Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th March 2016 –

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th March 2016 –

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bihaan did he hear, now you can stay in cowshed with all rights and respect, none can make you away from your family, even if I go from here, you can always be close to your family. Bihaan gets shocked. Thapki goes to cowshed. Bihaan stops Shraddha. He taunts Shraddha and takes money from her. He gives her 7500rs and asks her to not spend this money, I will take this money back, and this remaining 2500rs, you can spend it any way. She asks what nonsense. He says not nonsense, its challenge, you gave me 2 days time to give rent of cowshed, I will give you 2 days to stop Thapki, within 2 days, Thapki and I will be inside this house with my family, 2500rs is two day rents and remaining 7500rs I will be taking back from you. She says till I m here, Thapki can’t come here in many centuries. He asks her to try if she has courage.

Later, Bau ji calls Bihaan. Bihaan goes to talk to Bau ji. Bau ji sits in lawn and asks Bihaan to join him. he says can I sit and drink here, if my son can stay outside house, make two drinks, you worked hard and earned, I m really happy. Bihaan asks really. Bau ji says if son takes dad’s burden, will dad not be happy, make drink. They drink. Bau ji says relation worth is known by distance, you have come more close to our hearts now, you stay in my heart. Bihaan asks Thapki? She is also close to your heart right, you love her a lot. Thapki looks on….. Bihaan recalls Bau ji’s words and thinks I read Bau ji’s eyes, you have Thapki a lot and will tell this very soon.

Dhruv is going inside home. Bihaan asks Dhruv to come and have drink with Bau ji, such chances come rare. Dhruv joins them. Bihaan gives the drink to him. They drink. Bihaan reminds Bau ji about the fair. Bau ji says Bihaan used to buy toy gun. Bihaan says Dhruv used to buy books. Dhruv says whatever I m is by my education. Dadi, Vasundara and Suman come there. Dadi says take picture of them, its memorable day. Suman takes the picture. Vasundara asks Bau ji to smile, Dadi is not angry with him. They all laugh. Suman takes selfie with them. Thapki looks on and smiles. Vasundara sees Thapki. Dhruv says I will go and sleep now. He falls. Suman asks shall I come to drop you. Dhruv says I m fine, and goes. Dhruv goes in drunken state. Vasundara goes to Thapki and says you asked me who do I hate you, see there, Bihaan is so happy with his family.. when you get there, Bihaan gets away from his happiness, infact you should be away forever, there is still time, if you care for Bihaan and this family, then just leave from here as soon as possible. Thapki cries and sees Bihaan laughing along the family.

Dhruv comes to room. Shraddha asks are you fine, did you drink. He says yes, but I m fine. She smiles and says I won’t get any better chance to come close to you. She holds his hand. He holds his head. She says I will massage your head. She removes his shoes. She gives him chikki. He says aam papad, Thapki liked this a lot, and always used to carry this in her bag. Shraddha gets shocked and says Thapki…. I hate you. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words and thinks maybe Maa was right, I should go from here, it will be good for Bihaan and everyone.

Bihaan in drunken state, comes to cowshed and removes his shoes. He throws the shoes and she scolds him, asking him to keep shoes well. Bihaan says I will keep shoes right. He removes socks and keeps shoes right. Thapki says see cowshed, you have not kept your belongings well, do you think I m your maid, and did you regard me your wife really. He looks at her.

Thapki asks will I do all the work. Bihaan asks why this long pravachan for small thing, I will arrange my things. He arranges his clothes and asks shall I sleep now. Thapki says he is not fighting with me today, I want him to be angry on me and he is not angry. She thinks and disturbs him. She asks him to make ration list, they need to get it in morning, shall I do all the work. He gets up and says tell me what to write. She tells the items and stammers. He asks why is she stammering so much, why so many brakes…. She says you are making fun of my stammering. He says no, I was just. She starts scolding him and fights with him intentionally. Bihaan says I did not say that. She argues with him and says you are calling me wrong, will you kick me out. He says since you came in my life, I fell in problem, don’t know when will I get rid of you. She smiles. He turns and sleeps. Thapki prays to Ganesh ji to be with Bihaan and family. She cries and says I m going away from here.

Thapki leaves from the house and comes to her house. Aditi checks the door. Her family asks Thapki what happened. Thapki says I have left Pandey Nivaas forever.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th March 2016 –


Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th March 2016 –

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