(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Spoiler)

Haiiii friends.
its Amy.
Guys my exams are going on so I will not be able to post till 23rd march.
This is just a spoiler of my ff.As iam very busy in studying.Sorry guys.

Ragsan marriage will takeplace.Ragini and laksh are trying to forget eachother.Swara and Laksh’s friendship bond is gonna start.
Ragini enters sanskar’s house.As sanskar dont have any family.,they both are alone in the house.But swara and laksh will also stay there in sanskar’s house on ragsan’s marriage night.
Swara will lock ragsan in sanskar’s room.Ragini is very much tensed.
Ragini scolds Sanskar for ruining her life.Sanskar gets angry and pins her to the wall.
Since Sanskar is holding her hands so tightly,her bangles will broke and her hands will get hurt.Ragini cries due to the pain.Sanskar notices it and leaves her hand.He takes a pillow and blanket and then sleeps in the couch.Ragini notices a dairy in his table .She goes to the table for taking it.

Do sanskar loves Ragini.?
Do swara and laksh’s friendship will turn into love.?
What is there in that dairy?
Do that dairy will change Ragini and sanskar’s life forever.
Keep reading my ff for knowing it.
So this is the spoiler.Hope you liked it.

(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Spoiler)


(Swaragini) An invisible feeling called love (Spoiler)


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