An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 15)

Episode 15
The episode start with arjun wake up in morning and saw haya sleeping peacefully in his arms he smile and caresses her hairs and stare her lovingly after sometime haya wake up and saw arjun staring her and arjun said
Arjun:good morning jaan
Haya:good morning saying this haya was getting up but arjun pull her and she fall on him and said
Haya:arjun what r u doing let me go
Arjun nod no
Arjun:first my morning kiss
Haya nod no
Haya:just like that saying this she smile and arjun pull her even more closer and said
Arjun:I won’t let u go without taking my morning kiss saying this he hold her hairs and put them behind her ear and hold her face and came close to kiss he was about to kiss when arjun’s phone ring and arjun said
Arjun:why this world always come between lovers saying this he take his phone and haya get up and gone in her room to get ready then she came out of washroom wearing her uniform and that time arjun came and said
Haya looked in mirror and said
Arjun came and hug her from behind and said
Arjun:why r u wearing ur uniform again
Haya:because its uniform and I have to wear it
Arjun:but I told u u don’t need to
Haya:but even I told u rose mam
Arjun:wait I’ll talk to her when she’ll come today saying this he turn haya and she said
Haya:no u don’t need to but before haya could say anything else arjun put his finger on her lips and said
Arjun:r u comfortable just nod in yes or no and don’t lie
Haya look at him and didn’t nod and arjun said
Arjun:I got my answer now go and change saying this he push her softly toward cupboard and gone out saying he is waiting for her in his room then after sometime haya came in arjun’s room wearing pink and white floral lace dress arjun saw her and was mesmerized by her beauty then haya came and stand in front of him and said
Haya:please stop staring me like this
Arjun:what can I do if u r looking so hot saying this he pull haya closer and hold her tightly from waist and haya said
Haya:arjun please let me go
Arjun nod no and said
Arjun:my morning kiss
Arjun:no excuses saying this he came close and kiss her softly and gently on lips as he was about to deepen the kiss someone knock on door and haya immediately separate herself from him and arjun said angrily
Arjun:come in
Rose came in and said
Rose:sir ur guest is here saying this she looked at haya in normal clothes and angrily said
Rose:where is ur uniform haya why r u not wearing ur uniform
Haya was about to say but arjun get angry hearing rose tone and said
Arjun:don’t rise ur voice in front of me u don’t have any right to shout on her
Rose: but sir
Arjun:first I’m not done yet and second I give permission to her to wear whatever she want so don’t talk to her like that ever again now get lost saying this arjun indicate her to go and rose left as she left haya came toward arjun and said
Haya:calm down u don’t need to shout on her
Arjun:how can I she was shouting on u that too in front of me I can’t in fact I will never tolerate this
Haya:ok baba now leave all this and go ur guest is here well who is here
Arjun: ok yeah I forgot to tell u i want u to meet someone
Arjun:just come saying this arjun took haya in 2nd room of that floor arjun came inside with haya and as the man who was sitting on chair turn haya was shocked it was her dad haya run and hug him and said
Haya:papa u here
Papa:yes beta arjun called me to give u surprise
Haya looked at arjun and arjun said
Arjun:u said u were missing u papa so
Haya smile and said
Haya:thank u so much
Papa:h r u beta
Haya: I’m fine h r u
Papa:after seeing my daughter I’m perfectly fine saying this smile then they sat on sofa and talk after sometime haya left saying she’ll bring something to eat as she left haya’s papa said
Papa:thank u so much arjun for keeping her happy
Arjun:its my responsibility Sir
Arjun realized what he said and then said
Arjun:I mean sir actually
Papa:u both love each other a lot
Arjun looked at him and then said
Arjun:actually I called u here to ask haya’s hand for marriage I want to marry her
Papa:I’ll be happy if haya is happy
Arjun:it means yes
Papa:off course I can see how much u love her
Arjun:thank u sir
Papa:not sir call me papa
Arjun:yes papa and please don’t tell her anything I’ll surprise her
Papa:why not I won’t tell her promise saying this he smile and arjun too then haya came inside with bf and they had bf after sometime haya’s father left and arjun left for meeting and haya came in kitchen and met everyone and tell about her papa came to meet her Alan was lost and was thinking about who was the person with haya

Next Episode: Alan Seeing Arya Together
Hey frds h r u all?
Here is the 15th episode sorry for late update was busy with family so how’s it tell me after reading till then bye tc and love u a lot ???

An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 15)


An Imperfect Love Story (Episode 15)


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