manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 5

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After taking with saurav Rajiv went to doctor..doc said to him if he find a match for replacement. He nodded in negative manner..doc said him to find asap for a quick recovery n warned him to stay alert in nights..doc assured him if he will get a match in India then inform him immediately…he said hopefully n returned..saurav radhika Riya were not aware about his condition…but saurav guessed something isn’t ryt..but they didn’t giv it a serious thought as Rajiv showed himself as a universal flirt….??

A’VENUE hotel,Mumbai ( don’t know if such kind of hotel exist in Mumbai or not)

Every add agency were busy with their presentation as they have to impress PEARL- Tech Firm add agency..Rajiv arrived on time with two of their marketing executives..he introduced himself as Rajiv Malhotra one of the joint ceo of PEARL..and told to start presentation..out of 150 he choosed the best 20 presentation n stated that the final decision will be taken tomorrow after the arrival of cmd n other joint ceo..he wished them gud luck n went out..

Every body were impressed with his charming attitude specially girls except one..that’s our Neil.seeing Neil in that condition Arjun asked him why u made face…after all we r in best 20.. R u not happy with that…neil said not like that but Arjun don’t u think he is too young to b a ceo, even younger than me n look how girl are into him…arjun saw that Sam was talking with Rajiv enthusiastically..Arjun got the reason why Neil didn’t like raj..sam came there with a smiling face n said guys he is impressed with our presentation very much n told me bird song may b get contract…Neil irked n went out from there..arjun n Sam followed him..Arjun looed at Neil..he seemed disturbed..arjun said it was not Sam,tell us Neil why r u so jerked with Rajiv..

Neil saw there is no way to escape…he didn’t want to tell Arjun..but..he said I met that jerk at Rishikesh 1 year ago..he made some absurd statement about chasini n we ended up in fighting…but without my mistake people considered me as wrong n took that punk side for his so called charm..
Sam saw the burning rage in Arjun ‘s eye for a second,but he controlled.Sam asked Neil what exactly he said can u remember..neil told I was sitting in a sweet shop reminiscing the moments with my chasini..didn’t know when I said where r u chasini I miss u..ryt then that punk replied I dipped rasgoolas in ur chasini n drank it…i could not controlled myself…so…

Sam laughed hearing that n said idiot how cud he know u referred ur bff as chasini…neil thought yes..c is ryt..but how come I didn’t know..he made faces n said still I don’t like him n I saw him winking at u…with that they all went by laughing…

Rajiv saw them went out…he thought to himself I don’t know what will happen tomorrow…but m worried for my sweetheart radhika…god knows if saurav will succeed or not..

Norway airport…

Saurav told radhika to calm down n take things easily..they were in his Pvt jet..radhika thought tomorrow will be a big day for me..but I have to be strong to tackle everything by myself…saurav thought nothing will happen to u darling…u will get ur real happiness..we r with u…all this I did only because of u…so it will turn out good…

By looking outside windows of jet…they thought about their lives…

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k guys lets go back to two years ago 2015

Thud….a tight slap was put on her cheek left its print…she could not understand what’s happening…she was in verge of loosing her balance…if it was not mala she Cudn’t stand..she didn’t believe how come her bestie humilate her,slapped her in public n everybody stood there numb..sam accused her for trying to steal her bf n happiness..n she didn’t utter a word in defence…coz she came to know this time she had no proof so nobody would believe her..she was wrong very very wrong that she thought friendship was a relationship of trust care luv…if one frnd going to blv other on the basis of proof then that is not a dosti…yaari..she looked at Sam who trembled with anger by holding Arjun n continued her humiliation…nandini,saral,bonnie evily smrinked at her as they got what they want..she did a mistake by believing those rascals..neil stood there bowing his head down..she didn’t try to look at Arjun…she thought it was happened all becoz of no need to look at him whom she thought as bhagawan…she rushed out from there..
If she looked at Arjun she cud know that it was nt her who was him who hurt was him who felt miserable inside by seeing her that state..he thought to return back that slap to Sam with dare she slapped his radhika,his light…but he was not a position..with a jerk he removed Sam’s hand from him..tried to go out but stopped by nandini..she started her drama by seeking forgiveness n all..everybody told her not to do that …specially Sam told she believes her..nandini felt happy for her moves..

Radhika went out of sam’ s gate with her parents n Ankush..teji came from opposite side..he saw rads n her family leaving..he stopped her ask the reason..but rads told him later..they went..suddenly teji saw Neil rushed out with a sad n foul mood..he went inside saw everyone is silent except nandini made her drama with Sam supporting her..zubin n kritika came near to him n explained everything to him..he boiled with anger n thrown a dagger eye towards Arjun Sam nandini…which was noticed by Arjun..arjun dragged nadini out with him b4 she could make anymore drama.
Teji went to Sam n just told her Sam u shd never tried to b friend with anyone…friendship is not meant for u…he went out followed by zubin n kritika….sam cudn’t make head n tail out of his talk..she was happy in her own land by thinking Arjun is all hers..

