Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 1)

Hiii everybody.. So this is my first episode…

The episode starts wid a cute girl praying to god in gurudwara.. She is shown praying that ” babaji.. Plz babaji… Plzzz mujhe kunj ke section mein dal do babaji.. Plzz……..”
She keeps praying n d girl is revealed to b twinkle..she continues” babaji plzz..aapko tho pata hai na babaji ki mujhe kinj ke saath rehna Acha lagta hai.. Plzz babaji.. I promise ki main maa ki har baat maanungi unhe kabhi tang nahi karungi.. UV ke gaal nahi keechungi har par uske Baal bahut ache hai toh sirf uske Baal keechungi.. Kunj ke saath kabhi jagda nahi karungii… Plzzzzzz babaji… Luv u bye Babaji…”
( twinkle prays to god for putting her in kunjs section n she tells dat if he does so Dan she will mot do that do this and she applies butter to god)..
a lady from back calls ” twinkle puttar.. Chathi kar.. School nu Jana hai.. Late ho gaya si punishment milega.. Chathi kar.. Pehle din hi lateho jayegi.. puttar..”( common dear make it fast.. It’s already late to school if u bcum.more late ull have to bear punishment on the first day itself)
T- ha maa aa rahi hun..( ya mum coming)
Leela drops twinkle to school n returns..
The principal announces that the names of the students along with the sections they r placed in r displayed on the display board..
Every one rush to the display board.. Twinkle seems to b very eager n impatient to knw her class so she rushed saw her name in class 10B within no time she found out UV to b in d same section but she did not bother about UV at all .. She checked almost 10 times but did not find kunjs name in her class list.. Tears almost rolled down her cheeks when a guy gave her hanky.. .. He said,” don worry senorita.. Bade bade schoolo mein aisi choti chit batein hoti rahti hai senorita..” The guy is revealed as kunj.. A small curve appeared at twinkles lips.. N kunj asked her kya Hua twinkle ro kyun rahi hai?? Twinkle says list mein naam nahi hai!! Kunj says.. Kya atlab Tu fail ho gayi.. Twinkle says..very funny.. Mera naam hai but Tera nahi hai.. Kunj gets confused n says her that his name is there in the list..
T- no it isn’t der I checked it almost 10 times
K- it is der
Dey both start arguing n den a guy comes n says “main hoo na”
T-lo aa gya problem solver.
(The guy is revealed as uv)
Tu hi dekh ke bata
UV checks n shows twinkle kunjs Name in d list of 10A. She says I checked in 10B list..

Kunj starts teasing her n says twinkle ki aankhe laraab ho gayi.. N starts faik crying..
K- UV hamari twinkle..ab pata nahi game bhi dekh payegi ki nahi?
N he waves his hands in front of her eyes to check whether she is able to see of not..
Twinkle gives a fake wide smile n leaves frm der wid lots of anger n disappointment dat she is not in kunjs class..

In the class too she keeps thinking about kunj n doesn’t listen to d class.
Seeing her unattentive the tae her call her several times but does not respond being lost in kunj..Then she comes to senses when UV who was sitting beside her shook her.. Then the teacher who was very much angry sends twinkle out of d class.. Even den she was lost in kunj.. Seeing her like dat UV comes out by doing some mischeive in the class.. He slowly asks twinkle who smiling within her self thinking about kunj” kiske bare me soch rahi hai twinkle?” Twinkle with her lost senses reples kunj..
UV smirks in a positive way n asks her do u like kunj?
T-no but I luv him…
Uv-ohooo loven all dat ha twinkle n he starts Laughing.. Twinkle comes to her senses n asks UV what happened y was he laughing n y was he standing out?
UV calms her n says her everything.. Twinkle starts blushing.. Screen freezes on her blushing face..

PRECAP some boys tease n taunt twinkle that her father isn’t wid her. Kunj comes there n sees twinkle crying.. He beats tge boys with the utmost pforce he can.. He the falls down the stairs when one of the boy pushes him.. Twinkle shouts… KUNJ by seeing him bleeding very Badly…

Plzzzz guyzzzz plzzzzzz comment wether u like or not.
If I’m boring u den plz give some suggestions so dat I can make It interesting…plzz do comment n suggest..
Thank you for reading..
Take care,
Luv u all?

Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 1)


Ada ishq Ada hai Ada ho jayega (episode 1)


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