Story: Can LOVE Sparkle? (Chapter 15)

Story: Can LOVE Sparkle? (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15 – (Confession):-

Radhika had thought of screaming, when they decently had dragged her out straight from her cushion to the exit at back, but the point of gun to the bottom of her spine, right between her hips, had compelled her to keep quiet. She had thought of kicking hard right at the spot, but she would’ve been shot dead with the silencer facilitated gun without an impression in such place, if her knee had missed it even by an inch; and to her appall, they were too big guys to her physique, and so she could daresay the probability of going missed, was practically more than that of getting kicked.

When they were exposed to an open space, she wanted to wrench her wrist away from Johan’s hold, and run afar through the same exit. For that, she first should get her hand released, and at second, turn around and bash Charles at her first leg who was holding gun on her back. Only then, she could take her heels back to the restaurant, and draw the attention of the people, screaming her throat out, without a thing targeting at her back. She did as she’d wished, that her hand in an unexpected pull, escaped Johan; and in a trice, she felt the gun dig, almost poking into her flesh on her back, and Johan’s hard precise turn on her front, simultaneously. So, she unfortunately couldn’t execute the second part, running. Oh, God, her exploding pulses screamed, and the sound filled all around her head thunderously given the way they stood too close making her feel like a surrounded pale fawn by the wildest lions. Her stomach swirled, pushing out the thick warm ball of liquid way up to her throat in a frantic rush. She wanted to close her eyes in a tight shut, but casually examined her wrist, wincing, to avoid eye contacts, until she could think, she might screen the terrific panic from her eyes. But she was aware, she couldn’t be busy with her wrist for much long, and she had to be really fast.

Starting a conversation, would contribute her some extra more seconds for the need of eye contact.

“What’s the need to force me like this?” she asked in scolding tone, pressing her wrist with her fingers in a fake concern. She pressed hard, as she didn’t want them to see her fingers quiver. “Oh, you really were gonna make it black and blue,” she said, and as suddenly, she blew out air on not-so-burning skin to hide throat convulsion.

When she received no reply from either side, she could do nothing, but look up. Johan began staring at her, and she stared back to hold his eyes with hers in a lock, as his skimming eyes on her in up and down had uncomfortably burnt her flesh through the leather, then through her frock, and travelled to melt the deepest of her bones.

She wanted to swallow, but controlled, as she knew his eyes would drop down to her frightened throat if she did so.

“I clearly told Arjun, that I don’t want to sign for him,” she said between teeth, and was making sure that she had hate in her eyes, when she said ‘Arjun’. The tensed circular point at her back startlingly relaxed, and her flexed spine took its relief at that when she stifled her pant from reaching out. Well, she could really be witty and she began relying on that, but the problem was Johan’s mining eyes, she fairly had to get in a fluster about as she couldn’t possibly sound dominant physically against him. “Don’t you guys, dare force me more. Does he like to be behind bars soon?” Her black sense of humor chanced it, she had been worrying about a man who had no gun, but not about the one who was very much eager in punching a hole to her in anytime ready robotic mode right behind her.

“How did you leave him, or is it you made pu**yfoot?” Johan asked straight, taking no more effort to explain her that he wasn’t from Arjun, and then gazed at her expressionlessly.

She felt like looking around to check for the place’ position, but she couldn’t, and she only had to watch him into his eyes. She anyhow could make it perceiving from the sedateness that the lane was alone except them three. The resonating air around the vast lane was aridly cold, the coldest to her, and it thankfully helped her absorbing the moisture of her flesh, going along with the sweats of fear.

“I don’t get you…Well, I understand.” Her fingertips started bending towards the inside of her palms, but she let those stretch back free to avoid fisting. Her exposed toes on plain open-toed sandals, met the thirst to curl, and she held those straight either. She must appear as unpretentious as possible, and as well, on the up and up; and she believed, she hadn’t sounded foolish, though his tone had been indicating her that he wasn’t insane to trust anything she said. “Can we have some talk, I mean, the casual talk?” She flipped away her head to adjust the flopped strands on her forehead, gripping her fingers to the lapels of her jacket. She must provide a cool impression until anyone came here, and she had to make sure of it every second, because before anyone would arrive, they shouldn’t take her from here. Else, she was seeing the chance of her escaping, going into a thin narrow slit, and finally out of her eyes vanished.

“We already are, pretty woman,” Johan mumbled, running his forefinger from her temple to her cheek during the process of sliding away her one missed short black curl, his cool blue eyes trailing his finger. She shivered flushing, and brought in all her senses to her face muscles to not grimace in disgust. “I just wonder, how this ivory skin would look like all over this body, if we really have some casual talk.” He stopped his finger, right above the jacket’s collar, and didn’t take back but kept fixed, and it partially held her chin in a way that she had to face him nose to nose.

Oh, Arjun never had asked her this, hmm, well, never forcefully against her will, because whenever he’d touched her, he’d known of it she too had been equally affected as of him, and so she’d been.

She saw his eyes, they were dark blue under the street lights, or perhaps, because of his perversity. And his skin around those pernicious eyes was shade bronzy in complexion, and the little too long jaw was of villainy handsome kind, enough to throw around her some deranged figments of imagination. God, someone, please come, she desperately prayed, and her despairing arms ached for Arjun’s body to wind around protectively. She cursed her senses for thinking of him this time, as because of him, she was now here sticking into peril. If him, had told her about all these in Mumbai, not just before leaving, she would’ve spent on ideas. And, if him, for God’s sake, hadn’t had blackened her reputation with his pointed tongue. Now, what the difference was there seen, when both were for the property. Choosing one between the two was actually like going for one between the devil and the deep blue sea, she blistered grudgingly, and that gave her the enormous wrath, which in turn supplied her the essential confidence.

