Sacred Bonding (Episode 5)

Sacred Bonding (Episode 5)

Episode 5:

Jay wakes up n looks for Vidya. She is not in room n he looks in washroom n balcony. But didn’t find her. He is abt to go from room n Vidya came into room.

Jay: whr r u till now?

Vidya(smiled): Good morning Jay

Jay: I asked whr were u till now?

Vidya: Y r u so serious? I am in kitchen preparing brk fst

Jay: We hav a cook to do dat

Vidya: I told her not to come

Jay: R u mad? Why did u do dat?

Vidya: Only 2 are living here. Can’t we do our works by ourselves? Y we need maid? We both can do the works together. If u can’t, its ok I will do it. However I am ur wife though its only for name sake, I will tc of everything till I am here.

Jay: Look Vidya, U no need to do any work. Let the servants do the works

Vidya: U didn’t consider me as ur wife. I know dat. Thats y u didn’t like me doing ur works. Right?

Jay: Hmm. Who told u that wife should do all works?

Vidya: In every family I saw wife taking care of the works

Jay: Taking care of works is diff from doing.

Vidya: I didn’t understand

Jay: You are my wife. It doesn’t mean u have to do all works. Bcoz u r my wife n not servant.

Vidya: I…..

Jay: Wait Vidya. Let me tell u clearly. Even if I consider u as my wife n we r real couple too, I won’t allow u to do all the works. Bcoz I just expect love,care n loyalty from my wife not service. Wife is the heart of the family n her only duty is to love the family n to keep family united n happy. In return she has to get same love, support n care from that family. Thats the true way of living as a real couple. But not to serve n work all the time.

Vidya remembered her family saying her from childhood that girls should learn all household works n serve the family of husband. She saw her mom managing all works but her dad n grandma nvr satisfy n used to find fault with her. She also remembered Neel’s words saying her to learn all works before marriage, otherwise his parents won’t accept her as daughter in law. He too said that a good wife n daughter in law is the one who serves her husband n his family.

Jay: Hello whr r u lost?

Vidya: Listening to ur words

Jay: ok. If u want just see whether everything is completed on time or not by servants. But if u feel servants are not necessary for us, then lets do all works together, but not u alone.

Vidya: Did ur parents are like dat?

Jay: Of course. My mom is the queen of my family. My dad n mom used to take every decision by consulting each other. All the works are shared by all of us. I nvr saw my mom n dad fighting seriously anytime. They used to fight just now n in next minute they care for one another.

Vidya: Is it love marriage?

Jay: No arranged.

Vidya: I want to see ur family once

Jay: I too want to see them but not possible Vidya

Vidya: Y? I want to go to see them

Jay shut her mouth with his hand n tears r there in his eyes.

Jay: Please do not say that ever.

Vidya: R they alive or ? Who is Suhana? Yesterday kid in orphanage mentioned her name?

Jay: I am getting late.Let me get ready

Jay left without answering. He got ready n Vidya served brk fst n he is thinking but not having it.

Vidya: Jay

Jay: Yes

Vidya: R u ok

Jay: Haan

Vidya: I am sorry

Jay: What

Vidya: I think talking abt ur family made u upset, so sorry

Jay: Its ok.Its not ur fault

Vidya: Shall I go out today?

Jay: U can go anywhere anytime. No need to ask me. But just tc of urselves. If u need any help just call me

Vidya: Don’t u ask where I am going

Jay: No coz I trust u

Vidya(inner voice): He is so diff from others. He is trusting me. He is giving full feeedom to me. His views on wife are really so good. But How can I trust him? Should I trust him or help my dad? If I brk his trust he will kill me. The most imp thing is he will trust no one again n may become depressed. Wat should I do. Watever I will help my dad but I won’t leave Jay. I will b with him forever as his wife but I am not sure whether he accepts me or not aft betraying him. Watever I can’t brk relationship with my dad or with u Jay. I will save my dad but I will make u too happy. I don’t love u but will try to love u for sure. I didn’t want u to be lonely or depressed. I can’t bare it n moreover I value our marriage. Marriage is a sacred bonding n I don’t want to brk it. If u r wrong I will try to change u. First I am going to steal pen drive from u but pls forgive me Jay. That will b my first n last mistake in our relationship, I promise. After that I nvr hurt or betray u.

Jay: Vidya

Vidya didn’t respond n he tapped on her shoulder.

Vidya: What

Jay: Whr r u lost beautiful? I am calling u as u r not having ur brkfst.

