Ragini- A Story (Chapter 5)


Ragini- A Story (CH-5)
Scene starts in Mumbai–
Ragini was shocked to hear that she is pregnent. She sits on bed like a lifeless body & tears roll down her cheeks.
Savitri- Ragini bete, are u okay? What happened?
Ragini – Nothing…. And thanks for taking care of me, now i have too go.
Savitri- Wait…. if u want u can share ur pain with me. I know there is something bad happened with u. (She lovingly puts her hands on Ragini’s head)
Seeing such a kind-hearted lady Ragini breaksdown infront of her. She tells everything to her & Kabir. They felt bad for her. After sometime Ragini stopped crying.
Ragini- I will live for this child now, i will never look back at my past. Dadi, plz allow me to go from here.

Savitri- Beta , just now u said u want to live for ur child, i wld request u to live with us. U will have no problem here, i promise.
Ragini- I…. here… but how can i…
Savitri- Dont think so much beta, See Kabir is mainly on his business trips, i live here in this big mansion alone & if u will live with us i will get a company too.
Kabir- Yes, Ragini ji, dadi is right.
After a lot of pressure from Kabir & Dadi, Ragini gets ready to live with them.
Ragini- okay i will live with u guys, but on one condition.
Savitri- What condition?
Ragini- I want to work, u will allow me to work.
Kabir- Can i know ur qualification.
Ragini- Kabir ji i have done MBA.
Kabir- Superb, we want an Administrative Manager for my company, u can join it.
Ragini accepts the offer. This way the time passes, now Ragini used to work in Mehra groups, her bond with Dadi & Kabir was becoming stronger. She had forgotten abt the betrayal of Laksh. She used to live her own life. It was 9 th month of Ragini’s pregnency. Suddenly she felt pain in her stomach. She started shouting. Kabir & Dadi come to her room.
Dadi- Kabir it looks as if her labour pain has started, lets take her to hospital. Kabir takes Ragini in his arms & puts her in the car. They take Ragini too hospital. Ragini was taken to OT.

Scene in Kolkata– In these 9 months Kavya was ruling MM, there business everything. She was treating everyone as her slave. Swara was unable to counter her.
Scene shifts to Mumbai–
Outside OT Kabir & Dadi were waiting. Just then they heard a baby’s cry. Nurse comes out with baby.
Nurse- Cograts its a boy…..
As Kabir takes the baby in his arms , he feels a connection with him. Baby to smiles & holds his fingers.
Kabir- How is Ragini?
Nurse- She is fine, u both can meet her.
They enter with Baby. Kabir puts him on Ragini’s lap.

She gets happy.
Dadi- Ragini. have u thought any name for him?
Ragini smiles says his name will be Ridhaan. Scene ends on her smilling face.
Precap- 6 yrs leap……

So how is this chapter…….
Note– Siddhu rm, naimi, aarti, keira, mridulakrishnan, cute girl, hayati, shagun, maya, sathya & bisha… thanks for supporting…. keep supporting…..

Ragini- A Story (Chapter 5)


Ragini- A Story (Chapter 5)


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