Her courage was fed more, and she eased her taut sternum to expand, when Charles smoothly warned, “Concentrate on money, Jo. We can see everything else, later.” in German from behind her. Despite her limitless lack of the language’s knowledge, she still eased with the credence, his influential tone had proffered her.

Johan’s dilated eyes instantly narrowed, lips pressed together into a thin grim line, and it seemed to her like remarking, that he really had been on slipping away into a zone, the zone that would cause her a deadly imperilment. She owed Charles for that; and if not for anything, she owed him just for saving her elemental dignity and rendering her the warrant for a next minute safety. Johan shortly distanced him from her, and she rasped out a relieved breath according to her instinct. Her common sense immediately chastised her, screaming on in her insides, as her scalps burned with sharp needles when he thoroughly read her tensed breath.

A sadist smile spread on his lips, his eyes bereft of the least change, but still narrow. “Don’t try to be smart, then am going to have to torture you,” he said hoarsely, and intimidatingly honestly. Radhika was witnessing the thrill moment, she’d read and watched in magazines and television, but practically it was not what she’d imagined it to be; as a billionaire’s heiress, she had imagined of these many times during many phone call threats, though. It was way even scarier, and gut wrenching, hell, excruciatingly pushing her to the edge of pleading for life. She’d never assumed, she would have this shameful feeling in her life, but she’d rather thought that she’d fight bravely. “Are you two, foul playing? Where is Arjun, when his most wanted you, are all alone and active here?” he enquired so professionally, threatening.

“I escaped,” she clipped subtly, devoid of shake, as she’d precisely gotten reminded of Arjun’s precious lesson on panic – Do panic, but girl, never display it to feed your enemy. Her eyes, never dropping down from his.

She suddenly perceived it that they wouldn’t take her from there, until they made it assured crystal clear that they weren’t driven into a corner by any double-cross play. Because, like her, like them, and like them, like she – On the qui vive of one another as no one knew who would first turn out to be a snake in the grass. So, all she had to do was, keep creating ambiguity as long as her luck work out, and then…? She stood vacant, and finally decided, having royal death. If death embraced her now, all it must be was, royal – No pleading, or losing anything precious of her, she consciously cued.

He leisurely nodded thrice trying to grasp the sense of her word ‘escaped’, and asked her, however. “How?” His eyes, still narrow, and had undergone no notable change yet.

“While he was sleeping.”

She controlled her jumping, when he roared in a derisive laughter, before staring at her with a contemptuous smile. What…what had she said wrong, Radhika wondered frantically out of her wits, but she also made it sure, her eyes were still plainly encrypted, and face free of frown lines.

“Interesting, aren’t you?” He shook his head in fascination. “Can you expand me the more of your story, I mean, how did you escape, making him to sleep from reality, when he never drinks while in on business?” His tone amused partially.

Oh, God, what the hell! She had planned on it the sensible reason to blurt out for God’s sake, and just had retrieved back her tongue, once he’d told of his never-drinking-during-business habit. Ah, she’d never noted this him. Ever. Impressive yet. Thank God, for the hint giving himself. But her enthusiasm didn’t last long, when he again neared her into her zone, her vigilant eyes all into his dark malevolent ones, because his amusing words had taken her not so much time to go into for his intended meaning.

“Did you cast any spell that I need to know with pleasure?” His jacket brushed hers, and she fought cringing.

On the edge to giving up, again she started listening to her instinct to step back; however before she implemented, Charles protesting harsh voice, “Jo, do enquiry.” kept her inert; even though it was of German.

“Yeah, Charles, am in, and keep your asses cool.” This time he ignored Charles equally responding it in German, and it was full of rage hidden behind his unwilling smile to him, tilting his head, and Radhika recognized it agonizingly with his burning breath on her neck’s crook from that angle.

She didn’t know what he’d said, and braced when he tilted back his head, but nothing could make her now more nervous than Charles sighing hugely and hopelessly behind her.

“He was dog tired, and he believed me,” she took a hurried dominance, despite her voice soft, tone monotonous, that she still remained poker faced.

“What’s your turn on not believing him?” Her insides appreciated her for the right choice of words, as he immediately responded, and it was him more curious now.

“I wanted negotiation, but he was mulishly dominant.” She shrugged, biting her lip, taking the chance to frown, wince, or flinch, or just the compulsory involuntariness; her fingers curled even more to the lapels, taking their own chance of calming down between that momentary shrug.

“Then how did he believe you?” She abruptly got worked up, her heart pumped in high pitch, lip shoved drastically out of her nipping teeth, at the moment she thought, she’d done the lifetime’s wrong deed for having made faces, when his intense eyes had fallen on her biting lip from her cold eyes. She hated for being a woman, and hated more for hating to be a woman, because she never had felt a weaker s*x, instead been the proudest all along.

“I told him, I’ll never leave him.” She glanced aside, aware that was the most foolish reply she could ever give, but she’d no wit left when his lustful look, ate her up exceedingly burning, in spite of the very, very cold weather. Despite everything, she stayed alert that she should be brief.

“You’re cooking up beautifully.” He placed his forefinger on her jaw line, and tilted her face, to face him, then cocked his one dark brow demanding a reason.

“I never argued with him for a share, instead, was easy to make him subside himself.” She gave a little unwilling smile, but did deliberately to deviate his concentration. “And I told him, I’ll never leave him,” she repeated, smiling, then desperately plunged her hands into the jacket’s pockets, and fisted firmly.

“Can you be easy, Ms. Mishra?” He stepped backward. His glinting malevolent eyes, skimmed her body up to down, and then more slowly for backward, from her bare shins, to her knee length green frock, the well fitted jacket’s elastic around her lithe waist, and crossed her red leather covered protected breasts to halt on her creamy throat. A moment then, his eyes clasped hers; her lips still glowing with a touch of very minute, hard-to-catch smile, and her hands fisted even more, turning down the path to the rushing blood through the veins and arteries around her knuckles. “I presume, you’ve the temerity to make a trick on me, don’t you?” He chuckled, stroking his own jaw line with his thumb, his eyes darting up and down again in a quick assessment.

