Sadda Haq 8th March 2016 –

Sadda Haq 8th March 2016 –

Sadda Haq 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanaya is in randhir’s room. He is asleep. She looks for his laptop. She scans his finger print to open the laptop. She says I am sorry but i have to do this. I know you will be mad at me for doing this. I am sorry. she goes out.
sanyu says I hope I trigger him right. I have to be extra cautious now. Oh God. Aryan says don’t worry you will do good. Never thought you would do something this crazy. He says I thought only dark shadow can do this Sanyu says company affects.

Joy comes to kritika and says I have to show you something. SHe says I am working on something. Show me later. Arjun comes and takes the mouse. He says I have to use this system. joy says she is using it. Kritika says its okay, I will use later. You can use. Joy says whats wrong with you? That was insulting? Joy says but.. She says but what? This is my issue. Why you bother? She leaves. He says because I.. he tears apart the tickets.

Sanaya says I know what happened to sanyu is because of me. This is what I can do. she is a nice girl. She writes email, my dear sanyyu.. Sanyu checks her mail. She is dazed to read to from randhir. It says sanyu i didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want to see sanaya hurt. I wanted to assure that past wont interfere in present. sanyu says did he write all this? She says to aryan I know you.. Aryan says I am upset but its okay. Meet him once and sort this out. Sanyu says why should I? He says because randhir is handling is maturly.

Sanyu comes to randhir and says hi randhir. He doesn’t respond. sanyu says it was not your fault. It was mine too. I made those fake certificates. It was a nie gesture that you mailed me. You wanted to end it on a good note. Randhir says I nerve mailed you. what are you talking about? Get a life. Now you do all this. what drama is this? sanyu says I don’t want to talk to you. You started it with this mail. He reads it
Randhir recalls he saw sanaya with his laptop. she said can’t i use your laptop. I was just checking. If you watch adult videos or not. Randhir said are you mad? she sent and said i don’t need it. sanyu says you pretend with this mail and now all this. What now? Tell me. He says I didn’t mail. sanyu say such double standard. He says I dont regret anything. You cheated here as well. Sanyu says to regret you need a conscience. She leaves.

SAnyu tells aryan everything. She says how disgusting is he. Aryan comes in lab but randhir is not there. Aryan stops him. Randhir sasy don’t make me do something that I will regret later. Aryan says using force is victory for you? Randhir says oh you gf sent you here. She is using you. Aryan says I sent her to talk to you. I knew you were arrogant but I thought you are sensible too. I should never have sent her. Randhir says don’t mess with me. Aryaan says thank you but don’t behave this way with sanyu again. She is not alone. Randhir says I pity you. Aryna says I was alone like you. But you didn’t value what you had. No one will come for you. Randhir grasps his shoulder. Warden comes and says move.

Randhir comes to sanaya. She says you missed me? Randhir says are you out of your mind? You sent sanyu that mail? She says oh.. I am fainting. Randhir says dont pretend. He says everything is a joke. You told her that i want to sort things out for you. You made fun of it. sanaya says I am sorry. He says you think that would change a thing? She says I didn’t want sanyu to get you wrong. I know you did this for me. You knew I was insecure. I didn’t know you would do this. He says have you lost it? You were upset because of her. when I asked what happened you said everything is sorted. I did all this for you and had sympathy for her. You made me look like a fool. sanya says please listen. He says I dont want to. Everything between us is over. I am done with you.

Precap-Nirman said I know you all are not close to that. Imagine you are on mars and there is a stone shower there. You have to save yourself.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Sadda Haq 8th March 2016 –


Sadda Haq 8th March 2016 –

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