Swaragini (life full of love) episode 19

Swaragini (life full of love) episode 19

Hey guys I am really happy with ur comments …even though I got few I am really happy …so let’s get started
Sanky : OK come let’s leave ….
Swara : haan challo ….
@ parking lot
Swara : lucky I want to drive this bike …
Lucky : r u mad …
Swara : plszzz ….she makes a pout face ..
Lucky smiles
Lucky : OK come …sit in front of me …
Sanky comes with ragini behind in his bike
Sanky : r u mad to give ur bike to Swara ….

Ragini : want is the grantee that she will drive safe
Lucky : arrey u both I am there na -……I will manage
Swara : haan he is there and I think u should be careful
Ragini : y …sanky is only driving right
Lucky : that’s the problem …..sanky concentrate on the road OK ….
Swalak give HiFi
Ragini blushes ..
Sanky : OK meri ma and papa …be careful and reach amesument park OK bye
Sanky leaves ..
Lucky : Swara now see hold the bike like this ..
He touches her hand …
Swara turns
Lucky is really close to her ..they share an eye lock …..
Swara : OK now an we leave …
Lucky : OK slowly press the accletor …
Swara does it fast
Lucky : Swara I said slow ..wait
He comes more closer to her …and catches her wrist …
They start to move …

Ragini : r u thinking that they will reach
Sanky : no idea
Ragini : hnmmm …Swara is very lucky to get laksh as her bf …he cares so much for her ..
Sanky feels upset but cheers ..
Sanky : ya she is ….
Ragini notices this ,,…but she hides
Ragini : by the way I want ride on all the rides OK
Sanky in a happy tone : we will see …that I know u r afraid of rides
Ragini : who said I am don’t imagine urself OK …I am ragini gadodia OK …
Sanky : OK miss ragini sanskar sharma ,..,.,.,,
Ragini is surprised hearing that word
Sanskar remembers what he said and blushes ..

Ragini : sanky u need to have patience OK…we r just in 11th not in collage or in that age
Sanky : OK OK ….now come …
@amusement park
Swalak came first ….
Swara : now we will tease them …
Lucky : ya
A boy behind : no way
Swalak turn
Sanky : we came first
Lucky : again u
Ragini laughs ..
Swara: OK come ragini we will go desperate u two boys go seperately (with attitude ! )
Lucky : what …
Sanky : wait we all will go together ….

Swara : we all went together to dominos …now we will go seperate ….then pub we will go together ..OK bye boys ..
Ragini reluctantly goes with Swara making a pout face to sanky ….
They leave .
Lucky : arrey this Swara
Sanky : she has a very bad timing …..
Lucky : wait I have a plan
Sanky : what plan ..
Lucky tells a plan which is muted …….
Sanky : good now its show time
Lucky takes a trumpet and starts to sing
Palat song from main year hero )
At last Swara and ragini laughs ….
Swara : lucky seriously
Lucky : now plzz
Sanky : ya ragini come
Ragini : sure ..
The four first go to the roller coaster …
Ragini : sanky I am scared ….
Sanky : I am there na

Swara : come now
Lucky and Swara in one seat behind sanky and ragini …they wear the belt …
Swara : I am excited ..
Lucky : mee too
Sanky : ragini hold my hand ….
Ragini holds tightly …
The ride starts ..it goes really height ..Swara and lucky were busy taking selfies ..
While sanky was consoling ragini ….
It came down really fast ..Swara and laksh shouted yippee
Sanky enjoyed by holding ragini’s hand ..
after the ride
Swara : that was awesome ..
Lucky : ya indeed it was show me the stills
Ragini : omg that was really nice I loved it
Sanky : really half the time u were closing ur eyes ..
Ragini shows fake anger …
Sanky : sorry ,.,.,.,.,.making pout face
Swara : OK come guys let’s go to next one ……..
They finish all the rides …
TIME : 7:00PM
Ragini : we have finished all the rides ….
Sanky : ya
Swara : what next
Lucky : PUB !!!!
Swara : why r we waiting for ….come
They reach pub
Swara goes to the dance floor dragging laksh ..

Sanky and ragini sit in the sofa ..
Waiter : good evening what would u like to have sir and mam
Sanky : one red wine and one appe soda ..
Waiter : sure sir …he leaves .
Sanky : so ragini do u want anything else
Ragini : I guess no need ….
Sanky : good …
The order came
Ragini drinks it in one gulp and sanky slowly drinks it ..
Ragini feels dizzy
Sanky : it is not red wine ……..he sees ragini
Sanky : oh no we mixed the drink …..shit !!!!
ragini in a drunken state
Ragini : sanky what r u doing here …
Sanky : come let’s leave …

Ragini : u r trying to rape me because I look beautiful and have a good structure ..very bad
Sanky : plz come …
Ragini : no I won’t allow u ….
Sanky is tensed …swalak dance …..
Precap : ragini in a drunken state ….ragini and sanskar moments ………swalak romance ……ragsan and swalak breakup
How was it guys …plzz comment ..I am even writing another ff SWARAGIINI ( WILL U BE MINE FOREVER ) for season fans plzz read …and comment guyss …..thank u keep reading

Swaragini (life full of love) episode 19


Swaragini (life full of love) episode 19

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