Raglak if this happens

After everything goes right between raglak..If this happens
1.Laksh can’t concentrate on any work..only thinks about his lady love ragini
2.Laksh sees rags everywhere
3.arranges a date
4.fulfills her every wish..every wish
5.loveing her more than his life
6.rags forgiving him
7.emotional talk between them
8.Laksh telling her to call him as lucky as he is lucky to get her
9.tight hugs
10.giving surprise for each other daily
11.taking her to new places
12.asking her to work in his office
13.having more babies
14.whenever she goes to baadi coming to see her at night
15.swasan teasing them for being way too romantic
16.helping her in everything
17.helping her in cooking food etc etc.

How many of you actually want this
I love raglak very much
The current serial only shows swara..but I’m not against her but..Ragini should also be given importance. ..
Ragini ‘s acting is simply outstanding. .
In this serial or any serial that’s going on tejaswi is the best

Raglak if this happens


Raglak if this happens


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