Sacred Bonding (Episode 6)

Episode 6:

Recap: Vidya decided to accept Jay as husband n went to Neel to say to move on forgetting her. But came to know abt Neel’s betrayal.

Jay took Vidya to a farm house. They went to the garden. Its full of flowers n so beautiful. Jay made her to sit in the chairs placed there. She sat n he clapped his hands n surprisingly diff colours of butterflies flied. Vidya surprised n started to try to catch them n njoyed looking beautiful butterflies of diff colours n varieties. She felt as if its a butterfly park.

Vidya: Jay, its really awesome. It looks like a butterfly park.

Jay: My sister loves butterflies. This is my gift to her.

Vidya: Do u have sister?

Jay: Yes. Suhana is my sister.

Vidya: Whr r they now?

Jay: Only ur father knew that

Vidya: What?

Jay: Leave it. I will tell u everything wen time comes.

Vidya: Ok

Jay: Now tell me y r u crying till now? Bcoz Neel betrayed u??

Vidya became dull n her eyes filled with tears again. Jay turned towards her.

Jay: Vidya, U asked me that y I am not consoling u aft knowing abt Neel’s betrayal. I didn’t console u not bcoz I didn’t care for u or I like to see in tears. I always care for u bcoz u r my wife. I nvr want to see u in tears.

Vidya: Then y didn’t u talk anything abt it?

Jay: Bcoz I didn’t like u to be so sensitive n innocent. U must bcom strong. U should be able to console urself n manage everything without anyone’s help. I will b with u only for short time n we will be separated soon.

Hearing his last words she became dull m upset. Unknowingly her eyes filled with tears again n she turned another side to hide her feelings from him.

Jay: Vidya, I am not saying its compulsory for both of us to get separated but if u want to, then I won’t stop u. dats wat I mean. So stop crying. I won’t force u to leave me if u want to stay. However I know it nvr happens n u will very happy if u get a chance to separate from me.

Vidya turned towards him.

Vidya: ok

Jay: Anyways I want to make u a strong woman who can face anything in life. Scaring n crying for everything will nvr solve any prblm. Tell me frankly Y do u scare for me?

Vidya: Don’t u know?

Jay: Question nvr becomes an answer for another question.

Vidya: Bcoz of ur words on first nite n ur hurting behaviour on the day when dad came.

Jay: Ok. So u scare coz of my behaviour in the past?

Vidya: hmm

Jay: Ok I will remove that fear from u. I want to ask one more thing but it may hurt u a bit. Shall I ask or not?

Vidya: I know u won’t like to hurt me. Ask me

Jay: When u r in love with Neel, do u scare for him too?

Vidya: Hmm yes. But he nvr said like u not to fear for him. Infact I guess he likes it

Jay: I expected same answer from u. U told u scare for me as I am rude to u. But Neel acted so sweetly n nvr rude to u. Then y do u scare for him?

Vidya: I nvr gave much thinking to this Jay

Jay: Bcoz u r so sensitive. dats the reason u scare n cry for everything. Ur innocense n sensitivity made it easier fot everyone to cheat n hurt u.

Vidya: I am like dis from childhood

Jay: But now its time to change. I know in these days u faced much pain in ur life. But I believe nothing happens without a reason. Do u know how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Caterpilar face much pain to get out of it’s shell to become a beautiful butterfly. It struggles a lot n if it stops its struggle, it will b end of its life. It applies to us too. When we stop struggle n wants confort, it stops our progress n though we r alive its equal to our death. Life is to fight n win.Not to cry n leave.

Vidya: Wat u want to say exactly to me?

Jay: I want to say to u to be strong n face anything. Be bold. Never fear for anything until u do something wrong. Only those who commit mistakes should fear n not u. I can use my money n influence to take revenge on Neel. But I won’t do that. Bcoz I want u to do dat.

Vidya: But how can I?

Jay: Y can’t u?? Till now u lived ur life as a daughter of MP but not as Vidya. Thats ur mistake. Live ur life by urself. Its ur life. Let him realise his mistake n world realise ur worth. If a girl thinks, she can do anything. From now don’t scare for anyone even for me. Don’t cry for little things. Don’t depend on anyone to establish ur identity n to help u solve ur prblms. I am sure u can do it.

Vidya(inner voice): I love u Jay. If any girl have husband like u, she will achieve anything in her life. I am so lucky but I don’t how long does this luck stays with me.

Jay: Hello madam, wat r u thinking?

Vidya: Abt u

Jay(shocked): What?

Vidya: I mean abt ur words

Jay(inner voice): Hmm. For a minute, I hoped u will b mine forever. I want to propose u but u may think I am taking advantage of Neel’s cheating. But I want u to stay with me forever Vidya.

Vidya(inner voice): I want to ask to accept me as ur wife but u may think I am asking just bcoz Neel betrayed me. But I want to stay with u forever as ur wife Jay.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya: Yes

Jay: So now promise me that u will b strong n nvr scares for anyone including me

Vidya: Promise

Jay: Shall we go for shopping?

Vidya: Sure

Jay: Wat u want to buy?

Vidya: Many things

Jay: Ok. I am ready to buy u anything u want. Come lets go

Jay n Vidya are in car. They went to a mall.

Jay to salesman: Show us beautiful sarees and dresses

Vidya: No. We want to see kids wear

Jay: What?

Vidya: Yes U already bought many sarees n jewels for me. I don’t want anything else

Jay: Kid’s wear for?

