my “Once Upon a Time” didn’t end “Happily Ever After” (intro)

my “Once Upon a Time” didn’t end “Happily Ever After” (intro)

Frndz I am new in story writing & dis is the 1st F.F i am plz guys support me… And a big sorry my English and grammatical mistakes as i am not good in english..


SWARA GADODIA::- a sweet , bubbly, fun loving girl. Daughter of Sharmishtha and Shekhar Gadodia. She is very stylish and modern as she is a fashion designer and had her own boutique in Delhi.. But in her professional world she is known as Sammie. No one knows her real name except her family and her best friend Ragini.
N yaa… For whole world she is bubbly n fun loving girl but this is just fake for the world.. Actually she is broken from inside because of her past.. Only Ragini knows and understand swara.

In short we can conclude that people and her parents just know Sammie but only Ragini knows swara and differenciate between swara and sammie.

(( Guys Swara’s character is complicated and cant be described in just few words.. You will get to know different shades of her in dis story.))

SANSKAR MAHESHWARY ::- very handsome , loving person. Is little egoistic.. Son of Sujata and Rp… Had a past which changed him but not completely ( earlier he was a rich spoilt brat). He is a businessman and owns his own company Karma industries. He loves his family a lot…especially her elder sister Uttara.

LAKSHYA MAHESHWARY::- Son of Ap and Dp.. Brother of Uttara and Sanskar’s cousin. He is matured but a fun loving person.. works in his dad’s company MAHESHWARY & SON’S.

( guys i just wanna clear dat in my ff lakshya is elder dan uttara and uttara is elder dan sanskar..
i.e sanskar is youngest of all)

UTTARA MAHESHWARY::- a sweet bubbly girl but wen situation demands she takes decision maturely. She is very close to her brothers especially sanskar. She is the only in sanskar’s family who knows about his past but she thinks he forgot everything and moved on..
She is a crazy fan of Sammie and wants her marriage clothes to be designed by her.

RAGINI KHANNA::- very sweet stylish modern girl. She takes everything very lightly in life except matters related to her childhood friend swara/sammie. She is the only one who knows swara’s past. She is the one who can see hidden pain in her bubbliness. She can differenciate between her fake and real smile..
In short., she iz the only who make difference between sammie and swara..

Other characters–

Ap:- wife of dp. Mother of lakshya and uttara.. Is a housewife.

Dp:- father of lakshya and uttara. Businessman in kolkata. Owner of MAHESHWARY & SON’S.

Rp:- sanskar’s father. Does business with his elder brother Dp.

Sujata:- wife of Rp., mother of sanskar. Is a housewife.

Shekhar Gadodia:- father of swara and aarav.. Businessman..owner of Gadodia Industries. Lives in Mumbai with aarav and his wife.

Sharmishtha Gadodia (mishti) :- wife of shekhar. Mother of swara and aarav… Lives in mumbai.. Housewife..

Aarav Gadodia (kunj of tei) :- swara’ s brother..has a sweet sour relationship with her sister but loves her a lot… Doctor by profession.. Lives in Mumbai and engaged with his gf Rasika.

Rasika Shah:- aarav ‘s fiancée. Swara’s would be bhabhi..loves swara a lot..
Is a doctor in Mumbai..

( guys in dis ff.. Swara n ragini lives together in Delhi.., swara’s family lives in Mumbai and the maheswaries lives in Kolkata).
((Other character will be introduced in between the story))

Frndz i want suggetion for Uttara n Rasika ‘s character… Who would be better for dat.. Uttara ‘s character has an important role in dis ff.

How is the intro frndz..should i continue writing or not.. Plz let me know…

my “Once Upon a Time” didn’t end “Happily Ever After” (intro)


my “Once Upon a Time” didn’t end “Happily Ever After” (intro)

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