Swaragini 8th March 2016 –

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The Episode starts with Swara seeing Kavya going somewhere late in night and thinks to wake up Sanskar to follow Kavya, then thinks to go alone, but thinks Sanskar will not like if she goes alone, and calls Ragini. She asks Ragini to follow Kavya and inform her. Ragini tells her that Laksh came here and having icecream with Kavya. Swara and Sanskar are surprised. Swara asks Ragini if Kavya talked to icecream seller and asks if he was really Laksh. Ragini gets teary eyes and says if I can’t identify him. She clicks Laksh’s photo and sends on Sanskar’s phone. She says they are leaving and says she will leave too. She couldn’t bear their intimacy and leaves from there. Swara checks the icecream seller pic and tells that yesterday he sold chat and today icecreams, thinks Kavya is upto some big conspiracy.

Swara tells Annapurna and Sujata that she will make Malpoa, and tells that even Ragini keeps this fast and makes the sweet. Sujata and Annapurna smiles. Ragini thinks to make the sweet and surprise the family. Ragini calls Swara, and Swara calls Ragini at the same time, but then Ragini calls Swara again. Ragini asks about Chena recipe, and Swara asks her about Malpua recipe. Ragini tells about Malpua recipe. Swara tells the recipe of Chena sweets. They make the sweets together in their different kitchens. Ragini says her Chena is ready. Swara laughs and disconnects the call. Sanskar comes to kitchen and says he came to know that his wife made Malpua and insists to eat. Swara says she will present Malpua infront of God first. Sanskar gets romantic and says her beauty is enhanced with the flour on her face. He tries to get intimate, Swara says Laksh is here. Sanskar breaks the hug. Swara asks him to go and talk to laksh, and enquire about the icecream/chat seller.

Sanskar calls Laksh as Lucky and asks if he went to MG road. Laksh says I didn’t go yesterday, and have slept early. Sanskar is shocked. Swara asks why he is lying? Sanskar says something is wrong for sure. Swara tells him that she wants to go to Baadi and surprise everyone. She reaches Baadi. Ragini is happy to see her, and so is Sumi. Dadi comes. Swara tells Dadi that she made Malpua and took recipe from her lado. Dadi asks if Kavya is responsible for Shekhar’s accident? Swara says yes and says you knew well that I never lies. She says Kavya did his accident to make us scared. Ragini says it tastes good and I want to eat all. Sumi asks her not to eat else she will not good husband. Ragini smiles vanishes.

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Swaragini 8th March 2016 –


Swaragini 8th March 2016 –


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