Oh, no, he shouldn’t suspect her. She, at the same time, could sense the danger very near to her, when Charles suddenly jammed the position of the muzzle on her bone. Her toes briefly folded, and stretched back in a flash.

“I guess, I don’t have the need for that.” She smoothly snapped her head, as if adjusting her hair, budging to the essential demand of her body’s violent impetuousness.

He nodded once, but that was completely impassive, and she could decipher nothing out of it. “Ah…” he sighed, “If you think, we need your sign for gaining the property, that’s the utter dumbness, I tell you.” He smiled cunningly at her sudden terror stricken face. “I hate killing, but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. So, can you give me any valid reason to not shoot you to death right now?”

“I want to favor Vinil,” she instantly blurted out, and it was bl**dy far away from her intentions.


“I suppose, I could negotiate.” Welp, she scowled inside.

His face gleamed in response, but it wasn’t full as the light rejected to enter into his eyes. Radhika stood there clueless, she’d no idea for what to lose sleep, and for what to ease up on. Because if they believed her, she would be taken to Vinil; if not, she couldn’t get it what would happen, but confident enough, she wouldn’t be rewarded; and this was warbed by her acid sense of humor…All she could do to hold on to her prestigious life was, lingering here as far as humanly possible, and intriguing them to implore her with real keenness with all her wits remained in stock, until any human scent was carried in the cold air around, that she carefully deduced her essentialities to a single deed – Talk and talk and talk; quite incoherently, and quite reasonably. Must never let them trust her, and let them distrust her neither.

“We can easily get the property shared, if you don’t exist at all,” Charles murmured a warning from behind her, urging her to speak straight.

“Oh, that’s one awesome explanation, Charles,” Johan remarked in applause.

“But you’ll be shared with pennies, might be a penny or might even just a half of it,” she, within a blink, replied in clipped tone sideways, and Charles could see from that angle, her lips were wearing a regal smile; it was dictatorial. “Because, it would be equally shared among all the partners who are all claiming including Arjun,” she purposefully added Arjun as she’d calculated they would lose their minds, and be on fervent legs on his name.

“So, what do you put forth?” Johan quickly asked, his eyes on hers thoughtful.

“So, yes,” she drawled, taking time to control her breath at sudden excitement. “I want it divided into two equal halves, one for me, the other half for you guys.” She shared some cool suggestive nods between them in common, then continued confidently looking at their keen concentrations. “You see, I have some ethics, and one among are, I don’t take credit without my hand in there, but if you look for me, I must make it sure that I’m provided to be advantageous. Clear?” She shrugged, and looked intently into his eyes, satisfied that they believed her, or at least dissolving gradually.

“Oh, you petite…” Johan mumbled fascinatingly, his eyes expected something more as if ready to seize her from there. Radhika suddenly prayed for his disbelief on her, and she would’ve laughed out loud at her whirlwind of preferences between belief and disbelief, if she had no gun on back, and a leery man on front ogling at all of her; further, biologically now, she had no proper heart and stomach, and mouth to commit into laughter. “So, you really left him,” he concluded, nodding to himself.

Oh, yes, ah, no, she wanted to say it loud deliriously. But…

Radhika lost the hope, and felt the dry-heaves starting from her hastily overactive stomach muscles, as a result of the abrupt anxiety attack.

“But I need more…” She paused, gulping casually, without popping her eyes out in horror. “I’m afraid, I suppose to take it into a realistic fact, that you two are from Vinil.” She gave a very hard to catch stern nod.

“That’s you’ve to believe,” he shortly and curtly replied. “Like we’ve to, that you really left him, and want to be favorable to us, and more focused, yourself easily shouted out, you want to favor Vinil to us.”

Ouch, but she hadn’t expected this. She was the one who at first had let them know that she’d understood that they were for Vinil. She realized it now, that had been her too-much-an-intelligent-thinking subconscious mind had driven her tongue in its control, just with the knowledge of Arjun had said this noon in market.

Well, time to repair it, filled with aplomb.

“It was I guessed. I could’ve been otherwise, if I’d known of any other else. All it matters is, I’m provided to be advantageous for my sign, by being me this far into risk.”

“That’s one f**king driving confidence in you,” he read appreciation. “Can you be easily on anyone’s side, ugh, that’s pretty cool.” He held out both his hands intended to cup her face, but she instantly cringed bending back lightly. Her priorities shrank into the tiniest bead that now she didn’t have the courage to listen to the weapon on her back, firming. He frowned, then smiled fully with a touch of smirk, and it rather threatened her more than any before. “You’re telling me, you can’t be easily available for everything. Alright, I’ve craze for hard women, and you’re going to be more entertaining than I’ve guessed.” His hands retreated, and so she straightened again. “So, you’re favoring us, and we can move now, right?”

So, you believe me that I really deceived Arjun? She thought to ask, but bit her tongue, as that would beat all the universe’s foolishness. Her knees came weak, and she struggled staggering; she didn’t know, how dare she responded that, but she nodded. Nodded in affirmative. How long she could extend staying; had a nod been extended at least the time that needed for one footstep of a human who were just to reach them with that one step. Well, yes, she should use each tick until the last microsecond slipped out the tips of her fingers.

“That’s good.” This time he cupped her face, and she didn’t cringe either, between his loathing firm hands, but stared right into his eyes. “I’m looking forward for you favoring me, once reached our place,” he huskily said, his thumb brushing her flawless slick cheeks that they immediately crimsoned in scorching sense.