Vidya: For kids at home run by ur mom

Jay: Ok

Vidya saw the dresses n brought dress for every kid in the orphanage.

Jay(inner voice): How kind, sweet n caring u r. Ur kindness enhancing ur beauty Vidya.

Jay staring at her. Vidya looked him

Vidya: Wat?

Jay: I am tired of ur shopping. I am looking how long will u take to buy.

Vidya: I hate u

Jay: Thank u so much. Bcoz if u love me I can’t bare u lifetime

Vidya: U

Jay: What

Vidya: I will kill u

Jay: Sure. Bcoz its better than to bare ur madness

Vidya: Go to hell

Jay: I am already in hell from the moment I married u.

Vidya saw him seriously n abt to say something.

Salesman: Madam, pls finalise the selection. U both can fight later

Jay smiled n Vidya saw Jay seriously. They completed their shopping n bought dresses n toys to kids. They went to orphanage n distributed them. Its already nite n they started from there.

Jay: We shall have dinner out

Vidya: Why? I will cook

Jay: No I want to live

Vidya: What

Jay: If u mix ur anger n tiredness then u will bcom powerful to kill a person just with ur cooking skills.

Vidya: I will kill u

Jay: Yes I know. Thats y I told no

Vidya: U r irritating me

Jay: I love to irritate u swt hrt

Vidya: I love to fight with u

Vidya thought she is talking in mind but unfortunately her words came out n heard by Jay. Jay smiled at her n she hit her head.

Jay:Don’t worry. I already know u r a mad girl.

Vidya: U r mad

Jay: Why?

Vidya: By the way I forgot how dare u beat me on road?

Jay: Tube light finally lighted

Vidya: U r very bad. How can u slap me infront of everyone

Jay: I am sorry Vidya. Actually I didn’t do it intentionally.

Vidya: I won’t talk to u

Jay: Really sorry dear. I am just tensed

Vidya is smiling inside listening his words but acted seriousness.

Vidya: Y r u tensed?

Jay: Bcoz car came to hit u

Vidya: So wat?

Jay: If anything happens to u then


Jay: Nothing. I didn’t want anything to happen to u

Vidya: Y

Jay: Bcoz I love……

Jay stopped his words n car too. Vidya looked him smilingly.

Vidya: Bcoz u love?????

Jay: Nothing

Vidya: Till now u said we should nvr scare for anyone or anything. But now I think u r scared.

Jay: No

Vidya: Then tell me. Y r u tensed abt me?

Jay: Simply

Vidya(angrily shouting): No. U r tensed Bcoz if anything happens to me u can’t take revenge on my father. U can’t black mail him. So u want me to stay with u till ur revenge completes. U r using me as a toy in ur game of revenge. There is no difference between u n Neel. He loved me for property n u married for revenge.

Jay(angrily):Shut up Vidya. I am tensed n I didn’t want anything to happen to u bcoz I love u. I can’t live without u

Vidya smiled n Jay realised wat he said in anger.

Vidya:Come again

Jay turned towards her.

Jay: Yes Vidya. I love u so much. I want u to stay with me forever but I didn’t force u. Do as u like

Vidya: I want to stay with u forever as ur wife. Mrng I went to Neel to apologise him n say him to move on with his life as I decided to b with u forever.

Jay felt happy to listen her words n came close to her n she closed her eyes. Jay kissed her on lips softly. She hugged him n aft sometime they had dinner outside n went to home. Jay settled in sofa n Vidya sat opposite to him n kept kid’s face

Jay: Now wat happen?

Vidya: I want chocolate

Jay: Wat?

Vidya: When I feel happy,I eat chocolate.

Jay: Y didn’t u say that before. I will bring it tomorrow for u. Now I am so tired. Bring me a cup of coffee

Vidya: I will bring coffee also tomorrow. I am also tired.

Jay: I know how to make u bring coffee for me.

Vidya: Now I won’t scare even if u shout

Jay: Acha. But I am not going to shout on u.

Jay came near to her n sat beside her. He tried to come close n she moved back. He pulled her towards him n kissed her on forehead n cheeks n hold her tightly.

Vidya: Jay leave me

Jay: Will leave u but r u going to bring coffee for me. Otherwise I will…..

Vidya: U r too naughty

Jay: Yes I am. But nothing wrong as u r my wife.

Vidya smiled.

Jay: I will bring chocolate for u.

Jay got up to go n Vidya caught his hand

Vidya: I am kidding. Bring it later. Now no need to go

Jay: As u asked I must fulfill it. Will come in 5 mins

Jay left n came with chocolates n Vidya gave coffee to him.

Jay: Oh wow. I can even climb mountains for the coffee prepared by u swt hrt.

Vidya smiled.

Vidya: My chocolates

Jay: I won’t give

Vidya: Why?

Jay: If u want chocolates then

Vidya: Wat

Jay: Give me a kiss

Vidya: No

Jay: Ok then I will have all these chocolates.

He is unwrapping the chocolate n Vidya went to his back n slowly kissed on his forehead. Aft sometime both went to room. Jay hugged her n Vidya hugged him back.

Jay: I love u n trust u a lot

Vidya didn’t respond n closed her eyes to hide her tears.

Precap: Entry of Jay’s frnd Shwetha n fight between Jay n Vidya ends up with love n sweetness.

Sacred Bonding (Episode 6)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 6)


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