Young love epi-1

Young love epi-1

Guys I have written many ff kkb,matsh,swaragini,IKRS and now satrangi sasural and matsh season-2 and kkb season-3

Intro: Ritvik:Young boy having lots of dream but does not know to explore it!age;24. He likes his mom sooo much

Ishaani: Young girl not having parents living with her grandma

Grandma:Ishaani is her world she lives for Ishaani only

Abhi:Richest man in the city. He wants his son to work in his company. He does not respect her wife he always taunt her.

Radhika;She searches a wife for his son ritvik. She always supports his son in his decision.

Arjun:Brother of ritvik he is studying 12std

And all characters I will introduce on the way

The episode starts with someone shouts in the room in night. Radhika gets afraid and walks towards the room and sees abhi and wakes him up he taunts her. Radhika tries to speak up but he throws her out.

Next day Ritvik is doing excercise his friends comes and tells you are sooo good yaar I have body,talent then why you did achieve anything till now?

Ritvik gets angry he puts wait down and comes towards him and tells him I have talent first you leave

He leaves ritvik comes out not wearing dress radhika comes there and gives coffee and tells him to get ready becoz today we are going to see girl for marriage he tells no. She tells yes and leaves. Ritvik thinks my mom is always there for me so I should support here.

Abhi comes down and asks for tiffin radhika comes down and keeps tiffin and puts him coat he leaves. She looks on and calls ritvik and tells him to get ready soon

Abhi tells I will come evening soon. Radhika gets happy.

Precap: Ritvik and his parents comes to see a girl . Their parents agree but ritvik tells I need to talk to yamini.

Guys hope you all liked it pls do comment this is my small story which will make you happy????

Credit to: Narendran

Young love epi-1


Young love epi-1

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