Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 29)

Manik gave her juice she drank it nyionika is feeding her with her hands Nandini got tears in eyes
“Amms always want to feed me like this but Appa used to do it by himself says its my Nandu no one means no one has right on her except me”Nandini wiped tears “now everything is just like illusion it was my dream”she hugged nyionika and cried a lot Manik and nyionika are dying inside with regrate

One week passed Manik is putting total efforts to make her normal all his cousins too
Nyionika suggested Nandini to join office for which she refused
Manik thought of different

Nandini was in kitchen “Chutki!” Shouted Manik everyone came out along with Nandini to hall
“I want to go office I want my dress” Nandini went back of him nyionika too came in “bacha is this the way to shout?”
“Mom iam in hurry and she is my wife I will call her like this if she won’t give me everything on time”
Nyionika was shocked ” so you can’t shout just ask her”
“Why? I can’t shout on her?” Manik took it casually and wearing dress

“Munna! Look don’t behave like chipo that wife has to be like this do these things”
“Mom! Chill pill!!!! Cool!!!! Chutki! At 2 my business partners come for lunch so prepare food and you to look beautiful I want to introduce you”
Nyionika was out of control but Nandini accepted she looked at both with anger and sat there
Manik got ready Nandini bought shoes Manik kissed her cheek “our thanks r sorry deal remember it’s thanks one” he said with blinking his eye and smiling
Nandini is shocked she looked at nyionika at felt shy blushing
Manik walked to car nyionika followed at stopped “Manik! What the hell was that she is not your worker treat well if not…..
“Mom! She lost faith in relations until and unless we treat her as ours how will she be into relations? As my wife what she has to do she will do so that she will be busy and feel like it’s my house my family”
Nyionika smiled at son “everything is ok but kissing her infront of me? Iam your mom maintain respect”
“Ha! But you are my cool mom it’s ok!” He said bye and went to office

Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 29)


Manan;A business rivals new love story (Episode 29)


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