She denied her legs to obey, when he turned around, leading. Here – The last microsecond slipping away here. She decided to fight back here; and she wasn’t leaving with them at any cost. Her muscles froze, ears erected sensing the fine air-tearing footsteps from behind her, and across Charles’ way. Her eyes automatically widened, and flashed with the bright speck of hope spurting out from the deep inside of her consciousness.

Thank God!

“Thank God.”

Her forehead crinkled, with the echo of her own mind voice. But she hadn’t even breathed, and moreover the voice had been gruff, and damned familiarly bossy. Going on impulse, she twirled around along with Charles, her jaw gaped wide in the extremity of both shock and surprise, looking at Arjun coming from the same exit, wearing one leather jacket himself. Why had he come, when she already had given him what he wanted!

Reality struck her awfully that she’d told them, she’d left Arjun, but she never had said she’d already signed for his favor.

“Oh, my God!” She breathed involuntarily, and before they two reacted, she rushed to him who was now targeted by the muzzle, and then staunched before him, in a way blocking the path to the bullet. “How dare you come here!” she shrieked, trying to have a confab through eyes, but his eyes never meeting hers. They were intensely calm, staring behind her at something, and had bl**dy no sign of skepticism as they lacked even a pinch of salt in them, but adoringly decisive.

Realizing what she had been doing, she slowly stepped back. Because, she didn’t know the purpose of him coming, and she didn’t know about his heartbreaking ploys. Why should she worry about him, but still she did, as she turned around, cautiously not deviating from her position of blocking him from Charles’ position of target.

“Thank God, you guys have gotten her. I kept worrying.” Arjun started moving forward to cross her, and in a blink, Charles positioned the gun, and his finger curved around the trigger. “Oh, alright.” He smiled, holding his hands up in a sigh of surrendering, and Radhika felt his strong torso too close to her back, and she subconsciously weighted off her shoulders sagging on him.

“Study him,” Johan ordered Radhika, his eyes alert, and firmly on Arjun’s.

Radhika obliged thoroughly, turned around, and looked up into his eyes. He offered her a glimpse of those sharp black eyes, before fixing those back on Johan’s. That moment glimpse had been enough for him to convey million untold things, and enough for her to melt down into his arms. She just discovered, she was no more fearing on saving her element from that pervert, after seeing him, though the irony was, it was him who hurt her the most, and it was him who was responsible for her plight.

She undid the zipper of his jacket, and noted, he had changed clothes. It seemed like, he had taken shower too, his perfume freshly spritzed, his dressing had been torn off, visible through the top two unbuttoned gaps of his white cotton shirt, and only the red impression of a narrow laceration still remained so bright on his hairless fair skin. She wanted to press a kiss there, and shed tears of life, clinging to his strong, secure shoulders.

“Fast.” She jerked with the curt command of Johan, tearing through the dense clouds of her thoughts, but she failed to notice, this was her first jerk, being careless and consciously absent, unmitigatedly because of the lack of the entailing fear, she’d been carefully handling all these seconds.

Looking up at him, she put her hand into his shirt pocket, his heart beating ever serenely, his thick warm breath caressed her forehead supplying her the promising security she needed the most at the moment that there was another human apart from those three, and coming from Arjun was way more promising to her feminine senses.

“It’s nothing in here,” she softly said, turning around her head alone.

“Do it thoroughly, genius,” he commented.

She again went back, and plunged her hands into both of his pant pockets, then moved her palms along the sides of his jeans clad thighs to his shins, and goodness, this was the first time she happened to feel the essence of strength of his masculinity; his thighs were taut and flexed, dominant in a way she could greedily agree with her innate femininity, and that showed her his psychological balance too.

“Back,” Johan led her.

Before Radhika could reach his back, Arjun turned around, leaving her neck yank back in reflex, from getting a hit on her nose by his swift twirling body; his hands up yet.

She hesitated, but plunged her hands into his back pockets, almost attaching her body in a way her breasts flattened against him transferring the heat of her flesh through his coat, and she felt his hard muscles stiffening reactively, and to her grisly excitement, there was a knife in one of the pockets. She didn’t understand why they had let her to examine him, but at the very next second, she understood that they didn’t have anything towards her that would cause disquiet to them. No one in this world around now would bother, she bitterly realized.

“You’re going to have to pay for all these tortures,” Arjun murmured between teeth, and was sure, his voice to not reach across her.

Radhika struggled to hold her need to smile wide, and clung on to his shoulders from behind.

“Act along,” she hissed, and removed the jacket completely off his body.

She turned around, and shrugged negatively. “Nothing.” She shook her head, then folded her arms around her body, keeping his jacket between them.

Her jaw was unceremoniously pulled down, face muscles rattled, when she was unexpectedly tugged by waist and plastered to Arjun. “You missed this, sweetie.” She put her head fall on his chest as better as possible to avoid the sharp glistening knife appearing blurry close under her bugged out eyes, and getting one slit across her throat. “f**k! Act along, honey,” he grumbled nibbling her earlobe, emphasizing the curse alone to reach all the three.

Charles alerted, he stiffened, and Arjun pressurized his hold even stronger, that she winced, and tried to mold her with him, reaching her arms back to wrap around his body, and pull him forward in an attempt to push her backward; her thudding heart leaped, and lodged round on her throat when the knife touched her skin, and then precisely moved back from her neck.

“Why are you thankful for?” Johan asked unaffected of the circumstance, his hands into his pant pockets, and narrowed eyes on Arjun’s equally narrowed ones.

Arjun smiled euphorically. “Thought, you wouldn’t ask me…Thanks for, she hasn’t come for Vinil, but for you,” he truly lied, and purposefully added no more word to it.

“I can’t reach you.”

“I don’t want the property to be shared.”

“Do you think that will be considered?” Johan smirked.

