My Heart beats for??? – Epi 3

Hi guys, first apologises that I was not able to reply to anyone of your comments… And secondly Thanks for your response …. I read each and every comment…. I am really very happy with your guesses… Many of you have tried to guess the plot and the pairs, the next episode might reveal some of the suspense… I can just say that don’t worry about the pairs, the next episode will clear some of your doubts..

Ragini was thinking, how come these guys never see her, may be because they are seated far from my place, Anyhow why should I bother….
Arjun: Were are u lost Miss Gadodia….
Ragini: Hey don’t call me like that, just call me Ragini….
Arjun: Oho!!!! If Sanskar calls u Miss Gadodia, then u get smile on your face, so u have given right only to him ah!!!!!
Siya: Hello Ragini, let me clear out something, I am senior to u, so I have first right on him
Ragini: hey common guys I don’t have any interest on him…. His brother Laksh is far better than him…. If you fix my name with him I won’t feel bad but not with that Mr. Sadu
Siya: Hey whom did you call Sadu?????
Ram: Leave her Siya….. When u go far away from a person only then you will know his value!!!
Ragini: Enough guys for today and I am not going to marry anyone of those brothers…. So just chill….. and I hate this love stories
Arjun: The people who say like that will only really fall in love….
Siya: Hey guys, did you observe, I think again these Maheshwari brothers fought for something yaar…. Did u see Sanskar was angry on Laksh…..
Ram: Yes Siya even I observed
Ragini: What’s their problem actually?????
Arjun: From past one year they are fighting for something , don’t know the reason but before that they were never like that
Siya: Laksh never show up his feelings out though he is angry, but Sanskar we can easily find out if he is angry.
Ragini: None of you know the reason???? U people r working along with them from past few years!!!
Arjun: They r very secretive about their personals, we even don’t know anything about their family…. But one thing is sure that they fight for some person!!!!
Ram: Then I think it might be about Love????? Don’t u think guys??? What els these brothers would have to fight for!!!!!
Siya: Laksh might have a girl friend as he has got that flirty nature!!!!!!
Ragini: Don’t say anything about Laksh, I like him yaar ??…… He is not flirty but he is friendly with everyone, unlike that Sadu

After few days :
Laksh: Hi Ragini, hru???
Ragini: Hey Laksh hru??? I am fine…
Laksh: What happened to you?? didn’t see you from past few days..
Ragini: oh!! Don’t ask me about that, Ur khadoos brother is making us work in night shifts… This week I will be in general shift…
Laksh: Don’t forget that you are talking with his brother ?
Ragini: Hmmmm even that’s true….. He makes us all to work but look at his desk, he would never turn up to office on time, and though he comes he will be staying for max 3 hrs not more than that……..and he would drop a mail that l will work from home
Laksh: He has personal issues
Ragini: Daily he will have personal issues????
Laksh: Nothing like that, he is very concerned about the baby and so he works from home
Ragini: bàby?????
Laksh: Yes baby boy…. 1yr old he is…….. and he don’t wànt to leave the baby on our parents….
Ragini: What would her mother do then???? Can’t she take care of her baby!!!!!
When Laksh was about to reply, he got an urgent call and left the place…
Ragini was shocked to know that Sanskar has an year old kid……. So Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari is married!!!! Her heart beat started to increase, this was the signal that Sanskar was going to come as it happens to her daily whenever he comes into office, but not all the time….. She immediately ran towards corridor and waited as she is sure that Sanskar is going to come and also saw some girl behind him, she was determined to look at her face and she was sure that today she would find out the girl as she was facing towards Sanskar. When both of them were nearing by, she was shocked looking at the girl……..Diii !!!!!!!!! She saw mangalsutra in her neck……. Swara was pleading Sanskar look at me once Sanskar……… I need my baby to be safe….. Please take care of him…… Reply me Sanskar……. Atleast once talk to me…. I am dying to talk with you Sanskar…. I need my baby … My Ayan to be happy always….. Please give him the equal share of his father and mother love… She was crying vigorously….. Ragini was stunned looking at her sister in such situation….. A tear rolled down from her eyes…. She was not even able to utter a word…. The next scene made Ragini more confused, Swara who was crying till now had a smile on her face, she ran towards Laksh who was standing in the corridor and talking with someone on the phone……. He was smiling looking towards Swara, and she kissed him on his cheek and he reciprocated rubbing his cheek………Sanskar was looking angrily towards Laksh

Ragini fainted looking at them….. Sanskar who saw her rushed and shouted Ragini holding her, Laksh and Swara also ran towards her….. Swara was shocked to see her Ladoo………

Hey guys I think, I did not put up my words properly in the last para, many of u might get confused……………. Thank you guys for bearing my writings…. I will try to improve my writing skills

My Heart beats for??? – Epi 3


My Heart beats for??? – Epi 3


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