Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Urmi laments and reprimands him, that ishaan ruined her life, as he lied when she asked him the most important question of her life. Ishaan tells her to atleast give him a chance to explain, but urmi vents out her angst and frustration at him, asking how could he so callously ruin her life, when he very well knew what she was getting into, when she married samrat. He tries to make her stop, but she doesn listen to him. Urmi tells him that she has left samrat and every relation long back, and particularly she doesnt want to look at his face, as samrat atleast did it in front of everyone, but what did he do, he did his enemity, by masking himself in innocence and simplicity. He tries to speak, but she says that she hates people like him, and never wants to see him ever again. He is hurt and shocked. urmi storms out.
Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi finds a girl coming in, and reprimands her to be a thief. The girl tries to explain, but she starts wrenching her by the hand. Kanchan comes and clarifies that this is her sister. Shashi says that now shaurya isnt there, so they dont need her. Kanchan says that she couldnt do anything, as she didnt know that shaurya would leave so soon. Shashi starts thinking that she would serve best as a maid, and pretends that she would somehow manage to get samrat, to stay here. As kanchan goes inside with her, samrat comes and asks shashi why is she shouting. She hesitatingly brings forward the topic of keeping the girl, and samrat agrees. Shashi is amused.
Later, shashi instructs kanchan to get the girl to start working, as smrat doesnt like work undone. As shashi leaves, telling kanchan that radha shall stay in the store, hearing samrat holler at her, kanchan instructs her to stay away from everyone, and just stick to her work, and especially not cross paths with samrat, for his mood swings, and his temperament. Samrat gets everyone downstairs, excitedly. Samrat comes excitedly saying that they have found a second groom for aditi, and all are pleased, while she is shocked and tensed. Samrat is super excited at having her relation finalised in a political household and influential family. Aditi however is extremely scared.
Doli Armaanon Ki 12th November 2014 Written Update
Scene 3:
Location: Saroj’s residence
All are excited to see ishaan come with annu. Granny tells him about devi’s paralysis. She starts thinking that maybe ishaan can make samrat understand. He says that noone can make samrat understand, as he wouldnt have broken off friendship with him. graany asks him to make urmi understand and think about what she is planing to do. Ishaan tells granny and others, that he is with urmi on what step she has taken. Granny asks if he knows, what a life a left, divorced woman shall have to live. Annu tries to argue as to how unfair this is, and that she shall interfere, when elders are wrong. Saroj is highly tensed, and asks her to calm down, and not boggle him with their problems. Granny asks him what brought him here. He gets tensed and then says that he came for some work, professionally. He thinks that he couldnt stop himself after knowing about urmi. Ishaan thinks that he himelf is responsible somehow for urmi’s condition. He is apalled. Annu however is convinced in her own dream world, that he came for her only.
Scene 4:
Location: On the road
While ishaan is walking on the road, attending to a call, samrat, passing by is shocked to see him. Samrat is shocked to find ishaan, and wonders whats he doing here in Jhansi. He comes to him, and stands behind him, while he is busy in his call. When ishaan turns around, he is shocked to find samrat standing in front of him. The screen freezes on their stunned faces.
Precap: Samrat tries to be friendly with him, while ishaan says that he knows the true face of him, just as he knew several years ago. He accuses him to be insensitive, selfish and ungrateful, and expresses that he doesnt want to ever see her face again. Samrat is tensed to hear this.
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Doli Armaanon Ki

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