Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 32)

How and when nobody knows but Malhotra house changed everyone in house are around Nandini
Aranav and Abhiram daily request her for their fav dish
Sheela and Medha along with nyionika discusses all household things Mona about her project
Nikhil, Prithvi and Sid they keep there demands
Manik is totally depended on her his dress, shoe, files, concerts, scheduled, everything
Manik takes her everywhere he travel
Everything was perfect still they are not totally together they sleep together cuddle till there is a small line which Manik tried to cross and Nandini too
Murthy’s house;
“Appa its two months you stayed at home on holiday today you stay back we will eat together” requested Harshad
“I can’t harshu! This house is haunting me every corner tells me about Chutki I feel like nothing left for me”
“Appa we all are there for you. For our sake” insisted Abhishek
” I don’t know” his tears flow down all got shocked “I really miss her a lot I want to see her”
“Then let us go” navya suggested with smile she want to see Nandini
“No! No! Let her adjust in that family” Sulochana said
” then me and navya will go and come” Harshad is badly missing Nandini
“Chutki is badly hurt of us she may again feel same now. I hope she is forgetting us” murthy took a deep breath
” daddu! I want Nandu I’ll go” parth said confidently
“We will do one thing anna! She we go to our Delhi house so that we can see Nandu and it will be as a casual visit to our house”
“But this media they will make it a big news let us wait for few more days she may call us atleast harshu and navya” murthy was deeply in vein

It is morning Manik just came from jogging he heard some small voice sing he concentrated its from other room he peeped it Nandini checking some papers while sing a song
“Sunn sathiya mahiya”
She is in her own world singing Manik took his mobile and started recording when he found its about to finish he came out of room and enterred again as if it’s now
He kept it as ring tone
While he is having breakfast he got a call and its ring with her voice Nandini frist didn’t pay attention but later she could recognise that she looked at Manik and smiled

Precap: Nandini and Manik’s frist date

Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 32)


Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 32)


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