Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th November 2014 Written Update

Kokila, Gopi and Hetal see Radha coming home from outside. Hetal says that Pari wants to go to temple and we are all going. Radha says she will not come as temple is at cliff. Pari says she will be with her all the time. Kokila says even we will be with you and asks her to get ready. Radha starts acting as getting nauseated, says she is not feeling well and runs to her room. All 4 ladies smile thinking that their plan is working well.
Radha hears Pari and her dad passing by her room and talking about her, she hides and listens to their conversation. Dad says Pari soon she will get rid of Radha and asks about her plan. Pari says even she will stay with Radha at home and kill her. Gopi comes and asks Pari to get ready for the temple. Pari says she wants to stay at home and take care of Radha. Dad says hope Radha does not lock her room from inside, else her plan will be ruined. Pari says she will not. Radha locks her room from inside.
Modi family reaches function venue. Organizer welcomes Jigar, condolences about Rashi’s death and praises that he overcame out of his sorrows well. He then asks about Pari. Pari introduces him as Jigar’s wife. They start badmouthing that Jigar married a young girl within 3 months of wife’s death. Modi family gets annoyed hearing this.
Urmila comes home and rings door bell. Radha thinks Kokila’s family must have come and opens door. Urmila asks where are Modi’s and says how can they open a new business and organize a function without inviting her. Radha realizes that she is being spoofed and asks where is the function. Urmila tells her function well. Radha says she will take her there.
Saath nibhana saathiya 12th November 2014 Written Update
Kinjal and Dhaval reach function venue and congratulate Jigar. Urmila also reaches venue and scolds Jigar for not inviting her. Pari asks her not to create a drama here. Urmila asks her to shut up as she is the reason for all the mishap. Kokila says she called Kinjal and invited whole family. Urmila says at least Jigar would have called her personally and invited. Kokila says Urmila that Jigar started new business in Rashi’s name, so she should not create a drama. Jigar says Urmila is right, he would have invited her, and apologizes apologizes her. He says don’t know how much embarrassment he has to face more. Pari apologizes him and asks him to call on stage, so that she can explain the situation.
Radha enters and pours gum on chair. Pari goes and sits on particularly that chair with Ahem. Jigar starts his speech on stage and asks his wife to come and speak. Pari gets up and her dress tears off due to gum. She sees Radha there and points her to Kokila. She tells her plan to Gopi. Kokila keeps Radha busy while Gopi corrects Pari’s dress. Kokila gives her jewelry to Radha and then asks her to apply lipstick, which is actually a gum. Radha goes on stage to speak, but her lips seal due to lipstick gum. Kokila says Gopi that her plan is working fine. Pari goes and takes mic from Radha and says she is our maid. She addresses guests then.
Precap: Radha strangulates Urmila in front of all the guests present in function.
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