Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 4

Recap : Kushi tell the flashback to Lavanya & she express her doubt that Anjali hid something & may be her papa did something.

AR office

Arnav sitting in cabin working on his laptop he gets a call its Shashi Gupta

Arnav : Gud evening uncle
Shashi Gupta: Gud evening beta..
Arnav : anything important ( he was not in mood to talk today )
Shashi : Actually I cannot make it to party today I’ve important meeting soo if you could convince kushi…
Arnav : party is tomorrow uncle.. Not today
Shashi : but kushi invited me today
Arnav : Aashi’s birthday is tomorrow uncle.. I think you misheard her hope you can make it tomorrow.
Shashi Gupta realised as usually Arnav doesn’t remember his anniversary this year too

Shashi : Happy Anniversary beta
A long silence….
Arnav : uncle … ah thank you actually… I’ll call you back later..
Shashi : ok take care & I can’t make it tomorrow also give my love to aashi bye..
Arnav cut the call & bang his hand on table
Arnav : Damn how can I forget this again..( he remember Kushi reminding him something & he shouting at her )

Gupta house

Shashi Gupta : ( to himself ) Arnav Kushi ke paas hoke bhi kitna door hai , lagta hai woh baat hi nahi raha .. Arnav naa Kushi se pyaar jatatha hai na apni zindagi se.. Usne toh aashi ke alava kisi aur ke saath hasna hi bhool gaya .. Aur aashi bhi uss aurat ki hi parchayi hai .kahi meine Kuch galat toh nahi kar diya.. Une alag karke ( even though arnav is with Kushi he is very far from her , feels like they don’t have that charm anymore.. Neither arnav show any love towards Kushi nor towards his life.. He have stopped smiling with anyone else other than aashi.. & not forget aashi is carbon copy of that woman.. Did I do something wrong by separating them..)

He see some photo on the wall

Shashi : ( to himself ) no no I didn’t do anything wrong ( in anger)

AR office

ASR’s cabin

Aman enter in
Aman : Happy Anniversary
Arnav : is it time to wish
Aman : I had messaged you .. Didn’t you check
Arnav :leave it aman ..
Arnav explain the situation to aman
Aman : not again.. How can you..
Arnav give some serious looks
Aman : ok I’ve a solution buy a gift.. Something special..
Arnav : but what??
Aman : you are asking me this?? In past years.. ( he stop realising what he was about to say..arnav was very good at gifting )
Aman : take aashi with you she’ll help you ok
Arnav : it’s better
Aman : if she doesn’t get angry for forgetting ..
Arnav : even she too doesn’t remember.. So..
Aman : hold on she remember everything she is preparing a gift since week ok..
Arnav : then I’m in trouble for sure

Aashi & Aarav waiting for their parents
Aarav : you look worried what happened
Aashi : its my parents anniversary today.
Aarav : did you forget to buy a gift
Aashi: No.. I have prepared a gift.. There is another problem
Aarav : what problem I’ll solve it
Aashi : papa doesn’t remember their anniversary.. Mumma is sad
Aarav : oh that’s a big problem

Anjali come there & see these two

Anjali: Aarav..

Aarav: Gud evening Maa

Anjali : Gud evening.. ( she see Aashi) Gud evening

Aashi : Gud evening . ( to aarav ) what shall I call her bhai

Aarav : hmm.. You call her Maa ok

Aashi : ok

Anjali surprised to hear it & she have some attraction towards Aashi. Aarav explain everything to anjali.

Anjali : oh come here beta ( she make Aashi sit on her lap ) what’s your name

Aashi : Aashi

Anjali remembers her Chote’s daughter aashi & is very attracted towards her..

Anjali : don’t worry I’ll solve your problem.
Anjali give some ideas to Aashi. Aashi kiss her & aarav & go.

Arnav come to school to pick up Aashi & he feel Anjali’s presence there & Anjali too feel Arnav is here only somewhere near to her.

Arnav search for Aashi & see Anjali & is shicked. Aashi come to arnav & pull him when he looks at aashi & then look back anjali is not there . arnav thinks it is his hallucination & sit in car. Aashi now sitting all silent.

Arnav : princess angry on me

Aashi doesn’t talk

Arnav : even your mumma is angry if princess also won’t talk then with whom shall papa talk.

Aashi melt easily just like anjali she look towards him

Arnav : sorry princess

Aashi : its ok I’ve idea let’s for shopping

Lavanya takes Kushi out & aashi arnav come home & decorate home with lights & red roses.

Arnav : decoration done, gifts are packed now we need cake.. Oh we forgot the cake.

Aashi : don’t worry I’ll ask Maa how to prepare.

Arnav : no aashi it won’t be surprise if you ask your mumma.

Aashi : mumma nahi papa I’ll ask Maa

Arnav : Maa?

Aashi explain everything to arnav but doesn’t tell aarav’s name as she keep calling him bhai she addressed him as bhai only in front of arnav.

Arnav : ok then ask your Maa & give me the instruction

Aashi call Anjali & ask her how to make cake.. Anjali guide aashi & aashi tell arnav to do. Finally yummy chocolate cake is prepared. Its the same cake which Anjali used to make & arnav feel she is somewhere near him.

Aashi : ok Maa bye

Anjali : bye..

Arnav take the phone to thank her but its already disconnected.

Lavanya & Kushi come home. Lavanya wait outside making some excuse. Kushi get in there is no light & as she moved forward lights get on & she is very happy seeing the decorations. She look for arnav. Arnav come to her & give a gift & hug her.

Arnav : happy anniversary

Kushi : happy anniversary

Aashi gesture arnav something & arnav pull back from hug & go down on his knees. He hold a rose in his hand & say..

Arnav : sorry

Kushi suddenly make him get up & takes that rose from him.

Kushi: what are you doing arnav no need for all this sorry & all I understand. I love you..

Arnav : I love you too. I’m lucky to have you in my life.

They hug each other. Aashi lavanya & aman come. They cut the cake, couple dance . its a very simple party between these 5 only.

Arshi room

Kushi : thank you for this

Arnav : its your right. I’m sorry

Kushi : leave all this. Cake was yummy.. When did you learn to make it. I mean Arnav Singh Raizada & in kitchen..!!

Arnav explain about Aashi’s new bhai & maa.

Kushi : that’s nice.. Let’s sleep now there’s lots to do for tomorrow

Arshi sleep

Arnav remember seeing Anjali in school.

Arnav : was it my hallucination or really di is here?? No how can she come here..

Precap :

Aarav in Raizada mansion

Aarav : happy birthday princess

Aashi : thank you bhai. Come I’ll introduce you to papa & mumma.

Both go to Arshi’s room..

Will Arnav identify aarav.. Will he know Anjali is here??

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Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 4


Atoot Bandhan (Arshi) Episode 4


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