I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 13)

I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 13)

Hi hope u like this.
Shagun: thank u all so much.
Anjali: do u want anything to eat.
Raman: no dhi.
Akash: khushi what u have studied.
Khushi: b.com. hare akash ,is it the time to take interview of my past?
Akash: not like that. I just wanted to know.
Arnav: we will go some where out ?
Akash: good idea but where?
Khushi: who gave the idea should decide where to go.

Shagun: point khushi.
Arnav stares at her.
Khushi laughs.
Arnav thinks I am now only seeing the old khushi.
shyam admires seeing khushi laughing.
Ishita: we will go to mall?
Khushi: we will always go there only.
Akash: we will go to any 3 days trip?
Ishita: I like that idea.
Raman: u like going for picnics?
Ishita: now only ur learning this ah? Ur waste to get married.
Raman: sorry yaaar, I will definitely take u.
Khushi: I also like tour but we will go to 1 day trip like to theme park. We can enjoy a lot there.
Shagun: yes , let us go to theme park.
Anjali: me and shyam will also join.
Arnav: nice idea.
Akash: good I will also come.
Khushi: akash book a van for tomorrow . we will surely go tomorrow. Ok ya?
Akash: sure khushi.

Khushi: elders like uncle ,aunt,dadi ,nani can sit in the park and enjoy.
Nani: nice idea khushi.
After few hours… raman and ishita leaves. Khushi and shagun packed their clothes for living in raizada home and came to raizada house.
Dadi: khushi u kept fast right. The time is over u can eat now come.
Khushi: let all of them come to dinner dadi.
Nani: khushi u eat,all of them eat something but u didn’t eat anything.
Khushi: ok. Shagun come for the compay na.
Shagun: ok.
They start eating.
Akash: this is not fair dadi, u r serving her only not me?
Dadi: hey she kept fast , did u keep anything?
Akash: no but u r giving priority to her only.
Khushi: hey domobu stop it . dadi only compelled me.
Akash: how dare u call me domobu….
Khushi starts running.
Akash chases her..
They throws things on each other.
Akash catches her.
Akash: don’t call me domobu.
Khushi: domobu,domobu,domobu……..
She pinches akash and starts running.

Arnav came down to have dinner.
He saw them running.
Khushi hid behind arnav. They kept arnav in middle and played.
Akash: khushi wait , I will show u who is this akash?
Khushi: who is akash here?
Arnav: hey stop ya. Let me go.
He goes.
Akash catches khushi again.
Khushi: sorry akash ,compromise.
Akash: compromise.
They head to the dinning table.
Anjali: what is meant by domobu.
Khushi: it is akash fav pet name in school. Their friends kept him this name , I used this name with different meaning.
Anjali: what khushi?
Khushi: if I say he will beat me?
Anjali: I will lookafter that he is not beating u.
Akash begged khushi not to tell with his looks.

Khushi: anjaliji it is a secret between me and akash.
Anjali: why are u calling anjaliji call me dhi.
Khsuhi: ok dhi.
All assembles in the dinning table .
They all have dinner.
Khushi and shagun slept in a individual room given by Anjali.
Shagun: I am very happy for u khushi.
Khushi: why ?
Shagun: u got ur family back right?
Khushi: yes. I am very happy for that. after long gap I am seeing my bro,dadi,uncle aunt.
Shagun: hmmm..
Khushi: shagun can we sleep now?
Shagun: yes…..
All slept.

Next day.
All went to theme park next day.
Raman: khushi I gave u instruction right. No more dangerous games.
Akash: why raman?
Raman: she shouldnot go that’s it.
They all went to many rides.
Raman: khushi no this ride.

Ishita: come lets go.
Khushi makes puppy face.
Raman: ishita u go with shagun. Akash and arnav u both go . I will stay with khushi. Dhi u aso go with shyam.
Khushi: thank u raman.
All finishes playing rides and leaves in the van.
Nani: park was very good.
Khushi: hmmm.
Raman: khushi,here is ur doctor’s report. Without fail go to hospital today.u have appointment today.
Khushi: yes raman,I forgot about the appointment.
Akash: what appointment?
Khushi: doctor’s.
Akash: why.

Shagun stares at arnav and says
Shagun: actually , she got accident when crossing a road after the graduation day of college. She got hit by a car.
Akash: cant u see while crossing road.
Khushi: I don’t remember what I did that time. But definitely I remember that I was asking someone to believe me but I don’t know yaar.
Akash: what.
Shagun messages akash.
Shagun: hey don’t make her remember of that incident. She is trying a lot to remember but she couldn’t. if she thinks again her joully mood will be turned to painful. Don’t ask anything. I will explaoin u clearly when she is not there.
Akash: ok. Khushi what is ur fav food.
Khushi: jelibi,pani puri and more.
Akash: hmmm.
They went home.
Khushi: shagun accompany me right.
Shagun: ok.
Akash: I will also come.
They 3 left.
In hospital.
Khushi went in for taking scans.
Akash: what happen shagun to her.

Shagun: actually there is a lot of things here. do u think that anjali’s husband shyam is a good guy or bad guy.
Akash: good guy only.
Shagun: u r wrong he is a bad guy. He is this reason for khushi’s state. He is an evil.
Akash: I wont spare him.
Shagun: but think about Anjali right. She is so innocent to believe shyam.
Akash: hmmm.
Shagun: akash,please don’t show ur anger on him. Doctor is calling come.
Doctor: shagun,u r friend is absolutely normal. She is infact more happier than before right?
Shagun: yes doctor.
Doctor: who is this?
Akash: I am her brother.
Doctor: ok. Continue the medicines if pain persists. That’s it . u can leave.
Akash,khushi and shagun leave.
In raizada home.
Shashi: I am very happy that khushi reunited with us.
Garima: she is so sweet girl.
Nani: she is very talented too.
Dadi: yes my granddaughter is like me only right.
Sashi: right ma.
Dadi: we should do our akash and khushi’s marriage together.
Nani: nice idea.

Garima: but khushi and akash should be ready for marriage.
Dadi : yes.
Anjali: even I want my chote to marry. He is that much against marriage.
Dadi: nani why cant we ask for arnav and khushi marriage?
Nani: good but they both are worst than enemies. They always fight . I saw them fighting for silly things also.
Anjali: no nani,we will ask for arnav and khushi proposal. It will be good only.
Shyam: but khushi…
Anajli: what?
Shyam: nothing.
Nani: then what can we do for akash?
Dadi: I think shagun as shagun is also a good girl.
Anjali: dadi yes even shagun is also a good girl.
Nani: Anjali u convince arnav,I will ask akash to convince khushi. Khushi ,raman,ishita to concince shagun, dadi u should convince akash with help of khushi.
Dadi: ok. Plan.
Akash , khushi and shagun enters.


I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 13)


I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 13)

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