Ek Duje Ke Vaste Review: Tricky love story with relatable and catchy concept

Sony’s Ek Duje Ke Vaste is a new love story with a twist of a girl’s self esteem getting more highlighted. It’s a romantic series with the two leads uniting after a very long time. The lead Suman aims to get her long lost childhood friend Shravan. Suman’s nature is shown by two distinct personalities. At home, Suman is submissive and obedient, whereas outside home, she is confident, bold and dominating person. She was nicknamed Sumo by Shravan in childhood. He was impressed seeing her daring nature. Suman now values her self esteem more than friendship and love.


The show brings mystery behind Shravan’s change of attitude towards his best friend Suman. A woman’s multiple talents and her varied qualities will be shown by Suman’s character. Suman feels empowered when she is out of her home. She runs a tiffin service and aims to clear her mother’s debts in order to gain the lost respect. Suman believes Shravan is her true soul mate, but her belief shatters.

Main Characters:


Shravan is rich, sensible, smart and practical guy. He believes in moving on. Shravan still holds memories of his childhood friend Suman. He was a studious nerdy looking teenager and had low confidence. He liked Suman’s daring nature and gave her a name Sumo. Shravan denies to know Suman. Shravan hides the old memories. Shravan keeps boasting about himself and his acquired status. He turned him complete opposite of what Suman expected of him. Still Suman holds a special place in his heart.


Suman is an independent, young, dynamic, beautiful, confident and bold girl. She lost her parents and got raised by her selfish aunt. She stays with her grandpa, uncle and aunt. She gets submissive to them as she is indebted to them for raising her. Outside home, Suman turns into Sumo. She runs a tiffin service for office goers, and manages things efficiently. Suman is everyone’s favorite. She believes Shravan is her soul mate. She wants to convince her long lost friend. She determines to clear the misunderstandings and win his friendship back, but not on the cost of her self-respect.


Namik Paul as Shravan
Nikita Dutta as Suman

Story So Far:

ekduje32Suman’s tiffin service centre is shown, where women are working happily. Suman/Sumo comes there and shows her everything in control attitude. Sumo breaks the news hat she got her visa for America. Sumo then gets the ration for one month by bargaining. Sumo is very excited to head to America. Suman’s aunt is against her and tells her husband not to take Suman along them on the foreign trip. She reminds the 20 lakhs loan Suman’s mother took from them. Suman’s Nana ji is her big support at home.

ekduje03Suman cancels her plans to go America and thinks to give one lakh to her aunt. Suman decides to first repay her mother’s debt and then fly for a world tour. Mr. Malhotra is shown. He greets Suman’s Nana ji/Tiwari ji, who is his Guru. He respects Tiwari ji a lot and sits near his feet to take his blessings. They discuss some case. Malhotra tells the good news about his son Shravan’s return after 10 years. Suman checks Shravan’s online status and confirms this. She gets glad to meet Shravan. She recalls the childhood moment, where Shravan arrogantly leaves in the car, despite hearing Suman’s multiple calls. Suman goes to Malhotra’s house on pretext of giving his file. She makes excuse and goes to keep cartons in Shravan’s room. Suman writes something in his diary and thinks to check if he remembers her or not.

ekduje11 Suman recalls their childhood again and is excited to see him. Shravan reaches his home. Suman drives off. Shravan meets his father and makes him proud. Shravan has become a successful lawyer. A party goes on at home to celebrate Malhotra’s birthday. Shravan addresses the guests in the party and shows the video of everyone’s reaction seeing him back. Suman is invited for the party by Pushkar. Suman thinks whether Shravan will recognize her or not. Malhotra speaks good about Shravan and how his son has fulfilled all his dreams. He welcomes back Shravan home after ten long years. Suman reaches Malhotra’s house. She sees Shravan and goes to meet him. She collides with Pushkar. He stops her and asks her to wait, till he gives her details to Shravan.

ekduje13Suman goes to washroom to check herself and reapply makeup. Pushkar and Shravan have a talk. The cold drink falls on Shravan’s clothes. Shravan goes to change his shirt, while Suman sees him. Suman removes all the makeup and thinks Shravan will recognize her. Her earring falls there. Suman hears Shravan talking to Pushkar. Pushkar tells about Suman, and Shravan denies to know Suman. Shravan finds the earring and it breaks. Suman gets disheartened. Suman leaves from there. Shravan recalls Suman, whom he nicknamed Sumo after she saved him from a quarrelling lady. Malhotra asks Shravan to meet Tiwari ji today. He calls Tiwari ji, and Suman answers call.

ekduje22Suman hears Shravan’s voice. Nana ji is annoyed with Shravan and does not want to meet him. Shravan hears Suman and Nana ji’s conversation. Suman goes to tiffin service centre and acts strict to everyone. The ladies understand Sumo’s mood is bad. Mami ji is excited that Shravan is coming after a long time. She calls Suman and asks her to come home to cook Shravan’s favorite food. Suman agrees and cooks the food just for Mami ji’s sake.

ekduje17Shravan goes for lunch with friends and makes everyone happy by spending more time. He updates his status that he is having lunch outside with his friends. Suman checks his status and gets upset. She waits for Shravan and starts leaving. Just then, Shravan comes and she shuts the door in his face. Shravan goes t meet Nana ji by other route. She asks him if he still remembers the route. The flashback scene of their childhood is shown. Shravan solves the rubik cube like he did in childhood. He tells Dabbu that he is just Shravan, and not Sumo’s friend.

Our Take:

ekduje78Concept is clear ever since Suman’s introduction was given in multiple promos. Suman’s two aims are known well and one can expect the track to follow up that line only. About the leads chemistry, Suman and Shravan make a good pair and more of their chemistry will be seen in upcoming episodes. Suman and Shravan’s silence speaks more emotions than words. Nikita Dutta is spontaneous and energetic as the role demands. Namik Paul as Shravan is well cast.

ekduje1233Supporting cast have well known actors, and this makes the show more worth watching. Concept is very relatable. Girls would go through such phase in life, where they feel empowered outside their homes. Suman’s characterization is down to earth and honest. The scenes swapping between present and flashbacks present more mystery of good friends breaking up. The show presents how a woman can workout multiple things rolling in a day with ease. Women balance many roles and still considered weaker than men.


ekduje45The show has a promising storyline. A girl can take anything, but not a thing against her self esteem. The story revolves woman’s self-respect along with varied emotions. Clear concept, good cast and no dragging till now. It presents a girl’s caliber and would relate to audience well. How Suman makes things right with her childhood friend makes the story interesting. The mystery added in the friendship-love track adds up interest.

Our Rating:

2.5 out of 5

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Ek Duje Ke Vaste Review: Tricky love story with relatable and catchy concept


Ek Duje Ke Vaste Review: Tricky love story with relatable and catchy concept


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