pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 7

Sorry guyzzzz. Sometimes I may end. I don’t know why. But I am loosing interest in this.if I am ending it in the next epi I will be giving u complete story in short.
Next day,
Ragini as usual went to mandir.
While entering the steps ragini saw mujse dosti karogi?
Written I the entrance.actually it was not written many diyas was arranged like that.
Ragini (in mind): I think I should make him friend. after so much insult also he is still asking for dosti. Ragini took the diyas and arranged in a way that now it looks like dosti accepted….
Ragini saw sanskar and she smiled a little and went.
Sanky was so happy yo see that…

In college. Sanky was eagerly waiting for her new friend…
Ragini came. Sanky went to her,….. They saw each other …a small cute eyelock……
Sanky: so my new dost.. Today shall we have lunch together?
Ragini nodded yes…and she went for her classes…
In lunch
Sanky and ragini were sitting together
Sanky spoke about his friends hobbies ….etc.
Sanky: what is this I am only speaking… Him dost hei tum bhi apne barame much batao…
Ragini: I don’t have anything to say about. Meri family ek small family hei..
Sanky: bas itna. Tell something about urself like ur hobbies..
Ragini: I love to read books
Sanky: so u r a book worm….

She smiled
There was no class afternoon. So sanky told I will show u the whole college today… They were walking together. Sanky was continuously speaking and ragini silently listened everything.
They reached the auditorium . students were practicing for the annual day function…
Ragini saw a girl practicing khartak and she was looking at her sanky saw this..
Sanky: do u love dancing? Do u dance?
Suddenly ragini became tensed..
Ragini: na na nahi…. I don’t like
Sanky: ragini, u don’t know to lie. Hum dost hei… So be frank to me….
Ragini didn’t say anything and just went from there……
Precap: ragini scolding a girl….

pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 7


pain hidden in her eyes…. Episode 7


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