and everyone is tensed, he says Commishner, Commishner says Actaully abhi sir! Pragya went there, abhi in anger tone says u should have stopped her, Commishner says we tried to but, abhi says i will go to her! Commishner says not this time, i mean if u will do our work then what will we do, first surbhi, then pragya now u, no we can’t take risk with ur life sir, abhi says and i can’t take risk with my wife’s life sur i m going , abhi leaves, Commishner says where did he went as he doesn’t knows address! Abhi comes back and asks address, Commishner says sorry we can’t tell u, abhi takes gun from Commishner’s pocket and says now? Commishner gets afraid and tells, abhi leaves, police man sayd sir i think this family is psyco! Commishner says no its love!

Pragya is tightened with ropes, surbhi says di why did u came here, pragya says its better for u not to talk with me, surbhi says di…… Varun says pragya di, pragya gets tear in her eyes and says u know i missed u so much, annanya says we too missed u, pragya smiles, and says roy how are u? Roy is angry and says i was better without u, pragya says so u are angry, roy says why can’t i be angry, how could u believe that we died, pragya says sorry roy i missed u so much plz don’t get angry or else i will die! Roy says so promise me u won’t leave us, pragya says no i won’t….. Prutima taai claps and says oh see emotional drama of mum and children, pragya gets angry and says u are psyco! Taai gets angry and leaves….. Screen splits, abhi comes near room and hides in bushes, he says 4 man are there, abhi sees a stick , he takes it and goes near to all 4, man says rockstar abhi, abhu says so u know me, 1 man says i m ur fan sir, 2 says i m ur big fan sir! 3rd says sir can u get autograph, abhi says why not, he beats all goons, and all 4 become unconscious , he goes inside and sees pragya, surbhi and all children, abhi opens chain of all children and also he opens rope for surbhi, he asks them to get out of here quickly, pragya is still tied up, pragya says suniyea(listen) , u havn’t open mine, abhi says better ,u live here with taai, we are going ,pragya says but….. Abhi says aray children com’on go out, roy says but di, surbhi smiles and says nothing will happen to her com’on lets go! Abhi was about to leave, pragya says plz don’t leave me, abhi goes to her and unties rope, pragya gets up, abhi was about to leave, pragya hugs him and says thank uuuu, abhu breaks hug, pragya feels awkward, abhi tries to leave, pragya holds his hand and says so u are angry with me, abhi says u promised to me u won’t leave me but u came here, pragya says sorry na, i won’t leave u plz sorry, abhi melts down and smiles ,pragya sees a goon with stick, trying to hit abhi, she pushes abhi on side and the stick hits her hardly! Its bleeding from her forehead, abhi screams pragya, pragya fell down unconsciously, abhi beats goon, police comes, abhi goes to pragya and tries to wake her up but she doesn’t responds, its bleeding very much….

At hospital : doctor comes out of room and says she would get conscious in 15 mins…. Abhi gets relieved ! …..abhi goes inside and says u promised me twice u won’t leave me but again u are not responding i won’t talk to u, abhi tries to leave, but pragya had holded hand very tightly in unconscious state, abhi smiles ,kaisa yeh ishq h plays….. Time passes pragya opens her eyes and sees everyone standing beside her! She tries to get up, abhi helps her, roy says everytime u get injury , all laugh, pragya says i missed u so much! Varun says u should re marry di, as we missed ur marriage , i know u married abhi the rockstar for me as i too wanted to become rockstar ,u are best di, ananya says stupid , all laugh! Pragya looks at abhi, abhi is laughing, pragya thinks to her self, u are best! I don’t know but every time i feel special with u…. Allah wariyan plays…

Pre recap : a concert by abhi….

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Guyz i won’t be able to post continiosly so when ever i will get time i surely would update, and yes if u wanaaa laugh harder, and wanna imagine everything easily, and want to read something creative, u should read story of faith season 2 by surbhi , if u aren’t reading it i bet u guyz are missing everything special! So guyz check her ff ,bcoz she is too much brilliant …… U guyz would enjoy ,thankuuu so much bye ,take care….

abhigya’s destiny episode 44


abhigya’s destiny episode 44

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