Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened

What must have happened if Twinkle must have left thinking that Kunj loves Maya.. You will have fun?

Kunj loves Maya and I have to leave because of the happiness of Kunj. I know his happiness is not in me but in someone else, Twinkle says to herself. I must reach the airport as soon as possible, she said to herself as she was holding their marriage picture with teardrops.. She left.. After reaching the airport, she takes her trolley and sits remembering Kunj with her. On the other hand, kunj finds twinkle missing. He calls her but her phone is off. Kunj asks Chinki and comes to know about the whole story. He rushes to airport. When he reaches there, he finds out that twinkle is already gone. He cries.

7 years later

Nothing changed, everything is same. Sarna’s house doorbell rings. Kunj goes to open the door. He finds out Twinkle with a little girl holding her land. She says “Mama who is he”?. Kunj says “Twinkle” and hugs her. Twinkle cries.

Hope u guys like it…. :D. So cute..

Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened


Tashan-e-Ishq- what must have happened


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