On the way Arjun cudnt control his he vented out all in steering wheel…nandini was afraid now…she told Arjun to slow down but he didn’t listen..after reaching home he questioned nandu that if she has any hand behind in fire incident as he knew what she is capable of…but as all of u saw she made her emotional atyachar on Arjun to make blv her…out of frustration Arjun went outside to get piece….u all saw that how he came in front of rads dwelling place n saw her from his car window..he cud not understand one thing why radhika put blame on his di even after he helped her.she was not lyk that…he was I his deep thought he saw somebody entered into radhika’s house with a hood on his head..he thought if saral tried to invade the place n misbehave with radhika…he was about to open his car door to his surprise he saw radhika came with a welcoming smiley face to the man n took him inside…he felt immense pain in his heart..he didn’t know why he felt something for this girl,why he became out of his mind when he saw someone else with her…he decided to wait outside to see the face of the hoody man..

Mean time radhika entered house with teji..she asked him if anyone saw him..he said no..teji saw radhika n her family packed everything..rads give him her resignation letter to hand over to piyali as tomorrow is Sam’s everyone will be busy..teji hugged radhika n cry..rads had also tears in her eyes but she controlled herself..teji told her not to go..he said I believed u chasini..don’t go..we will fight that mean time when nobody believes rads teji put his faith in her lyk last time in bonnie case even then he liked her..rads make him understand that it was needed..she told I did not get that job on my talent..i got it through misunderstandings or u can say my luck..may b that’s why it is not a permanent job for me..i need to get a job with my efforts n talent..then I will definitely come back..teji requested her to allow him to stay with her that last night..she looked at her parent..mala Dilip nodded ..ankus took him..Dilip said mala at least one friend is here who trust our choti…

Here Arjun became restless waiting outside..he thought who’s that guy..why he didn’t come out…more over he loose his sanity when he remembered radhika took him in with a pleasant smile…but to his bad luck nandini called him to return..he went back…

Neil was just sitting in his room with his drink( again devdas as u saw).he was thinking what happened before n he even cudn’t understand why he stood there lyk statue..he just tried to talk something but Sam stopped him n he stopped…with anger he pulled out some of his hair..he thought something is wrong..his chasini will not blame someone without any reason ..what’s that he didn’t get..he vent out all his anger on drink..

Next day…on marriage day

Sam was on full excited last all her fantasy was going to be fulfilled..Arjun will be her..the thought make her go crazy…but she missed her idiot..Neil didn’t go to her marriage.she wanted to see him,share her happiness with him…but he was nowhere seen..she saw prerana coming..she went to her asked about Neil..prerna said Neil left city for his imp. Work..sam didn’t understand what was so much imp for Neil than her marriage n he didn’t even care to inform her..she thought let idiot come back once..I’ll not talk to him..I’ll b giving my whole time to Arjun…for a punishment to him…
May b sam didn’t knew what in store for her…..

Nandini make Arjun ready for marriage…before that they went to rana’s house as u all saw that in mmz..rana welcomed both of usual nandini make her plan without Arjun knowing…they came back asap for marriage..Arjun did things robotically instructed by nandini..he was stuck with last night incident..nandini told him to b look happy as it was his marriage..suddenly Arjun replied how could I b happy when I’ll marry someone whom I hate..nandini understood what he meant but pretend not to know..she said it was a drama Arjun…u jus bring her here..I’ll do things onwards without u..he jus nodded..he went to Sam’s house with his baarat..when he reached there he remembered past nt n became restless. Radhika’s word echoed in his ear..he wanted to b out of this drama…for the first time he wanted to disobey nandini ,told everyone that radhika was ryt…if she didn’t put blame of fire incident on his di…but he thought if he wanted to stop this marriage he should inform nandini first..she was his di..his everything..she would understand him..he searched his phone but didn’t find..he remembered he left his phone in rana’s house..he rushed out..
Here Sam saw Arjun rushed out after saw her…she thought if she didn’t look gorgeous..she asked manya…manya told her might b…i don’t know ..may b he had his urgent work..
Arjun went to rana’s house..he knew where Rana kept his keys..he brought his phone when something beeped in his phone was a urgent mail from a imp client..he typed out his answer..when he send it it was switched off due to low with irritation he searched for charger but didn’t get he decided to open computer…he opened his mail n sent his item..when he was going to shut down comp he saw something which made him wonder..he thought why Rana kaka save a folder with such name…”for my safety purpose”.out of curiosity he opened it…but what he saw made the whole world spinning around him…he was shocked…he started strembling…he didn’t see anything..he just imagine radhika’s innocent face…he said she was right then…ooh god what did I do…he cried out sitting on floor……

He lost something which he never wanted to lost..nobody knew what’s coming for was the real misery starting for him…


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manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 5


manmarziyaan…new dimensions..chapter 5


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