Vidya: Sorry I am thinking something else

Jay: Don’t b so formal. Just tell me r u ok or is anything bothering u? If u think I can help u then just share it with me.

Vidya: I want to meet Neel

Jay folded his fist tight n tried to hide his feelings. Vidya saw that n can understand him. She is a bit scared but continued her words.

Vidya: I want to apologise him for brking the engagement. And want to say….

Jay(seriously): Do watever u want. Bye

Vidya: Jay listen to him

He left without listening her.

Vidya(crying n inner voice): I want to apologise Neel n tell him to move on as I want to be ur wife forever. Y don’t u allow me to complete my words.

Jay in car.

Jay(inner voice): Sorry Vidya. I can’t hide my feelings towards u. But I won’t force u yo stay with me forever. I will let u go from my life though it hurts me a lot. Once again I will face the pain of death by losing u. I love u so much. But how can I force u to love me back? I can’t do that. I think u got upset with my behaviour. May b u r crying too. Shut, no I didn’t want u to cry

Jay calls Vidya

Vidya: Hello

Jay: Sorry Vidya

Vidya: For?

Jay: For not listening to ur words. Pls don’t cry. Really sorry

Vidya: How do u know I am crying.

Jay: I know the psychology of mad girls well

Vidya: Wat do u mean? I am not mad. U r mad.

Jay: Ok I am mad. R u happy now?

Vidya: U r very bad

Jay: Accepting I am bad

Vidya: U r so stupid

Jay: Yes I am stupid

Vidya smiled listening him

Vidya: Sorry

Jay: Why

Vidya: Scolding u

Jay: I know u r angry on me. Do u want to scold me more swt hrt?

Vidya: No. Why r u accepting my scoldings like dat

Jay: Bcoz it makes u smile

Vidya: So u will do anything to make me smile

Jay: Yes

Vidya: Ok then I will ask u something in the evng n u should accept it.

Jay: hmm ok

Vidya: Ok bye

Jay: Bye. Keep smiling

Jay(inner voice): I know wat u will ask me. U will ask me to free u from our relationship n marry Neel. Its ok I accept it

Vidya(inner voice): I will ask u to accept me as ur wife forever. I hope u will accept me though u r angry on my father. If u accept then I will make u happy forever. I will try my best to love u.

Its aftnoon. Vidya went to meet Neel at his home. But stopped going inside listening his mom words.

Vinoda( Neel’s mom): Neel, wat will u do now? You trapped Vidya n we thought we will get her property aft marriage n our status will b changed. But now she married someone else.

Neel: Don’t worry maa.. Still she loves me. Just now she called me asking to meet. I came to know that she married him to protect her father as a deal. So she may soon divorce him n surely will come to me. Its second marriage n no one marries her too. So we can demand more propertyn money from her dad to marry her. Even aft marriage they will fulfill all our wishes coz it will b big insult for them if her second marriage too brks. Everything happened for our benefit. So don’t worry.

Vidya went inside n they shocked seeing her. Vidya slapped Neel n went from there. She is walking with tears in her eyes. She is unable to control herself n totally shattered.

Vidya(inner voice): Wat is dis? Y everyone r playing with my life. Neel loved me for property. Jay married me for revenge. Y it happened only to me? I am a fool to trust everyone. I know Neel from yrs but can’t understand him well. There is no love, nothing. I can’t trust anyone. I loved Neel a lot but how can he do this to me? I hate u Neel. I hate u. I can’t bare this.

A car came to hit her n she is pulled by someone to side. She looked the person n its Jay.

Vidya: Jay

Jay slapped her

Jay: R u mad?? Whr r u seeing? If that car hits u n something happens to u how can I live? I told u many times to be careful. Y r u so careless Vidya. Answer me. I am talking to u. Y do u mean by being calm?

Vidya hugged him n he saw her crying. Jay shocked n caressed her hairs. He realised that he slapped her in tension unknowingly. Jay broke the hug n cupped her face.

Jay: Vidya, I didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t know y I did so. I saw car coming near to u n got tensed. I am unable to control my anger, So I slapped u. I am really sorry. Pls Vidya.Pls forgive me. Don’t cry. I am so sorry. Tell me wat should I do for my mistake. But don’t cry pls

Vidya hugged him again n cried more. Jay didn’t understand anything. But he got doubt that she is not crying bcoz of him but there must be some other reason.

Jay: Its ok. Come lets go home.

