Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 1

Hey guys …..I am really happy to write this ff …its an teenage love story ..I am not gonna give any intro to it ….so let’s get started
@Swara house
They are rich .( they got transferred from Delhi to Kolkata)
Mishti : Swara come fast ..breakfast is ready
Swara : coming ma ….
Shekhar : so beta …new school ..
Swara : haan dad ..I will manage ….I am 8th dad come on …
Shekhar : OK meri ma ….now come I will drop in car ..
Swara : OK dad …
Mishti : take ur bag ..her
Mishti : bye ma ..she gives peck on the cheeks of mihti ..
Swara leaves …
She is in a knee above blue shaded skirt ,white shirt with blue tie , identity card and white headband …with black shoes ( the school uniform )
They reach the school
The Kolkata high school ….its really big school and top school in Kolkata …
Swara gets out of car ….
Shekhar : take care beta
Swara : haan bye …she waves bye and leaves …..
@ class …VIII A section
Teacher starts the class ..
Teacher : everyone a very good morning ..I know its a new academic year …so we will start with introducing everyone names to the class …
So start.
The bench
A boy stood up
He is very stylish wearing blue full pant ,white shirt with blue tie with a black watch and with black shoes .( the school boys uniform)..he is cool
The boy : my name is sanskar maheshwari ..( he is very attitudeous ..most popular very cool )
Teacher : oh the naughtiest boy of the school ….I don’t know how I am going to get done with this class ..
Sanky : don’t worry mam ….we do it outside the class ..not while studying ….
Whole class laughs ..
Teacher : OK OK next …( its a co-ed school ..boys and girls sit together …one bench one boy one girl )

As it goes on ..
At the fourth bench
A girl stands up
The girl : my name is ragini gadodia …( she is really a matured girl ….a very cool type ..studying in this school from LKG )
teacher : u r the most naughtiest girl in the school right …..I don’t know why they gave this batch
Whole class laughs ..
Ragini : don’t worry mam ..soon u will be out of the job .
Teacher : let’s see ..OK next …
As it goes on …
The next row first bench : I am laksh sharma ..( he is really attitudeous person,very handsome , heartthrob of collage …)
Teacher : omg I am gone u also …
Lucky : ya u r gone ..I am also member ….
Whole class laugh ..as it goes on ..
In the door step a breeze of air slowly starts ..sanky feels something …he slowly turns
The reception teacher enters ..behind a girl following …
Reception teacher : hello student we have a new member in our school ..plz come in child …
Swara enters ..
Sanky gets memerised seeing her …
She made a high pony …
Teacher : so children’s she is Swara shergil …plz introduce ur self child ..
Swara with smiling
Swara : my name is Swara shergil I am from Delhi …I am really looking forward to be with u all ..
Teacher : that’s good ..wait I will see the seats ..sanky there is no one with u ..
Sanky : vo mam ….no ..
A girl comes running
Girl : sorry mam I am late today
Teacher : come in kavitha …
Kavitha : thank u mam ..
She goes and sits with sanky its her place ..
Teacher : oh ..so u go and sit with laksh Swara ….
Swara sits with Kaisi ..
Laksh : hi
Swara : hi
Lucky : so u r gonna be my bench partner this year ,..
Swara : I think so ..
Lucky : that means u need to be like me …cool dashing ….
Swara : ohk I will see …by the way last year who was ur bench partner
Lucky : that one ..he points towards ragini ..
Swara : she was like u ..
lucky : she was more than me …may be u would change …
Swara : OK laksh nice talking to u ..
Lucky : call me lucky OK ..
Swara : OK lucky ..
Lucky feels something and smiles ….
The class gets over ..Swara easily mingles with everyone ….
Its break …
Ragini : wanna join lunch with our gang …
Swara : gang …
Ragini : ya me lucky sanky
Swara : sure …
Swara and ragini heads towards tree …
Sanky feels his heart beat and turns
He finds Swara coming towards him …..
Lucky : bro what happened ….
Sanky : nothing ..bro ..getting fresh air ..
Lucky : not funny ..
Sanky : u r lucky that’s y u got new girl as bench partner …see my case the kavitha ..I just hate her ..always following me everywhere I go ..
Lucky : ha ha ha ..I am lucky ..luck is there in my name …by the way the girl Swara …she is really damm cute and cool ….always keeps on smiling and catching things very fast …
Swara and ragini comes ..
Ragini : guys I called her …to have lunch with her what’s say …
Lucky : oh Swara …sure
Swara: thanks guys ..
Sanky sees her always smiling …
Swara also feels something strange …
They all sit in round and starts eatuping by sharing …Swara becomes very close with them ……
Sanky : yaar u r really cool …..
Lucky : that’s what I said ….
Ragini : so now u both will forget me …
Sanky : never dear
Lucky : of course ..
Ragini gives fake anger look to lucky
Sanky and Swara laughs …
Sanky gets memerised ….
Sanky : u look good when u laugh …
Swara : thanks sanky …OK come let them fight …u show me the school ..
Sanky in a happy tone : sure come ….
Sanky one by one shows her the school
They both walk together …whenever Swara’s shoulder touches sanky ‘s shoulder ..they both feel something ….
After sometime
Swara : wow this school is great …
Sanky : that’s y I study here ….
Swara smiles
Swara : OK come let’s go ….
Raglak together : where u both went leaving us
Swara : u were fighting that’s y I asked sanky to introduce me the school ….
Sanky : ya what’s wrong …
Ragini : OK OK come let’s go to class …
Lucky : haan come Swara .,,,,,,,he touches Swara ‘s hand …by mistake he feels a shock …
Lucky : ouchhh …
Swara : what happened
Lucky : nothing ..come …
They head to class ..
The screen freezes on both of the couple

Precqp : Swara and sanky become best friends ……villains of this introduction …raglak magical chemistry

So how was it guys ..and the pairs are
OK plz read and comment

Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 1


Swaragini ( will u be mine forever ) episode 1


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