raglak ek pyaar ki kahani (a review)

Hai guys am arshi. First am so sorry guys. am writing my ff aftr a long tym.i know u all r angry with me. Plz guys sry.i was busy with my exams .as am a pharm d student for me its difficult to maintain study with writing my ff. am staying in my clg hstel .only this is my one and only entertainment .I thought to leave my ff in between incomplete. But later I decided continue becoz this ff gives me lot of pleasure. Every story should have a end.so am continuing this
Here is a review of my story till the date .plz read and give your suggestions (52 episodes in a simple paragraphs)

My story revolves around two lovebirds ragini gagodia and laksh maheshwari who is young dashing business man. They were stranger to each other.one day destiny makes them meet. In d first meeting they feel smthng strange.destiny also plays a role in the lyf of swara gagodia who is the elder sister of ragini and sasakar maheswari who is the elder brother of laksh.both ragini and swara works in the maheshwari industries.

As tym passes both couple become close frnds.that tym destiny play another rolein the lyf of raglak in temple laksh accidently fills rags forehead. On karvachouth day its revealed when parents of slanak( dp and ap) and swaragini (shekhar and sumi) meets that dp and shekhar were childhood frnds and separated due to circumstances.
Laksh Bhabhi parineeta suggest to change their frndshp in to a relationship by getting raglak and swasan married.as the premrg ritual both family goes to their native for kul devi’s pooja .both couple cm more closer and their family.then both the couple get married on d same day.

Then payal’s entry as laksh’s cousin brother’s wife who is ex girlfrnd of laksh.she loved him as he is the son of one the richest person .when laksh realized her true colors he were left heart broken and his bhabi parineetha helped him to get rid of his feeling. She tried a lot to separate raglak. But in vain. Raglak overcome all the troubles together . my story also showed hw they both trust each other, hw they were stand for each other in difficult tym

My story also showed lots of family moments during their kerala trip( as am a keralite). During this tym I introduced amir ali as siddhart ,cousin brother of swaragini for a match for utts

Let me introduce my characters
Dp,ap,sansakar,laksh,adarsh,pari,aryaan( one yr old son of parish),utts in cludes maheswari family
Shekhar,sumi,swragini, dadi nd siddharth includes gagodia family
Payal laksh’s ex girl frnd
Then all characters where includes as story needed
Hey guys in my story nw both swaragini in their mayakka. Rag is acting to be sad as laksh scolded her.then their patch up

Guys plz cmmnt if u people want me to continue or otherwise I cmplte it in a single episode or leave it incmplete. Your cmmnts means a lot for me .plz cmmnt and give your suggestions am a dead fan of raglak.i know there are so many swasan fan also here plz guys convey ur suggestion about my ff may I continue or note. And thanks for all who supported me and thanks to my silent readers also

raglak ek pyaar ki kahani (a review)


raglak ek pyaar ki kahani (a review)


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