Swasan : Destiny (Episode 7) (The Kiss)

Swasan : Destiny (Episode 7) (The Kiss)

I m sad because I think people are not happy with this story. I think my previous fan fiction had a better number of readers. Maybe there would be many silent readers but how will I come to know that you all read this story if you don’t comment guys. Commenting is the only way of interaction here. Please try to understand I m not forcing you all to comment daily, but once. So that I get to know people are really liking it. It takes me an hour to write this so I do expect that you all leave a comment. It just takes a few seconds so why not ? And I thank to everyone who have always helped/supported me. It really means a lot to me.

~~A Kiss I Badly Missed ~~

~Sanskar’s pov

I walked downstairs after changing into my own clothes. Swara was pacing around near window, talking to someone. Talking seems a little inappropriate. She was yelling, and by her tone, it was not hard to guess that she was pretty much pissed off.

I plopped down on the sofa fuddling with my phone.

“You will never understand. I m not coming to any of your stupid parties. Bye.” She said and hung up. It was evident whom she was talking to. It had to be Ishaan.

“What’s up angry bird ? ” I asked.
I knew Swara was not kind of the person to get upset so quickly. She barely even raised her voice her voice. But when she did I was hard to save oneself.

“Yes.” She muttered angrily crossing her arms across her chest. She looked cute whatever her expressions would be.

“C’mon you can tell. I m sure I can keep up.” I said.
She sighed and took a seat beside me on the couch. Our legs touched. So did our arms. It send chills down my body. Yet, I ignored the feeling.

“It’s Ishaan. He wants me to attend some silly party of his. These parties never end. I dont know even if his friends. I m sick of this now !” She complained.

“I thought you liked to party ?” I questioned. She shot me a glare which told me I was interrupting.

“why are you cutting me off ?” She asked mr angrily. I pretended to lock my mouth and throw the invisible key over my shoulder. She continued.

“According to him, I should be part of everything he does. Including his wild parties, which majority of times include people I dont know. Its not like I don’t accompany him. I do as much as I can. But that’s never enough for him. He just doesn’t understand. Everytime I try to explain he thinks I m arguing. Every conversation goes from ‘I love you’ to ‘I dont think its working anymore.’”

I sighed. “Look its simple. Dont go if you aren’t comfortable. You have your own life. You make your own decisions.”

“He ll be upset if I stay back . I dont want another drama coming up.”

“if that’s what you think then go and give him company.” I said.

“You are confusing me Sanskar! Give me a sensible solution.” She said.

“There is only one solution – do what your heart says. Dont depend on him or anyone else for your happiness. Try and make your own decisions. Its your life in the end.” I said.

She sighed and rubbed her face with her hands. She stared into the Blank space like there was something very interesting going on that wall.

“I should leave now. See you later.” I said. Swara didnt bother to look at me even once. This girl really confused me sometimes. One moment she is laughing around cracking jokes. The other moment she is sulking on the couch looking upset.

“What is going on in that stupid head of yours ?” I asked. I couldn’t leave her like that.

“I m debating okay ? Dont disturb.” She said. I chuckled knowing that she wasn’t sulking after all. As I was about to leave she caught old of my hand.

“Where are you going ?” She asked.

“Home ? I got stuff to do.” I replied. She rolled her eyes and let go off my hand. Something was really bugging her. I didnt know what. I chose to take a seat again.

“What’s bugging you?” I asked.

“Go do you stuff yaar. I m not in the mood to talk right now.” She whined. I sighed and placed my hands on hers. Yes it was a bold from my side. Yet I didn’t hesitate before taking this.

Surprisingly she held me back. Our fingers locked together. Her hand was tiny compared to mine. But nevertheless we fit like two perfect puzzles. I nuzzled my face into her soft hair. It smelled like strawberries. She placed her hand on my cheek gently caressing it.
I didn’t even realise we were heading towards something that was going to change everything all over again.

She shifted her place and now her turned to face me. Her hand was now ruffling my hair. Our foreheads touched and we could feel her hitched breaths. I knew where all of this was heading to. An image of Ishaan flashed into my mind before either of us made the move.

“Swara what are you —” I was cut off by her lips against mine. She didn’t let me talk. I was stunned for a moment. I noticed a lone tear rolling down her face and wiped it off quickly. I couldn’t hold back. She was like a magnet pulling me towards her.

I gave in and kissed her back. A soft peck on lips turned into something more. I craved for her. It was the kiss I badly missed, all the time. It was as if we were making up for those two years. It only made me realized how much I had missed this girl and she also felt the same for me.

It was a heavenly moment for me. But not all good moments last long. Soon we were interrupted by someone’s ringing on the couch. Swara was startled and moved back. I realized that it was my phone ringing. Before I could answer the call had disconnected. Both of us were panting like we just had run a marathon.

“I should go.” I said or rather concluded.

“Yeah.” She nodded.

I was sure that things were going to be damn awkward between the two of us. She didn’t come to see me off at the door. I just left as soon as I could. Only one person came into my mind as I drove away.

Next part : Awkward.

A short but significant episode. So a lot of things are going to change and what do you have to say about Ishaan’s character ?

Swasan : Destiny (Episode 7) (The Kiss)


Swasan : Destiny (Episode 7) (The Kiss)

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