“Widely,” he later added to his previous reply. “If we let us relax for a little, we really can have some helpful talks. Before that, I kindly let you guys know, I’ve given an anonymous call, you know, I’d no other choice.” He watched Johan stiffened literally, and appreciated himself. “Better we’ve a quick conversation for the betterment of us. Do you understand?” When he noticed Radhika wrapping around him free of wiggles but snugly, he tightened his arm around her waist making her pull a face, and she rolled her head on his chest as in every respect he expected, her legs stretched up to tip toeing with the closeness of glistening material thirsting to quench the need. “Protest, baby,” he dictated, his face grave, his voice reassuring yet reachable only to her.

“Charles, put it down,” Johan ordered, gesturing him to hold the gun down, and the latter scowled at that, but obliged anyhow.

“Now, baby, am going to push you, and you’re going to have some appreciative descriptions on your woman features,” he readied her, biting acutely on her ear, his eyes on Johan’s, and before she could grasp and react to his words, he harshly pushed her that she staggered so vulnerably before bracing herself right between him and Johan, and Charles to her right.

Pacifying herself, she straightened her bent profile, and looked up, so her stare fell on none but Johan. Fright again surrounded her, her mouth dried, face paled, but before long her whole body was hidden from Johan’s view, as she was protectively shielded by Arjun’s broad back. Her tenuous arms badly lusted to band around him, burying her face deep into his strength, the only source that would reaffirm her lost effervescence to smile. Smile heartily which would reflect on her brown eyes, forgetting this horrid world around her. But she fastened upon her will, and pulled back slightly to avoid his teasing heat, and the over-supportive manliness, as she desperately needed to learn to survive without him, and prove herself that she wasn’t weak, because she herself wasn’t painfully sure of it.

“I want Charles too,” Arjun said to Johan.

Without a word, Johan nodded at Charles, and Charles joined Johan, so that they two standing together before him, and to his behind, it was Radhika. He automatically straightened his profile, with this safer alignment.

He slid the knife into his back pocket, but come what may, Johan and him, not taking off their eyes from one another.

“Well, we’ve to be real fast,” Arjun urged them, and they stiffened their necks as an immediate readiness to listen; a mixture of dubiousness and eagerness were written on their frown lined faces. “Why can’t we two share the property ourselves?” He instigated them, as he strongly regarded desire could stir even the inert rock. “To be straight, without Vinil,” he regally said, and as directly, because, he shouldn’t provide a place for their reasoning to turn on for any reason.

He was satisfied with Charles’ reaction, as his greed for money mirrored his judgement exactly in his flashing eyes; however Johan was still doubtful, and that was not less forbidding to Arjun either. He’d to suppress his reasoning too as soonest. So, he required, really required, and sadly required to use his armor. RADHIKA. Her inviting s*xuality, and her elegant physicality. Without turning, he reached his one arm to back, but to his horror, his hand waved in air, and he subconsciously turned around. f**k, this girl, she could easily make his mind go crazy, that she stood there trying her level best to not get into his grasp. In a moment, he’d lost his cool, and had turned around dangerously without considering the least cautiousness. He erected his profile again easing his tensed muscles to relax down, then stepped aside tugging her unceremoniously, given a way that they two could view her now in every aspect.

He must be quick yet appear casual, he reminded himself.

“We’ve this heiress, and I tell you, she’ll be more beneficial than for shedding a little wet drop from pen.” He smirked, and this time he had to keep his eyes on hers, as he badly wanted to give her reassurance rather than being chary of them, or perhaps he wanted to tell her that he completely believed her as her eyes were on Johan’s, and so she would guide him from danger. Meanwhile, Radhika stood wordless, something of both warm and cold seeping through her flesh. Her breathing was heavy, neck tendons stuck out, and this was what his cruel part exactly wanted. Making her appear uncontrollably tempting, because a man would be after either money or woman, sometimes behind both, but never behind none except if he were a pure saint. Johan was of second kind, and all he needed now was to be stirred up a little by his own materialism. Arjun deduced his to-be-done into a single objective that he’d to inveigle Johan more, but simply without facilitating places for his common sense to peek out, but those places were supposed to be filled with desire, and only those rising blind desires. So, he’d to be fast in his description to blind fold him crudely, though temporarily. “I hope, you understand what I mention,” he kindled more mouth wateringly without explaining it straight. Despite his sight was away from Johan’s, he could elucidate that Johan was being persuaded with the way Radhika’s face slowly turning colorless, her eyes coloring coldly red, and lips lifelessly drying. His insides jumped motivating him to keep on proceeding, and if he cared about her, he’d no time to comfort her now. His hand tucked a strand behind her ear, and with each move, he made it sure that Johan was being persuaded through the terror coming and going on her unmistakable face. He slid his forefinger, across her throat, and so the pit down her neck was promptly drawn in like a laser beam, and he was going to reward her for this with deep kisses there; because she was coming up with exactly what his cruel mind wanting her to react as. “She isn’t full of overheated spongy meat, and I tell you, she isn’t skinny either. A unique piece,” he mumbled affectedly, running his finger on his favorite collarbone of her, to come up with the same affection from Johan. He unexpectedly pulled down the zipper of her coat, and her collar bone thrusted out, pulling in her flesh to meet with the biological fear, and the sudden fast chemical reactions due to the ruthless blow of cold air. Oh, good girl, his mind appreciated her, and himself didn’t know what he was going to reward her by for this quick security reflexes of her. Her A-line dress, embellished her curves, as she was quintessentially narrow unto her delicate waist, and down to that it was puffy around her thighs; further, her perked out breasts had been delineated quite smoothly than pointedly. He fully removed her jacket, and her shoulders automatically sagged down a little to deal with the abrupt attack of bitterly cold weather, and so he grasped her upper arm firmly to keep her stand straight so the figure defining dress defined her woman features seductively gorgeous, but more along with the effect of his intentional breathy words.

