Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 28

Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 28

Recap :ragsan and swalak locked nok jhok and romance

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Episode starts..

Scene :swalak
They are kissing for a long time. They forgot the whole world around them.
After sometime they stopped kissing.swalak were looking at each other. Swara was about to go from there but laksh stopped her by holding her hand. She stops laksh pulls her towards him so that her back hits his chest. Laksh come close. He catches her waist tightly and was kissing her on neck. Swara closes her eyes. Suddenly she remembers laksh saying he loves ragini. She stops him
Laksh :what happened swara
Swara :laksh what do u mean by what happened. U love ragini and this… I thought ur just a flirt but this..
Laksh:swara.. That actually I love ragini only. I did flirting with so many but like this no.. Swara. Actually I also don’t know why I behaved like that. I am sry swara.
Swara:lucky do u love me… say frankly
Laksh:I am confused swara. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t even thought of love with u but when I saw first ragini I had really felt something.
Swara :lucky say yes or no
Laksh:listen swara
Swara :yes or no
Laksh :no he shouts. Now happy
Swara :no I want to go out. I am not happy. She is beating the door with stool and was crying a lot open open. Laksh felt bad seeing swara like this.
Laksh:swara it won’t open. Plz swara. Security comes morning and he will open.
Swara :that means I should be here with u.

Scene :ragsan
Ragini closed her eyes and she felt like giving her soul and everything to sanskar.
Sanskar also kissing her at neck. Ragini got up and was going but sanskar catches her pallu. She turns and sees him
Sanskar comes close to her and was about to kiss her. Ragini also closed her eyes allowing him to kiss her on lips. Sanskar sees her lips and was going to kiss her. Ragini feels his hot breathe. Then sanskar sees that her pallu caught fire.
Sanskar :ragini he shouted. Ragini opened her eyes and shouts. Sanskar with his hands stopped that fire. He also burnt his hand.
Ragini and sanskar comes and hugged each other. They had tears in their eyes.
After 10min they released and ragini saw his hand
Ragini :sir what is this u have burnt ur hand. And takes his hand and keeps in the pot. Ragini looks at him teary eyed and sanskar seeing her lovingly.
Sanskar :it’s okk ragini. It is not that hurt. I am fine. Ragini s tears drops on his hand.
Sanskar :he took a kerchief and was cleaning her tears. But ragini suddenly took that kerchief and tied to his hand which is burnt.
Sanskar saw this and kissed her on forehead. And saw that her saree got spoiled. Ragini ur saree got spoiled.
Ragini:yes sir I should change my dress is here only. I came here to change only but before only the lights went off.
Sanskar :ok then now u change
Ragini :sir.. I..
Sanskar understood:ragini u Change over there which is dark and I am not able to see.
Ragini:sir but I get afraid of dark.
Sanskar :ok then I will come and will turn other side. Okk. Ragini doesn’t reply.
Sanskar :ragini do u believe me
Ragini :sir I don’t know why but my heart is saying and demanding to trust u. I trust u sir more than myself.
Sanskar :ok then change come.

Laksh:as we don’t have another option. Till mrng we should be here only.
Swara :ok fine I will go to that corner and sleep. Don’t come there.
Laksh:me then
Swara :it’s ur wish. Wherever u want u can. Who am I to say that. She left
After 1hr swara slept. Laksh was thinking why am I feeling so much bad. No no it is like my heart is breaking. He goes near swara. Her hair came on her face. He very lovingly sets her hair and covered her with his jhurkin and he also sleeps there beside swara.

Scene :ragsan
Ragini changes and says :sir I changed.
They go and sat near fire. They remembering what all happened. Ragini is blushing. Sanskar was also blushing.
Sanskar :ragini… ah.. Hmm.. I am getting sleep.
Ragini:yes sir me too.
Sanskar :but u stay awake
Ragini:why sir
Sanskar :bcoz I am…
Ragini :ok sir I understood u sleep. I will stay awake.
Sanskar sleeps but after sometime the windows hit due to wind which makes sanskar wake up. He saw that ragini is sleeping and was about to fall in the fire. Sanskar goes and catches her in the nick of time. He holds her and lifts her and made her sleep on some dresses. Sanskar was about to get up but stops as ragini is holding his shirt. Sanskar sees this and was staring at her beauty and kisses her on forehead and cheeks for which ragini smiled unknowingly like a small baby. He also lies beside her smiling and staring at her.

Now it’s morning
Scene :swalak
Swara :wakes up and sees laksh beside and smiles but remembers what all happened on one night and gets up.
It’s already 9. She goes to the door. Security comes and opens the door and is shocked to see swara
Security :mam u here
Swara :yaah we got stuck here. I am leaving. Inside lu.. Laksh maheshwari is there wake him after I go.
Security :ok mam
Swara leaves teary eyed.

Scene :ragsan
Ragini wakes up and sees sanskar who is staring at her lovingly.
Ragini gets up quickly :sir I am sry sir. I don’t know when I slept and sees that she is at other place. Sir how did I came here from there
Sanskar :it’s okk ragini don’t wry. I only took u here. U were about to fall in fire.
Ragini : oho… tq u sir. What is the time sir
Sanskar :ragini it’s 9
Ragini:what I should go I think till now security would also came.
She is going but sanskar stops her and comes close to her and pins her to the wall:ragini what is the hurry. We can stay here na.
Ragini :sir.. And was blushing
Sanskar came close and was going to kiss her on lips. Ragini closed her eyes.
When he is about to kiss her. Security came and opened the door.
Ragsan realised their position. Ragini runned out blushing. Sanskar saw this and was smiling. He also left
Security :what happened two couples had locked here. One couple is happy and the other is don’t know what have happened..

Scene :at school that evening
Ragini came and took munni. Sanskar also came and saw ragini and smiled at her but ragini is looking him with disgust and angry.
Sanskar :hey choti I brought a chocolate to u.
Munni : is it for me ravan uncle.
Sanskar :yaah for u only. U don’t want
Munni: oho tq u very much. Today onwards I will not call u ravan. I will call u…. Don’t know I will think and say tomorrow.
Sanskar :ok munni. They both smiled.
Ragini:she took the chocolate from munni and throwed down. She took munni and went away without even looking at him.
Sanskar doesn’t understand…

Episode ends…

Precap:a new entry for….

Uttara will be played by tanu from kumkum Bhagya. Stay tuned for knowing more. Thank uuuuuu


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 28


Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 28


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