FAn fiction Twinj Episode 10

FAn fiction Twinj Episode 10

Hey guys sorry for late update.. Could not post It earlier as I was busy with my exams.. Hope you guys understand…. Thanks for ur support nd ur immense Love… Please give ur valuable feedback.. Nd I hope u all have not forgotten me..

Recap->Uv-Hi My Love!!
C-(deep inside her heart happy but ask shockingly) My Love??
Uv narrates her the whole incident nd she blushes
Uv –See someone is blushing
Chinki turns her face..

UV-we have to tell this to Twinkle and Kunj also .i just call them nd ask them to come to the park near my place..
C-okay!! 
Uv makes a call to kunj and ask him to come to the park near his (Uv’s) house along with Twinkle.
AT Kunj’s Place
Kunj gives the suit which he had brought for her..
T-I am impressed Mr. khadoos Sarna.. I never thought that u have a good choice.. but I should appreciate u for this I liked it.. Thank YOU!!
K-tu bhi to meri.. (nd then he stops)
T-kuch kaha tumne??
K-No nothing. You just go and get ready fast we have to go to meet Chinki & Uv ..
T- Okay 

Kunj is waiting for Twinkle in the hall.. Twinkle come downstairs..She was looking damn hot.. Kunj get mesmerized seeing her..He was lost in seeing her..
Twinkle- Ahem Ahem.. Kaha kho gaye Mr. Sarna (Where are u lost Mr Sarna)??
Kunj- (composes himself) UMM !! I was thinking about Mrs. Sarna
Twinkle-bechari ladki (Poor girl)… (in a irritated tone)
K- haha very funny … She is one in a billion.. (teasingly)
T-Oh really
K- Ya..
T- Nevermind.. if u are done so can we go Yuvi nd Chinki must be waiting..
Chinki and Uv reaches the park & are waiting for Twinj. Yuvi nd Chinki are having romantic talks.. Yuvi started teasing her nd she was blushing heavily..Twinj Reaches there.
Twinj- Ahem Ahem !!
Yuki- Actually we wanted to tell you something.
t- We know that what u both wanted to tell us
C-How do u know??
T- tumhe kya lgta hai ki itna brilliant idea kiska tha to truth speaking medicine in ur drink..
Yuki were really shocked.. Chinki blushes..
Kunj to Uv – Congrats bro.. (y)

Kunj to Chinki –Now I should call u Chinki or I should call u bhabhi ji..
Chinki blush and the three of them starts laughing..
T- Congrats Chinki and UV..
Alia also reaches there nd says Hi to everyone nd hugs Kunj..Kunj was feeling awkward but can’t do anything.. On the other hand Twinkle gets angry nd leave the place.. Kunj also follows her as he knew what has happened to her..
Uv – What has happened to her ?
C- God knows.
A-Bye guys..
Alia was very angry on Twinkle..

Precap- She plans something to separate Twinj…

Hope you guys like it ..Sorry for any mistakes..
Luv u all… <3 :-*

FAn fiction Twinj Episode 10


FAn fiction Twinj Episode 10

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