With that direct contact of skin to skin, he felt her pulses exploding violently, and it mercilessly pained him. She was his woman, his part, and so her hurting obviously hurt him in return, and it was agonizingly unbearable to him. He wanted to press his lips on each inch of her face, warmly and deeply, until her fresh-rose like skin returned with its own refined color; he wanted to hug that perfectly carved profile, making her feel his each cut of body, until her own delicious warmth rushed back into her frozen bones and muscles, mingling with his.

Making up his mind as cold-blooded as a rock, and again reminding himself to be quick in scrambling their brains like addicted to drug, he turned to them, and saw Johan’s eyes already drugging with desire, devoid of wariness. He had to carry him with the same effect, and had to be intellectually speed.

“So, money between us two,” he drawled calling for Johan. “Plus this amazing warm property.” When Johan frowned like getting into clearly, he couldn’t help, but unintentionally say this, “And she’ll be as tight as fist, you’ll not go with pain in the arse even after a year with her. And believe me, you know, I can guarantee it.” He died to close his eyes as a sincere apology to her, but he couldn’t, instead he chuckled. He knew it though that he again hurt her to the deep, slandered her reputation that she’d never slept with him, and bl**dy with anyone neither. But he’d to procure her, and so he’d been sufficed saying this.

“Nice deal,” Johan agreed not looking at him, but her. His eyes dark and intense.

Taking the chance, Arjun had an instant glimpse of her, and she had no sign of breaking down, but full of dispassionateness. It was missed the pretty liveliness that she had been weightlessly carrying all these days, and he hoped it hadn’t been vanished forever, it shouldn’t have been, or if so, he was going to bring it back anywhere from this world. Not for her, but for himself.

“Well, I’ve heard of you, but just now seeing. There was nothing wrong, you really are a dealer. Appreciative.” He gave one serious nod to make the talk as sensible as possible, as well as, as beguiling. “And we’ve to disperse. Now.”

Johan took off his eyes from her to Arjun. “Disperse?”

“I said, I’ve given an anonymous call, so the sirens can be anticipated any time now,” he warned tactfully. “We really have to disperse as immediately, else Vinil too might be informed.”

Johan startlingly got cleared, but persistent yet. “We’re gonna take her now itself.” He moved his eyes to Arjun’s fingers around her arm.

Without giving it a thought, and without taking time to watch out for her reaction, Arjun moved aside so that he again occupied the position right before her, shielding her from them both. Radhika was startled by his this behavior, and bewildered to the core, but her mind defensively worked on finding about his selfish motive out of this, and not thinking it as his concern towards her. Discerning that not both them, they two had been alternatively racking their brains about blocking one another for the same reason – Neither of them should be attacked before each other. “No, that’s not possible. I’ve to make sure that I’m impregnable. I’ll bring her. Tomorrow to Basel station…And, we’ve to be real fast now,” he repeated stressing further, his tone clear-cut and passionless.

“How can I believe you?”

“You must.”

“Hallo, I’ve heard of you too, and man, believe me I knew you very well than you could think of.”

“We’re left with no other choice.”

“And can you give me the reason to not shoot you to death now?” He echoed out the same words that he’d offered to her.

Radhika’s tensed body automatically responded behind him, and before Arjun could feel anything, she came beside him, horrifying him to the deepest of his being. “I go with you. Please take me from here.” Her cool response scared the living daylights out of him, and he helplessly went blank with his just-now-turned-numb mind.

Johan and Charles shared a short-living common surprised look, and when they turned again, Radhika had the knife on her hand which made them frowning mystified, which in turn led Arjun to have a restless look on her, but he soon recognized what he’d felt at his bottom when she’d stirred on the spur of the moment Johan had threatened him to shoot. Wow! She was so much neat with her fingers; Arjun couldn’t fear anymore, but only admire her.

“Can you guys, provide me the reason to not draw a neat slit…” She smiled sardonically, quickly moving out from the region of Arjun’s possible reach to grasp her. Hell, she was going to kill him with her resounding intellect, and with that archetypal womanhood. He had nothing to worry now, and only had a way to look at her classy performance. She neatly placed the knife near her wrist. “Across here?” She finished her question raising her brows still elegantly, then looked at all the three again and again, moving her eyes, but not her head.

Arjun yanked an unseen one in reflex, when Johan snatched the gun from Charles in two shakes, but withheld it as the latter held his wrist. Shit! Shit! Shit! Again he’d been on his damned useless subconscious legs, and to direct the most unwanted attention himself.

“We need money, not her,” Charles grumbled in German, totally displeased at Johan’s irresponsibility.

“Yeah, stay calm, Johan, we need her,” Arjun too added in German for his part, and then gave the dittoed eyes to her that the other two were giving. The raw furious three pairs of eyes as if eating her whole, but Arjun noticed that she wasn’t shaky even a little, standing with a straight spine, between the truly powerful three, and also between the utterly unknown tongues.

“I want you also there,” she clipped to Arjun, gesturing him to join the other two, with her eyes.

Apt! He’d to get a lot of cues from her innateness. Largely impressed, he slowly moved to them, while stretching out his one hand with palm facing her, and his head making cool assuring nods of his walking them to her, and thus enabling them to have faith that he was dissuading her from mangling everything.

In a blink, completely out of the blue, Radhika sprinted towards them, and then placed a sharp biting slap on Johan’s cheek – That was for making her feel pathetic for the first time in her twenty three years of life for being a woman. With the same swiftness, she took several steps back, targeting the knife again to her wrist. Johan, with all guns blazing, stared her, his face dark grave, his palms fisted to gather control over him burning in an irresistible indignation. Arjun couldn’t believe his eyes as he honestly had to admit it, he’d expected the same for him before she stepped back again, and this girl was going to bell the cat herself; still then he’d to appreciate her ‘nobody’s fool’ attitude.

