Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (intro)

HEY guys this is my first fanfiction about piya rangrezz!as u all know the plot for piya rangrezz is crazy i’m going to make a new story bout sherda

SHRADDA is a beautiful girl has moral values, but is really modern and is very outspoken. Shradda is really rich and
pampered but not spoiled she was brought up in USA!

SHER is really spoiled and pampered as he is the only son! He has too much ego if he doesn’t let anyone insult and if u do he is really good at giving harsh punishment!!
BHAVRI DEVI is the biggest goon and a really good business woman!
DAKSH is shradda’s older brother and is a IAS police officer! Sher and DAKSH aren’t really good their kind of enemies cause he loves sher’s sis
DAD shradda’s dad and is the best business man he is really famous! His name is rishi mathur
MOM shradda’s mom, shradda’s dad doesn’t let her work! Love is in the air❤️
MAMA bhavri a bro he is really loyal to bhavri

VIKAS mamas son
SUMER mama’s other son but is really nice!
GAJRA shradda’s best friend
SHREYA shradda’s sis and vikas’s girlfriend!

Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (intro)


Piya rangrezz an Intenseful love story (intro)


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