Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 35)

Manik took Nandini to a place that is colony. “This the colony of all my works who do construction for my company. As a famous “rock star” as said by I can’t go and meet all of them and check their faculties and enquired about their problems though I have staff for that I want you to do it personally for me”
Nandini smiled “it’s very intresting I love to do ”
“And.., I have one more work for you. Driver will take you to other place it’s a orphanage I want you to visit it. It’s totally runned by me so please suggest what ever is needed.”
“I miss amma the oldage home for which you performed concert”
“Yah ! I remember that is why I gave you this work”
“Ok then I will carry on bye” they departed
Manik is relaxed mental as Nandini is trying to get out of her pain.

Three days for Holi nyionika and Manik sat with Nandini
“Bacha! Look once if you call navya they all feel good and you too”
“No! Mom please don’t force me”Nandini replied with anger
Landline rang Manik took the call it was watchman
“With due respect send them in”Nandini come with me” Manik dragged here to main door
“Look” he showed out
Gate in almost a perlong distant from door she looked out a car entered in after few mins some one opened the door and came out its harsaad Nandini walked to steps then little faster then she ran and hugged Harshad
Harshad hugged and kissed her on forehead both are having tears in their eyes parth came out he called Nandu she took him in arms and rolled round and shouted Parth I missed you Somuch
“You didn’t miss me” came back of her navya
Nandini was mad with happiness

Manik and nyionika came by seeing them she became silent
“Why did you.,,
Nyionika kept finger on nandini’s lips “no bacha not a single word which hurts both please for my sake think that by seeing them I can compensate a little of regrate which iam going through”
Nandini obeyed

Manik welcomed all

Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 35)


Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 35)


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