Charles said something indignantly and indistinctly, looking daggers at her that she couldn’t decipher, and this time, she wasn’t sure of the language itself to pity her. But his clenching teeth on that red burning face had clearly apprised her that he’d been coaxing his man to be cool for the moment that she would definitely be made paid for her deed, once after getting what they wanted the most as of now.

She did fear of anything but nothing. “Might I remind you all, I’ve nothing to lose, and so I can give up my dear life…” She paused, satirically raising a brow in indication. “Yours my-dear-life?”

In all of a sudden, all the brows except Arjun’s, furrowed with concentration, and that was the siren sound came muffling from the other side, the entry, of the big restaurant.

“I told you already,” Arjun threatened inducing them to make fast, his brows sharply up, to appear truthful. “You’ve a gun, and dudes, time to leave,” he said, emphasizing the words ‘gun’ & ‘dudes’ to suppress their reasoning altogether, and to urge them to take their heels.

“Keep her. I. Must. Be. Wanting. Her,” Johan grated to Arjun, keeping his eyes on her.

Without another word, they swiftly moved. Before Johan had been taken by Charles patting at his back, he’d shot her one long look, that had assured her his blow-for-blow challenge to her, swiping his lower lip with his thumb pad where it was bleeding pretty good as a result of deep cut.

“Hallo,” Arjun called them with high throat, and that showed his utter relief. When they turned, they saw him having her dominantly into his arms in a lock, and he confidently threw them the knife. “Have it.” As Charles caught that, he could sense the glint of trust in both of their eyes for him, then they nodded a ‘will-meet-tomorrow’ gesture, and sprinted off to be out of the lane invisible in less than ten seconds.

“Oh, f**k,” he husked, sagging on her back, and so she bent down with his force with his firm arms snaking around her.

“Hallo, Arjun,” came the voice from behind them.

Arjun turned his head around, but she didn’t even give it a try; it was also a part apart, she couldn’t roll her head, provided the way he was holding her putting his whole relieved weight on her. “Yeah, we’re fine…Make it sure, I don’t want anyone here until I come out, Alastair,” he insisted, and she could hear the guy going back without a word back, and that left her wonder, how there were people so loyal to him when he couldn’t be in return.

Radhika started struggling after having her own time for relaxation, but he still held her, and again collected her up straight. “Please, darling, give me sometime…” His embrace around her came passionately stronger, he perched his chin on her shoulder, and then deeply inhaled her hair. “Let me feel you, your presence, your strength…please baby, let me…” he breathed raggedly on her ear shell. She stilled, completely truckling to him, as she also wanted him desperately to complete her, and to keep her alive. Her mind contracted, and it was focused to only one point. Him. Her man, her strong man, and his warm breath on her skin. But at the same time, she feared to believe him, she feared to rely on him, as she didn’t know if she could bear his another badmouthing after daring a faith on him again. “I just was missing this sweet scent…”

“Let me go,” she softly said and he let her free at that.

He didn’t know what to do, and how to convince a woman by talking sweet words as he wasn’t used to such kind of circumstances. But he made his mind obstinate in dispelling her doubts, and setting her mind again at rest, and also he must be sure in being tender in handling her, though he’d to practice his mind greatly on that.

Radhika picked her coat from the road, and she was blank, her face deadpan that cut him deep. Half of her mind wanted him, the other half denied him because she was so much uncertain at the moment, that she panicked she couldn’t take right decision now. Seeing her like this, Arjun was unable to choose any but lunge for her, and hug her despite her protest, because it tortured him looking her shriveled like an attacked pale calf.

She panicked more, panicked of him and of his sudden manhandling, because she couldn’t resist her if she once lost her control against him. Her head contested to merge into his hold as it kept bending back, her eyes ethereal and freakish that carried a frantic consternation. He couldn’t bear that twitchiness of her for being in his arms that he wanted to destroy the gaps between them, and to buoy her up again. He forcibly gathered her to his body yet tenderly to his level best, stroking her back to put her at ease. “I’m not going to ask you for anything, but let me hold you, Radhika…” he softly said, and she simply placed her head on his chest because for much long, she couldn’t fight her inner self which was craving for what he was asking for, and she wreathed her arms around him. “You’re cold. Just keep still.”

She started feeling him, his black magic had crooned its spell around her that she pressed her body against his, feeling every soothing pulse of his strong muscles. This was what she wanted, and she was unequivocally certain about that. No indecisiveness was shaking her now because her superego sending word to her that she wasn’t tempted by his done on purpose act but himself. She could never repent on this decision, and never was going to do that too. Because her every inch of bones, each fiber of her muscles, and her very own feminine senses told her in a second that she was secure, and could be secure only in this warm space that she had been maniacally dying for some minutes ago. She’d no issue in surrendering to him, she’d no issue in cuddling to him, she’d no issue in making him feel her to the deepest of her being because, she still had no issue about falling in love with him. She’d never regretted over this decision, still didn’t regret over it, and wouldn’t for all her life. From her side, she was so truthful, and clear, and made it clear to him too. She inadvertently realized it, she had never been hated him, but just been angry with him. All it worried her was, he wouldn’t be like what she was expecting him to be, and so being one side devoted would only bruise her already wrenched soul. But she made up her mind to listen to its scream at least for once. She was going to shed off everything, and listen to only one voice now. Her inner voice.

She pulled out her head, and so she could see his face “Can you do me a favor?” She pleaded with eyes. “Please…”

He was going to agree for anything she would ask for keeping her with him, and he was dead certain about that from his side. “Anything for you, honey.” He slid a strand behind her ear shell, kissing her temple.