He took her to car n both sat in back seat n she is crying continuously n leaned her head on his shoulder. He tried to comfort her by consoling her hairs. She took her to room. Jay gave water to her.

Jay: Wat happened Vidya? Y r u so depressed? Is everything ok with u?? Do u want to meet ur parents? R u crying for that? If yes don’t worry I will drop u at ur home. U can meet ur dad too but don’t b so dull. If u r crying coz of me then I will free u soon from this relationship. But wat I want is ur happiness. I feel guilty if u cry. I am sorry for spoiling ur life by marrying u without ur permission.

Vidya: I am not crying coz of u Jay. Don’t b guilty

Jay: Then wats wrong? Did Neel said anything to u as u married me? Don’t worry I will talk to him n explain him y u did so n u still love him so much. I will convince him.

Vidya: No need Jay

Jay: Then?

Vidya abt to say something n his phone rang.

Jay: One minute, wil b back

Jay is talking in mobile

Jay: No I am not coming to meeting. Cancel all appointments today.

Jay: Its ok. watever happens I will manage later. Nothing is more important to me than my wife. She is ill today n I can’t leave her alone in this situation. So cancel everything n don’t call me again. I am switching off my mobile. Bye.

Vidya eyes filled with tears but this time its coz of Jay n his care on her ( Actually love but Vidya didn’t know that he is loving her though sometimes she feels it in his eyes, she ignores it). Jay came to her.

Jay: Did u meet Neel?

Vidya: Yes

Jay: Now tell me wat happened?

She told everything to him.

Jay: Did u have ur lunch?

Vidya: I didn’t want to have anything

Jay: But I want to.

Both had their lunch. Vidya shocked as he didn’t console her or said anything aft knowing wat happened. Jay is having his food calmly. Vidya is now really angry on him feeling that he didn’t console her.

Jay(inner voice): Don’t worry Vidya I won’t leave Neel that easily for hurting u. Wait for some time n I know how to make u smile again. But one thing is true that u r so innocent n sensitive. Its not good in this society at present days. U must become strong n I will do it. I won’t mind whether u will b with me or not. But I will do anything for u to make u happy. I will change ur mood soon swt hrt.

He smiled thinking this n Vidya got irritated.

Vidya: I hate u

Jay: What?

Vidya: U r so cruel

Jay: Why?

Vidya: U enjoy ppl crying

Jay: Vidya, First tell me wat I did. Then scold me. Tell me the reason

Vidya: U r smiling seeing me in tears. U r njoying to see me in tears.

Jay saw her once n then saw her plate n found she completed het lunch. He smiled again

Jay: Oh..Obviously..Ur father is my enemy. So definitely I will b happy if u cry. And I love to see u hating me

Vidya got up n went to room seriously. Jay came to her n sat beside her.

Jay: Vidya, we r going out. Get ready.

Vidya: I have no mood. Leave me alone

Jay: U must obey my order beautiful. Otherwise u know wat will I do

He said dat seriously n immediately she got up n went to get ready.

Jay(inner voice): I don’t understand y this girl scares for me. Even if I raise my voice or acts seriousness, she will b scared n starts crying. So sensitive. But I want to surprise u Vidya. So I spoke like dat with u. Otherwise I know u won’t come n will resume ur crying session.

Vidya got ready n came out. For sometime she forgot her grief of got cheated by Neel coz of anger on Jay for not consoling her n forcing her to go out. Jay is njoying her seriousness.

Jay: Vidya, Can u pls bring coffee for me?

Vidya: I can’t

Jay(smiled): Why

Vidya: I don’t know to prepare coffee

Jay(shouted): Bring me coffee right now

Vidya again scared n went off n came with coffee. Jay is looking her with smile.

Jay: Thank u for the coffee. I love coffee prepared by u. By the way can u smile once. I am missing light in our room. If u smile our room brightens up with it.

Vidya: Ohhh..Lover boy is coming out from u Mr.Jay. But I don’t fall for u.

Jay came near to her n very close to her face. He came close to her lips n she closed her eyes but didn’t move away from him this time. Jay smiled n went away.

Jay: Open ur eyes.

Vidya opened her eyes n saw him sitting on bed.

Jay: You started falling for me Ms. Vidya n soon u will bcom Mrs. Vidya Jay

Vidya: No way. Come out of ur day drms

Jay: Ok. Come lets go out

Precap: Jay changing Vidya’s mood n counselling her to be strong. Cute moments of Jay n Vidya.

Sacred Bonding (Episode 5)


Sacred Bonding (Episode 5)

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