SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 3)

SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 3)

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Recap-the girl who survived is missing.An unknown call to the inspector

For your SMILE epi 3
A police car came towards the hospital.a handsome man came out of the car..
All police officers saluted him.

Inspector-sir..wt hapned sir?u took half an hr2 reach here.?any problm?
The man-no..nothing, I went the accident site,just to check it.
But..it look like a planed murder.
Inspector-yes sir,I also felt the same.
The man- hm…I got to know a girl survived in this accident.. I want to meet her..
Inspector-sir..she..she..she is missing.
The man-wt?
Inspector-yes sir..she is missing.. Sir iam damn sure.. No one came here..so I think she her self ran away from here.
The man-wt the hell?..u guys seriously not worth for this job.if u didn’t see the girl going out, then hw will u see someone getting in?now wt r u looking4? Go and find out the girl.. I want her at any cost. This is my 1st case here.
Inspector-yes sir.
(he saluted him and rushed from there)

The man entered into the hospital. And went to the doctor who attended that girl.

The man-doctor..was that girl OK? Have any major injuries?
Doctor-she is all right nw..but who r u to ask this?any relative?
The man-oo..sorry I forgot to introduce my self..I am Arjun Mehra,the new IPS officer.. I charged here today only..in fact I am directly coming from office after joining..
(Arjun-Role played by kunj in tei)
Doctor- sorry sir..I didn’t..
Arjun- its OK..oops..I forgot to ask one thing.. Did u get any information about the person in the car or that girl..
Doctor- sorry sir..no..the 2person’s dead bodies , who was in the car is completely damaged.. So identifying is impossible.. And the girl is missing..
Arjun-its OK..can u tell me their approximate ages?
Doctor-a man and a lady age of approximately 42&38 respectively. And that girl.. 19or20years old.I think.. They are her parents..
Arjun-ok..anyway I want the postmortem report of the persons who dead in this accident asap.
Doctor-sure sir.

Suddenly a police man came to Arjun.

Police man-sir..media came..the reporters want to know about the case. What shall we say?
Arjun-the case looks really complicated.I think, the girl ran away from here to save her self from someone..
Police man-but sir,it can be a kidnapping also..
Arjun-no..I really don’t think so,bcz till nw we didn’t give any update to media about the accident.and its sure..that culprits didn’t visit the accident place aftr whtever hapnd.if they had..they would have seen her.and may be killed her before someone come..that means they are still believing that all are dead in that accident…yes..no one is aware of her existence..If they get to know about her..they will again try to harm her..and she is already ran away..she is not safe..so do one thing.. Give the statement to media like I say…’Whoever were in the car..means..the 3person..including the girl..died on the spot of the accident… And mind the word …it is not a murder… Use only accident.. Did you get that?and also…do some arrangements to shut the mouth of the witness for some time.
Police man-yes sir…we will do as u said.
Police man-oh..sir..I forgot to say one thing.. We got 2bags from the car.
Arjun-bags..bring it to me.
(The police man bring it to him and leaves)
He opened the first bag..it was full of colourfull dresses..so he opnd other1..he got a purse frm it..he opnd it..he got a passport along with the flight tickets..he slowly opnd the passport..He saw a photo of a beautiful girl with a gorgeous SMILE. Arjun’s eyes got filled with tears.. His lips murmured her name..Ragini..noo. it means the 2persn who were in the car was sumi aunty and shekhar uncle..
He collapse on the floor.. And shouted her name like a mad person..
the name echoed in the whole hosptl!.
Precap-entry of Swayam &Sanskar….some1hold ragini’s hand…

Hi guys..I hope you enjoyed 2day’s epi..plz keep supporting like this.don’t 4get 2 comment and give me suggestions to improve… Love you all.. Have a good day….

SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 3)


SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 3)

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