how many shades u have swara (part 5)

Recap : sanskar shocked

Sanskar is shocked to find many children playing right infrnt of him…that too physically disabled children…all were smiling whole heartedly….an unknown smile comes to his face…
A boy fall frm there..sanskar immediately help him to get up…
Sanskar:are u okkk
Boy :than……kkk uuu…ssssaii….rrrrr….
Sanskar was really feeling bad….the boy went frm there….
Suddenly swaras words eccord on his mind
Sanskar:who are u swaraa….I dont no…why im always thinking about you…
He too leaves

Host:so guyss….here this is a opportunity that we make our doctor swara…the best….
So lets welcome our cheif guest SANSKAR MAHESWARY
sanskar comes there….he was looking more handsome and dashing…all girls are cheering him up…
Host : guyzzz..I would like to inform u one thing…dr swara will be late due to an emergency. we would help u to understand her more….here is a video clip of different people ailing frm different backgrounds. ..
We are disclosing it swara is not present here. ..
So lets start
Even sanskar was very much interested in it…to knw who is that….
There comes a big projector…and starts playing

Reporter starts to move in a badi…
Reporter:so dadaji…how u knw dr mishti…
Dadaji:what are u asking my son..the new child born here will be knwing about her…she is our pride…she is our love more over she is our trust….
Reporter:can u describe her
Dadaji:nothing can describe her….she is very rich….even though she can buy hundreds of car…she just travel with her sakhi…her scooty….she is yet simple..humple…no one can ever replace her…
Reporter moves to another place…now he is introgating with a blind lady
Lady:I’ve not even seen her…bt if I ever get my eyesite..just by her presence. ..I can see her….she is the best eg of mercy….I used to beg for my day ti day needs…I was not even able to race my children properly….then one I meet her….now im very much happy…she gave me this house…these people. ..more over she raise my daughter by providing education…that too with het own money…I dont knw how to thank her…bt I cant even thaNk her…
Reporter:seems interesting. y cant u thank her
Lady:because she consider everyone aa relatives…many people may have disgusting face…bt in every circumstances she keeps us with her love…ahe stands with us….

Like wise many videos are shown. ..some have tears in their eyes….
Soon swara reaches there with her relatives…everyone give her warm welcoming. ..she was reallySurprised…hist welcome her…sanskar comes to the stage for giving award…
He was really shocked to see swaraaa….
Swara:yes…swara. …swara mishti…
Sanskar was really feeling very happy….

He presrnted her the award
Host calls swara for speech
Swara:I dont no what to speak….and im not the right person to aceive it….I was doing my duty…this is one of the best moments in my life..I would like to dedicate this to my family…who are sitting on that corner. .I knw many of u must be disgusting to see they are my pride…they are my confidence…and one more thing. success full as a not as a daughter….so I would like to say sorry to my baba…who loves me morethan anything… really ao sorry…will u forgive me. ..ive not done anything intensionly…Everything was out of my hands….I hope everything is for good….anyways ALWAYS SMILE…
And one more thing…I ve hurted a girl…and a business man…I knw this is nit the time for asking sorry. my mthr said that..we should never be late to confess anything…the girl tried to touch my guitar…if it was mine. .I would have given her…bt its my memmories….in which im living…for that im so sorry shaivanyaaa….im really sorry….and mr highclass…I knw u were right at that time…I may hurted u…so soorry….and thanku for listening my words. ..

She goes to colany people…sanskar was rwally in shock…how can a girl ask forgiveness that to infrnt of The whole people….
Shekhar was alsi watching this through tv…he really feels proud of her…
Shekar:I knw mishti…u are responsible for this…see I got my daughter back…I’ll give all happiness to her….
He calls someone. ..
Meanwhile shiva was also present on the venue…
She gave tears in her eyes…her head was low due to guilt…she goes to swara…and hugs her crying
Shiva:forgive me swara….
She starts to cry…
Swara wipes her tears…
Swara:u knw shiva..u r lyk my sister only…and one more thing girls dont cry…no cheer up…I want to see shiva who fights with everyone…
Shiva smiles….
Just then ritik comes there
Ritik:sorry cutie little bit late…

Swara:its okk…meet my shiva
Rithik:is that u..whom I see on gadodia mansion
Shiva was in cloud nine. .at least he remember her
Bith shake hands. ..both were feeling something. ..
Host:now its time for celebration. ..lets dance…
All pushes swara on the floor…we need a partner…
Soon lights were off…and soon a sport light comes. ..only swara was visible…she felt someone was standing behind her…she turns back…it was our sanskar…all guest cheered…rithik smiles happily…shiva was confused
Shiva:rithik..y are y so happy…
Rithik:look my cutie have got perfect partner. .u know shiva…when I lost my sister. .it was cutie who replaced her place…she treats me as a no more than that….
Shiva smiles….in mind:im fool…I thought….
Dance floor:
Swara was wearinh a blue coliur saree

Precap:will maheswary discovers that swara is actually shekars daughter. ..
Sanskar started to understand swaraa…his conversation with ragini…

Stay tuned….plz comment then only I can improve. ..are u satisfied witj my ff


how many shades u have swara (part 5)


how many shades u have swara (part 5)


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