TEI–a diff story(epi 6)

TEI–a diff story(epi 6)

thank u all for ur lovely cmnts bcz without ur support it becomes too hard to write…OK now I’ll stop my pakpak & continue d story but plzz leave a comment–
so here it goes–

scene 1
taneja house—
maa meri maa,,pyaari maaaa..mamma( twinkle sings hugging leela from back)

L: kya baat hai…meri beti aaj itni jaldi kaise uth gayi???
T: ohho…aap phir bhul gayi,,,,it’s last Sunday of this month..so I’ll go to Happy Hut( an orphanage ),remember??
L: oh yes!! I forgot…ok,go beta..bye
T: bye maa…

sarna house—
oh God!!! aaj Sunday hai aur aaj subah hi mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hai,,now what to do?? it’s only 8 am so even twinkle must be sleeping so I won’t be able to chat also…

(kunj was saying to himself as he woke up early & he decided to go for jogging)

scene 2
twinkle reached d orphanage & decided to distribute d gifts she brought for children first as there was a football match b/w girls & boys of d orphanage… so she collected all things & happily entered there-
but there she saw children crying & d authorities seemed tensed too

T: what happened? why r u crying,kids? tell me naa…
A Kid: didi,u know..golu is missing, we can’t find him anywhere…
T: what?? did u call police or not-

just then d missing kid comes running & hugs twinkle from behind & said that he lost way while chasing a kite & a Bhaiya helped him…twinkle was too happy & she went to d boy to say tnx

T: excuse me?
D guy turned & both he & twinkle were surprised cz d guy was kunj-
K & T: tum??
K: what r u doing here?
T: u give ans of dis question cz I come here often & I never saw u…hey,,r u following me?
K : oh plzz..i came to leave that kid as he lost way
T: listen,don’t lie.. OK?
K: why would I lie? ask him if u want..& I don’t follow girls but they follow me lyk u…
T: huhh!! in ur dreams..

All Kids Together : stoppp it!!! didi comes here often & Bhaiya is d one who helped so stop quarrelling…

( d authorities came & took them for d football match..twinj will b playing against each other as they requested kunj to play for boys team)

scene 3
d match—
d situation is that both d teams r at d same score so a tiebreaker is called..kunj is d keeper of boys team & twinkle is of girls team…

the boys team scored 3 goals out of five shoots..now it was girls’ turn-
but d girls team couldn’t score d first two goals as kunj saved them…but they did score 2 goals, so d score was now 3-2 & d last shootout for girls was left…so twinkle thought smthing–

d last player had gone to shoot & kunj smirked at twinkle as he was sure that his team was going to win but just then twinkle untied her hair & winked naughtily at him…and of course d goal was scored as kunj was lost in her thoughts & her beauty…so both teams were declared winner but again d fight of twinj started–

K: u cheater!!
T: how dare u!!
K: I said d truth..u winked at me & that’s why we lost…
T: ye meri aankhe hai,meri marzi… & even if I winked why did u stare at me??
K: umm…woh toh boh–
stop itt & go home…d match is over- children cut them off again..
both of them returned home…

scene 4
tu page—

T: hlw..how r u doing?
K: I’m good but ek pagal ladki se pala pada hai
T: really?? even I had a fight wid a crazy boy..
K: oh,u can fight also?? I didn’t know abt this talent of urs
T: u fought also,ri8?? but I don’t think u can fight..u seem to be sweet..d girl must be really crazy-
K: neither u seem to be rude & fight queen..so I guess we just banged wid 2 wrong & mad persons today..
T: hmm..me too…I’m so sleepy,yaar
K: ya,u take rest..even I will..
T: hmm..kal baat karenge,,byee

here d sixth epi ends…

PRECAP–fun moments & drama as well
guys,I’m really sorry if this epi was boring.. u can throw whatever u want on me…plzz cmnt & feel free to criticize it even…

TEI–a diff story(epi 6)


TEI–a diff story(epi 6)

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