She nodded passively at him, then quickly unbuttoned his shirt, and tugged it out of his pants. “Let me hold you.” She slid her very, very cold arms around his bare body that his muscles shrilled with its effect, but this was what he’d pined for too, and had missed violently when she’d left him in all of a sudden, and so himself was trying to gather his missing part by cuddling her and taking her sweet smelling warmth. She buried her face into his chest in an utter satisfaction, the satisfaction which was irresistible that she couldn’t say anything as better than this feeling of listening to his beat, she’d ever felt in all her life. His warmth was ever delicious to her. He wasn’t in a position of taking s*xual advantage from her for this now, as he could absolutely grasp how she was feeling now, and all he did was taking her into his arms and to wipe off her terror. His body felt the immediate response of her lashes sweeping down. “Please, just stand for some minutes…” she mumbled adjusting her cheek to feel his fresh alternate heat, and his own scent.

“I’m here, and take your own time, baby,” he rasped from the deep of his throat. He was making her feeling weak, and the weakest useless dependent being. She though loved to be dependent on him, her common sense frightened her to be so – but more difficult it was to pull away from him. Her body twitched when she tried to control her convulsing throat, and his hands gripped more, stroking her back reassuringly. “You can cry,” he croaked over her head, and his voice ear-piercing in that pin drop silence.

She couldn’t resist him, more as of now, she wanted to pour out her feelings. “I was very much afraid,” she said weakly, and her body trembled. “I never thought I would fear this much for saving me and my life…”

He froze conscience-stricken, as being a daughter of multi billionaire, she never had been made feel this kind of spine chilling threat, but just in a day being with him, she’d been surrounded by the crudes. If him, hadn’t had taken the words for grant, she wouldn’t have left him. And he nevertheless was aware of it she wouldn’t have left the place if it had been not him to hurt her, but anyone. Because, she wasn’t a foolhardy who would go on risks without safety; she wasn’t a short tempered woman to lose her mind in a go; she wasn’t a woman to think simply on her eyes and ears but on her heart and mind too. Despite these inborn alertness, she’d dared an exit, and he found an explanation. Loyalty – her loyalty was a part of her that she would never get rid of it even for her own defense, and with that possession she’d left him to prove her love for him, to prove her trueness to him by not even considering her own safeguarding; and so he was now at the helm of setting everything right back into her world.

As always, he couldn’t bear her weeping, yet the only difference he could bring out was, before this he had used to wonder on that, but now he’d found out the cause for that – that she was his love, his part, and so it universally, logically, and more humanly would hurt him back. Obvious, period, and a written on stone fact.

“Yeah, I know, sweet.” He pressed her more against his body that her round firm breasts were felt by him as real as her hot flesh despite her dress, but still he wouldn’t take s*xual advances as he was completely focused on showering her with his love than doing love to her. Because, after all he was the one who was responsible for her this plight. Only if he could redeem her completely, with the same blooming belief she’d had for him, by simply erasing all those hurting memories. Her response was equally deep as him that she tightened her tender arms around him as if molding into him as one. Her body vibrated, her fresh warm tears ran down his chest, and he noticed, she still didn’t make any sound being persistent about that. He required to make her vent out her spleen, because it was his responsibility now to make her feel safe. “Panicking is never a thing to be considered weak, my dear. Everyone panics as we’re all humans. Just don’t think about that. Just feel me, baby…Feel me, feel my strength, feel my heat, feel me everywhere around you. It’s only you and me here…I’m here, and I’m going to take care of you…” he whispered so soothingly that she snugged into his arms effortlessly like a kid, listening to all his words, and carefully following his instructions.

“Would they come again?” She whisper asked as innocent as a kid who would ask questions when hearing horror stories. “I did fear what would happen, and I…I thought they would rape me…” she broke off squeaking, shuddered violently squeezing him between her arms.

His jaw twitched, and he found his own lips trembled at her thick, wordless throat when she gasped, opening her mouth wide to let out the hot air on his chest. He shouldn’t have credited her specially this insecurity feeling, and to any woman neither. He shortly gulped his emotions and placed kisses over her head, having his one open palm protectively around there. “You’re safe now, honey, you’re safe ever. I said, I’m going to take care of you.” But, he should’ve said all these words when she’d tried to prove her innocence to him at Len’s house; he should’ve stopped her when she’d been unsure of her intention and claimed her as a wanton to him; he should’ve protested everything she’d presumed about her in frustration, as he was unsure if the time difference would allow relaxation for doing the same deeds now. “They wouldn’t come again, and they don’t dare reach you, ever again, alright? Stop thinking about that. You’re going to catch cold. Let’s move in,” he said without breaking the hug.

Move in? Radhika broke the hug, then rapidly wiped her eyes with the bottoms of her open palms and with all her ten fingers, before looking up at him. Her cold eyes reflected him her untold inner turmoil. “I’ve already signed the paper. Thought you would’ve seen that, but sorry for not informing you,” she plainly said.

That was a punch to his gut. So, all these while she’d been thinking that he’d come for her signature, but not for her! He realized, retrieving her trust for him wasn’t an easy thing, but he was going to get it back at all price that would cost him to let her not moving away from him ever. He was never going to let him tender at this decision and let him melt down even seeing her crying out loud. He needed her because he loved her. He was going to snatch her back along with the faith she’d had for him, and he kenned it that wasn’t going to be an easy job with her ever owned feet digging in attitude.

“And, I’m really sorry for bringing you into this risk along with me,” she added loyally, stinging him to his bones with her unintentionally sweet words.

He’d to be stubborn. If not now, he would get her back never, but that wasn’t going to happen…


To be continued (Chap 15)….

Next Chap: Insights into his aloof part.


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Story: Can LOVE Sparkle? (Chapter 15)


Story: Can LOVE Sparkle? (Chapter 15)

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